Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 536: Jadewater Queen

Even though the group continued on behind Li Qiye, the atmosphere has become quite heavy. No one said anything because his tales were still looming in their mind, though they did have a different opinion about it. One thing was for certain, the future was definitely ominous.

There was a crowd building up in the wildland. Despite being aware of the dangers, no one would easily give up the chance for a visit. It had the best treasures that would benefit someone for a lifetime. Moreover, they didnt come alone. Strength in number gave them courage since some groups had High Gods as well. They began searching for fortunes and treasures.

To a certain extent, greed was completely understandable due to the level of treasures found here. Some of the items could even suppress imperial weapons. How could people not feel their heart beating faster from just thinking about them?

It was beyond personal gains, even their sect would benefit from it. This was the reason why so many adventurers came to the wildland all along.

Of course, they were true experts with no lack of High Gods and emperors!

There were already many people here already outside of the passengers from Eternal. A few true experts were guarding certain places because it wasnt their first time here. They knew where the treasures were from previous experiences.

“Ah!” While Li Qiyes group was crossing a sand dune, there was another squadron with several hundred people.

The sand suddenly caved in and all of them got swallowed. Miserable screams echoed from the hole. With a buzzing noise, the sand came together again and the hole disappeared. It was a pitiful end for these experts.

“Damn. Theres a monster down there!” Wu Qi faltered several steps back and said in shock.

“If you keep on backing up to the left, then there will really be a monster.” Li Qiye said flatly while the youth was afraid: “Were walking on its spine right now. Keep walking left and another head will eat you alive.”

Wu Qi felt his legs giving in after hearing this. He shuddered and said: “Big Bro, that, thats not really funny.”

“Who says Im joking?” Li Qiye answered flatly: “This is a hibernating beast underground. You want me to wake it up for you to see?”

“No, no, Im just kidding, Im just kidding. I believe you.” Wu Qi immediately begged.

As they crossed the desert, a buzzing noise came about and countless mist of blood spewed out from the ground. The adventurers here screamed from being melted after making contact with the mist. Their flesh peeled from their body and fell down, piece by piece. In the blink of an eye, they were liquefied and flowed into the ground with the bloody mist.

“What the hell is that?” Jilin Princess who was safe and sound next to a cliff became afraid. No wonder why people said that the wildland is too dangerous. It looked like this was indeed the case. If it wasnt for Li Qiye, they could have died many times now.

Of course, the wildland wasnt crushing all the intruders. Some came sweeping by with an unstoppable momentum.

“Rumble!” A series of explosions blasted across the land. There was a fierce battle waging on a mountain piercing the sky.

Two people were fighting there and rampaging across the stony peaks. The earth was being ravaged beneath their might.

One was a human while the other was a being whose body was as red as blood. The old human was a High God with a set of six totems, allowing him to use the power of Anima. With his great armor, he was able to control the momentum everywhere; each of his techniques had immense power.

The bloody being had a human form but who knows what race it was from. There were bone spurs protruding from his back with a pair of wings. The wings have rotten already but their flap could still engulf the world in fire.

Its weapon of choice was a spear with great agility. It could pierce through the star and the earth with a single thrust. Nothing could stop its sharpness.

There was a pagoda near their battlefield. This pagoda was also completely red, seemingly had blood dripping down on the outer walls. It emitted an eternal aura. The two might be fighting over this treasure.

‘Its Soaring-stream High God, an amazing expert from the last generation.” Shi Hunlin immediately recognized him and was surprised.

This battle was at a stalemate and wouldnt end any time soon.

“Die!” The High God took out a towering peak and slammed it on the humanoid being. Meanwhile, the being thrust up its spear towards the peak.

“Rumble!” The spear shattered the peak and continued for the High God. The latter retaliated by forming a mudra with both hands before slamming it down.

“What is that creature?” Wu Qi was surprised to see this being going evenly against a High God.

“A Wild Blood.” Shi Hunlin explained: “An indigenous race here. Rumor has it that they sleep underground and excavation might wake them up. Once awakened they will fight the adventurers to the death.”

“Are there a lot of them?” This prompted the next question from Wu Qi.

“Who knows? But luckily, they cant leave the wildland or it would be really scary because an eleven-will Grand Emperor had been killed by them before.” Shi Hunlin said.

Li Qiye added: “Theyre only existences leftover from an old epoch from surviving the disaster. However, they have to live inside their own epoch, never coming out and often in hibernation. The accumulated time wouldnt be kind to them the moment they step out of this place.”

“Thats good then.” Wu Qi heaved a sigh of relief.

“Speaking of that eleven-will Grand Emperor, Ill take you all to see him.” Li Qiye smiled and stopped watching the contest between the Wild Blood and High God.

The group became excited right away since they have heard of this shocking legend long ago. Finally, the group climbed an exceedingly high mountain. One could see the crevice of the sky and the galaxy on this pinnacle.

“The Grand Emperor fought over there.” Li Qiye pointed over yonder.

The group followed his finger and saw a massive land ahead with a shattered landscape. It had been flattened completely. Even the orbiting celestials werent spared. This battle had turned this location into ruins.

Moreover, there was a terrible murderous aura permeating the place. Even after millions of years have passed, it was still lingering around and killing all intruders. Even a High God like Shi Hunlin wouldnt be able to withstand it and enter the battlefield.

There were thick spears pinning on the ground. It looked like someone was throwing them down from above in order to nail a certain creature underground. Upon closer inspection, they werent spears but rather large imperial laws.

In the middle of the battlefield was an unbelievable ocean of blood. Who knows if the blood belonged to the emperor or the creature. Inside the ocean stood a towering skeleton. Its head was touching the sky while its feet ravaged the earth. Only bones were left due to the withering of time, but it still emitted an untouchable aura of a Grand Emperor.

This emperor had a spear as white as jade. It ruthlessly pierced to the deepest part of the ground, wanting to reach the core itself. It emitted the destructive aura of an emperor with an all-destroying bloodthirst.

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