Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 554: Phoenix Maidens Death

After taking down the formation, the emperor unleashed another slash to break through the chaos energy in the sky. He declared: “Still child plays like this after so many years. A changing formation is not enough to interest me.”

Quite haughty he was but his talents allowed for him to do so. Even without being an emperor, he could recognize the flaws in techniques instantly and break through them.

“Heaven Emperor, thats not quite enough.” Shi Hunlin said.

“Bang!” A great palm of a High God descended from the chaos energy in the form of waterfalls. More importantly, it also had the unique and dominating force of anima.

Even the sky-cutting slash from the emperor was repelled by this palm. He was sealed inside Shi Hunlins world again.

“Die!” The young emperor crazily roared and unleashed multiple slashes. His sword energy raged across the plane and caused massive destruction to the world. Millions of miles turned into a dead zone instantly. Nothing could stop the momentum of these slashes.

Alas, the palm containing the power of anima still came descending down. These slashes were still constrained to this world after loud detonations.

Everyone took a deep breath after seeing this. This was quite a domineering feat, trapping an emperor in Hulins own world.

They understood that this was the gap between the two. Hunlins biggest advantage was his set of three totems, allowing him to have the power of anima. Meanwhile, the emperor couldnt grasp anima due to only having one will.

Techniques were not enough to make up for this disparity. The emperor was discerning enough but lacked the force to actually break through. Because of this, Hunlin was confident in his previous statement.

“Rumble!” The power of the palm didnt stop while the blinding light of the Heavens Will granted the emperor more power.

The gap remained the same. The emperor couldnt break out of the suppression even with the Heavens Will. One will was not a match for the set of three totems.

“Looks like we got our answer.” The spectators commented since the result was as clear as day.

“Heaven Emperor, if you dont have any other move, then its time to end this.” Shi Hunlin said slowly.

“Rumble!” The palm was slowly closing. There was no doubt that Hunlin wanted to end the emperor at this moment.

“Little brat, dont get smug so fast!” The emperor roared. A beam as red as blood tore apart the sky. The world became as red as blood with a sanguine stench.

Something else appeared above the emperors head. It looked like a Heavens Will but was completely red in color – an amalgamation of bloody strings. They seemed to be alive and jumping. Each drop of blood was gestating countless life forces.

It hovered on the same level as his Heavens Will and looked quite identical. The emperor became demonic with a greater sense of ruthless bloodthirst.

Though the emperor was already unlikable before, he was still an official emperor with the right type of aura. Alas, his imperial aura was much weaker now, replaced by a bloody chill as if he came from hell on a murderous rampage.

“Boom!” He became full of vitality. Of course, each expert could channel their power into a similar state, but he was different. His power had a hint of brutality as if he was turning into a devil.

“Brat, you have angered me.” The emperor fused his three swords together for another slash, capable of severing the karmic cycles and sweeping through the celestials.

In the blink of an eye, this dominating attack swept through like a cosmic storm. Even suns were annihilated along the way. They turned to ashes, extinguished like a candle during a gust of wind.

“Rumble!” Not just the palm but Hunlins world itself crumbled under one attack.

“Thump! Thump! Thump!” Hunlin suffered the backlash and had to take several steps back while gasping for air. This attack had left a serious injury on him.

“Thats all?” The emperor stood in the sky with an illuminating gaze. His eyes have turned red like flashing rays made out of blood. He had undergone a great transformation, one of a sinister nature.

At the same time, the blood sphere above him emitted a terrible power. It was certainly not much weaker than his Heavens Will.

“What is that?” Even High Gods were afraid. Something comparable to the Heavens Will? Quite a horrifying object.

Alas, no one knew what it was.

“Ill sharpen my new treasure with you today!” The emperor no longer had the righteous imperial aura as he made this threat.

So it turned out that this bloody amalgamation was the treasure he got from the coffin pulled out by the strange beast. He has always wanted to make up for his weakness of having only one Heavens Will.

He got information from somewhere about this bloody artifact in the wildland with power on the same level as a Heavens Will. Thus, he tried his best to obtain it and fused it with his own imperial blood so that it could become something similar to a Heavens Will.

“Buzz.” Shi Hunlins Court Armament erupted with full power. A dynasty emerged before him, seemingly freed from the temporal shackles.

This was the dao chapter of his armament; a chapter turning an ancient dynasty and possessing its full power.

However, it didnt stop there. Hunlin had also founded a powerful dynasty in the mortal world. He protected the citizens there and allowed them to prosper. Thus, the providence of the entire dynasty was gestating his armament.

“Ill take you on.” Hunlin coldly uttered, no more reservation.

At this moment, there was no point in holding back or being polite. Both sides have thrown away all pretension. This was going to be a battle to the death.

“How impudent, learning a few skills yet you think you can oppose me?!” The emperor spoke with a dark expression: “I shall trap you in my sword formation and slowly torture you, letting you know of the unsurpassable gap between us!”

With this declaration, the emperor became bloodthirsty as the red lights in his eyes became animated. It made others think that he might even suck Shi Hunlins blood dry.

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