Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 556: Another Meeting With The Diamond Carp

In a short time, the world was silent for the crowd was shaken with their mouth agape.

A Grand Emperor was pushed into the ground just like that? That move was outrageous then.

People got the illusion that Wildlad was not an emperor but more like a fly while the tablet was a gigantic swatter. The fly, naturally, wouldnt be able to handle it.

This spectacle was simply astonishing. Even though Wildlad had only one will, he was still an emperor and powerful.

At this point, people became afraid to breathe loudly, thinking that the slightest noise might offend Li Qiye.

“Picking up a Blood Will and thinking that you got another Heavens Will?” Li Qiye looked at the pit and said flatly: “This nefarious thing is only a tool for a dark overlord to harvest blood. He scattered countless seeds in the form of the Heavens Will during his epoch. You think something like this can compare to my Ceremonial Tablet that can sacrifice the heaven, earth, and all beings? Its only child plays in comparison.”

So it turned out the bloody sphere hovering above the emperors head was called a Blood Will. A dark overlord planted countless seeds on mortals and cultivators. When the time was ripe, he would harvest all of their vitality and turn them into these blood imitations of the Heavens Will.

After hearing this, the experts here shuddered. Though they didnt know the exact stories, they could already guess what had happened.

Imagine, using countless human essences to create an imitation of the Heavens Will? Just how cruel was this? In that generation, many probably didnt realize they have become a seed.

“Bang!” Debris went flying as a figure rushed to the sky – Wildlad Heaven Emperor.

He stood above with a ragged appearance with blood everywhere. Nevertheless, he was still as vigorous as before. It clearly showed that the strike didnt leave any lasting damage.

“Brat, the power of your treasure is meaningless with your shallow cultivation. You will never be able to kill me!” The emperor shouted.

The tablet was obtained from Hope, indeed a monstrous weapon. However, Li Qiye himself admitted that he couldnt exert its full power since it required a mighty energy source. Thus, killing the emperor was impossible with it.

The emperor was relieved to see Li Qiyes inability to use the tablet to its full potential, knowing that it wouldnt be able to kill him.

“You think too highly of yourself, no need to use a weapon of this level to kill you.” Li Qiye said leisurely.

“Good, good, Ive finally met someone crazier than me. Brat, Ill peel your skin and tear apart your bones today, well see if you will still boast afterward!”

Having said that, the emperors eyes reddened with bloodthirst.

Li Qiye slightly raised his brows in response: “Idiot, not even recognizing that you have been possessed. Very well, Ill send you off today so that a fly like you wont ruin the prestige of the emperors.”

“You! Im gonna drink your blood and taste your flesh!” The emperor nearly vomited blood from anger. He was already insane from the effect of the Blood Will but his expression became even more twisted now.

“Alright, stop buzzing over there. Time to use your real skills so that I can go ahead and wring off your neck then break your bones.” Li Qiye waved dismissively as if he was looking at a fly.

“Little animal, youre finished!” Furious he may be, he still didnt dare to carelessly rush forward.

“Boom!” He opened his palaces, revealing twelve of them above his head.

“Twelve palaces, wow…” Many people were amazed to see this.

The crowd didnt know how to feel after seeing twelve palaces and only one will. This might just be the strangest thing in the world.

Even though twelve palaces werent unbelievably rare, it was still precious. Anyone with twelve palaces was still considered a supreme genius. Plus, twelve palaces were necessary for twelve wills. The majority of emperors only had eight to nine palaces, but they definitely had more than three wills. Wildlad Heaven Emperor was an extreme case.

“Buzz.” The twelve palaces instantly disappeared and a high heaven hovered above the emperor. This was the opening of an absolute domain, allowing the emperor to become the sole ruler.

“Buzz” The Blood Will poured down a bloody radiance and covered his entire body. It directly affected him and made him change. At the same time, his own Heavens Will was also sending him a pure and traditional power for protection.

These two forces created a substantial change to his body. One-half had scales coming out and was as red as blood. There was also a horn growing on onside, emitting evil energy. The other half of his body remained unchanged due to the protection of the Heavens Will.

After obtaining the Blood Will, the emperor had fused it with his own blood. If it wasnt for his Heavens Will protecting him, he might have changed to a monster already.

“Ra!” The emperor roared with the bloody-half becoming bright. A half of a red halo formed around him. He became much more powerful under this particulate state. One of his eyes also became red, looking quite terrifying.

People gasped to see this transformation. A majestic emperor has become an abomination. This was too much to take in.

Though he was annoying before due to his arrogant nature, he was still a stately emperor. People were full of regrets to see him in this monstrous state. He had entered a type of qi deviation in cultivation.

“Die now!” The emperor roared.

“This is the result of a weak dao heart.” Li Qiye coldly uttered: “Falling even before the arrival of darkness. Ill make an example out of you now for the other fools! Let your scream echoes across this world so that everyone will know the price of falling into depravity!”

Having said that, he closed his fist and recalled the tablet.

“Ba!” He opened his palace and two beings came out. One was a transcending immortal while the other a fiery devil.

These were the Soaring Immortal God and Hell Suppression Devil.

“Buzz.” The two of them fused together. With another buzz, the resulting being also merged into Li Qiyes body.

Rings circulated around him at this moment, making it look as if he was ascending. This fusion was indeed extraordinary.

“What is that?” Many were startled to see this fusion state.

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