Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 538: Long Zuntian

lad Heaven Emperor still didnt change after so many years; hes still as arrogant and pompous like before.”

The group contemplated. Some other emperors might just be as arrogant but they wouldnt express it in such an explicit manner. Perhaps the young emperor became this way due to his lack of challenge and failure early on in life.

All the other emperors had to struggle and break through countless difficulties before finally proving their grand dao to become an emperor.

As for Wildlad, he only needed one move to defeat his peers. Moreover, his cultivation speed was too fast as well. Those stronger than him yesterday would go down to him on the next day. This genius had never tasted bitterness so he became an emperor lacking vision and calmness.

A series of explosions resounded not long after the emperors arrival. Many cultivators were running in that direction right behind the emperor.

“What are they doing?” Wu Qi asked: “Are they trying to ride his coattails and get some treasures?”

“Could be true. Emperors wouldnt easily leave their grottos so his sudden appearance here might mean that he wants something, perhaps an immortal treasure.” Hunlin speculated: “There are too many secret treasures buried here, following someone could give more clues.”

“Thats right, the emperors can eat meat and small fry like us can have some leftover too. Plus, having one open the way will make it quite safe.” Wu Qis eyes lit up.

“Haha, senior, should we tag along too to see what the young emperor is digging? We wont be stealing anything, just broadening our horizon is good enough.” He immediately got close to Hunlin and asked.

Wu Fengying immediately glared at him: “You go alone then. Didnt you hear Young Noble Li? He wants us to wait here for him.”

“Oh? Where did my proud sister run off to?” Wu Qi immediately mocked: “Since when did you become so obedient? I didnt know you were such a good child.”

“You!” Being teased by her brother like this left her embarrassed but she quickly rubbed her fist, seemingly ready to give him a brutal beating.

The scared youth instantly hid behind Shi Hunlin. Meanwhile, Jilin Princess was quite amused by these two siblings.

Wu Qi didnt give up and grabbed Hunlins arm: “Senior, were only going for a look, maybe the young emperor will find some amazing treasury. If thats the case, we can go back and report it to Young Noble Li.

“Fine, well just go for a quick glance and return.” Hunlin lost to the eager youth. Plus, he wanted to see what the young emperor was aiming for anyway.

In the end, the group also traveled towards the emperors direction. The juniors were relatively at ease because there was a High God like Shi Hunlin with them.

“Hehehe, Senior, Im curious about something, may I ask you a question?” Wu Qi smiled along the way.

“Stop being so weird. Ill think about answering as long as it isnt something despicable.” Hunlin gave him the side eye. This High God didnt posture at all and got along very well with the juniors.

“This lowly one only wants to ask, Senior, are you stronger than Wildlad Heaven Emperor? Of course, Im merely curious.” Wu Qi smiled and asked.

The two women became attentive right away after hearing the question.

The topic of strength between High Gods and emperors had always been hotly debated. Of course, this was limited to the low-level ones. There was no point in debating someone at World Emperors level versus a High God.

Many thought that a High God with a set of five to six totems was as strong as an emperor with three wills since if there was a gap between these two, it would be quite minimal.

“Im only a minor god, cant reach the apex. I cant compare to the emperors.” Hunlin humbly answered without any hesitation.

Of course, the group didnt believe him entirely. He was still a High God with a set of three totems. This was a great advantage since he was much stronger than one with three totems but not in a set.

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