Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 440: Divine Spark Prince

Nightfall Immortal Monarch had swept through the thirteen continents before, instilling respect and notoriety into her name. She challenged the other gods and the emperors while wearing a proud smile!

All the ancestors from the great powers and disciples of the Jilin Clan were down on the ground. The ancestors from the clan didnt know what was going on to cause their monarch to show her spirit.

This wasnt the real monarch but just imagine the scene it would be if her real body was here. This monarch ahead was created by Li Qiye, only a shadow through his Thought Scripture.

The power of the figure came from Li Qiyes will. He needed to imprint his dao heart after Grand Rule used his imperial armament and gave the figure a crazy soar in strength. This triggered an awakening.

With this eruption of power, the will and intents of the monarch herself congregated into the figure. Keep in mind that this was the place where she grew up, her home. She had left her footprints in many locations in this place and blessed them later on.

Traces of her were all around the clan. On this night, they were awakened and gathered on this figure before turning into the eleven wills hovering above.

She seemed to be here in person with an unbeatable might. The sun and moon followed the whims of her eyes. Before her potency, even High Gods seemed insignificant.

Southern Sun was shocked to see this since he had seen the monarch in person before. Today, she was still as wondrous and awe-inspiring as before.

Her eyes were shimmering stars that could illuminate a generation. When she reached out with her slender and long arm, stars of the night sky appeared in her palm. At this moment, the night curtain encompassed all spatial spheres and even the river of time itself!

Omnipresent darkness covered everything in the world with an incalculable weight. The gods and devils would be crushed to dust.

“No!” Grand Rule roared and started to burn his own longevity blood and chaos energy.

But it was futile. Li Qiyes unstoppable will on top of the monarchs own intents resulted in an era-destroying force. It was at the level of a twelve-will emperor, not something a High God without access to anima could stop.

“Crack.” His imperial armament started to crack in many places. Blood oozed out of his body resembling a broken porcelain vase.

“Boom!” The armament finally collapsed completely, unable to withstand the night.

“Ah!” Grand Rules amazing techniques were useless now without the protection of the armament. He was crushed into a bloody mist. It eventually dispersed; no corpse was left behind in this world. A High God was taken down just like that.

The ancestors here trembled like crazy and was scared out of their mind.

That was an imperial armament and a three-totem High God yet they were crushed into nothingness! They would never be able to escape the shadow of the horrifying spectacle today.

They remained on the ground in a submissive pose, no longer daring to steal a glance. Southern Sun himself turned pale since he was aware that even without the anima, Grand Rule was quite powerful due to the armament. This figure seemed as if she was a real eleven-will monarch coming back to life.

The entire place fell into a serenity. Everyone held their breath yet they didnt dare to blatantly watch the next event. The ancestors from the Jilin Clan were no exception either.

Li Qiye sat on his throne while staring at the beautiful monarch. Images of the past surfaced in his mind – each grimace and smile – as if it was just yesterday.

However, they have become so unreachable, separated completely with no way of seeing each other again. Even his amazing means and her invincible self couldnt change any of this!

The figure was also staring at Li Qiye. Their locked gazes froze time itself as a million years seemed to have passed by. The gentle breezes didnt dare to disturb them; time didnt dare to annoy them. Thus, everything came to a halt. The spectators didnt wish to break this eternal peace either.

In the end, the figure withdrew her gaze and entered the clan once more to return to the earth. She wasnt the real monarch, only her remnant wills and undying intents.

Li Qiye gently sighed at his helplessness in life. They didnt even have a chance to say goodbye.

People finally heaved a sigh of relief after the figure dispersed since her suppressive aura was finally lifted, allowing them to get up from the ground.

“Boom!” This didnt last long due to a mighty explosion. Time and space were ravaged again with another set of imperial laws descending down to the clan. A majestic force filled the place. It was full of life like the arrival of a real monarch.

Even though no one could see him, they could sense that there was a monarch present in the clan.

“My ancestor!” The ancestors from the Jilin Clan cried out after feeling this vibrant aura.

“The Progenitor!” The disciples from the clan kneeled once more in astonishment.

“Immortal Monarch Jilin!” The ancestors on the steps were amazed. They have just sent off Nightfall but now, Jilin himself was here.

Jilin had ten palaces and eight wills, not quite a top monarch but still very talented. After creating the Jilin Clan, he had been reclusive and chose not to interfere with the mundane world.

His sudden appearance shocked all the ancestors present. Two of their monarchs have appeared today, this was completely unprecedented.

“Southern Sun, heed my decree!” A dignified voice came from above. The monarch didnt arrive completely; he was only watching the clan in a distant space and sent down an imperial decree!

Southern Sun hastily got out of the chamber and kneeled in the middle of the yard. He respectfully raised both hands and said: “Your unworthy disciple hears your guidance, master!”

The ancestors from the great powers were quite surprised. No one knew that he was actually Immortal Monarch Jilins disciple. The High God himself and everyone else had never talked about this.

The truth was that he was really only a pseudo-disciple. The monarch didnt take him in as a disciple or accepted him into his faction. However, the High God at a young age had met the monarch and received some pointers.

This was the reason why he never dared to tell outsiders that he was Jilins disciple in order to avoid ruining the monarchs reputation. Nevertheless, he worshipped the monarch as his master in his mind. After all, the monarch had really taught him how to cultivate. This was indeed the relationship between a master and disciple.

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