Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 439: Monk Dazhi Is Afraid Of His Wife

The ancestors present were envious after seeing Grand Rule adorn the imperial armament.

This was the perk of being from a powerful sect. All were tributary sects in Jilin; some even had High Gods but never an emperor. Thus, they didnt have an imperial armament.

“Clank.” After metallic ringings, the rays were stopped at his body.

Grand Rules armament was not just a simple armor. The runes were made from blessed fortified rocks so it had a mighty defense; this was the primary focus. Moreover, the shield added another layer as well, allowing it to stop the majority of attacks in this world.

“Boom!” All of his chaos energy erupted from the three world-like totems and poured into the armament. An imperial aura surged as if there were three wills hovering above him.

His totems were powerful enough already but with the addition of the imperial aura, his might reached a frightening level.

“Bang! He rushed forward with this newfound strength and crashed through several stars. The gap disappeared for he was now in front of the ethereal figure.

He instantly started with a sure-kill move by slamming forward mercilessly with the shield on his left hand while slashing downward with his sword, resulting in splitting the sky like a waterfall. A combo consisting of the “Shield Against The Ages” and “Heavenly Devil Decapitation.”

It wasnt easy for him to stabilize the situation so he had to go all out right away with a pincer combo in order to take down the figure and get to Li Qiye.

“Buzz.” She raised her finger resonating with the myriad ages, “Eternal Night”. Darkness came down and became her most powerful weapon.

“Boom!” The night struck the imperial armament causing sparks to fly like the eruption of numerous volcanoes. The continuous ringing was accompanied by endless lava and all-burning flames. They turned the celestials nearby to ashes in this other spatial sphere.

This was a High God level fight to the astonishment and horror of the ancestors by the steps. Total destruction of the vicinity was no big deal.

The ancestors here werent qualified to even join in. To put it frankly, even a spark from this battlefield could destroy them.

“Activate!” Grand Rule howled with more divine lights crazily surging out of his three totems. He gained a pair of holy wings made from the light; each strand was full of divinity as if the door to heaven had been opened.

He didnt give a damn any longer and wanted to kill this ethereal figure first regardless of the price.

Southern Rules expression became austere because Grand Rule was risking his life by using an absurd amount of chaos energy and primordial power. Even if he were to win, he would need a long period of recuperation. There was a chance that he would never be able to reach his prime again.

“Rumble!” Explosions echoed across this space and shattered the physical fabrics.

The shield and sword were empowered with imperial aura. They tried to overwhelm and shatter the entire darkness.

“Buzz.” He finally gained the upper hand after expending all of his energy in this reckless retaliation. The black curtain receded like the tide and became smaller and smaller. If this continued, the ethereal figure might finally be taken down.

Li Qiye chuckled after seeing this: “A bit capable for a non-set three totems to reach this level, how rare. Okay, watch, looks like you wont give up until the last second.”

Having said that, his eyes poured out endless brilliance. “Boom!”

Next, the thing producing light was no longer his eyes but his chest right at the heart area. A beam of light rushed out with the accumulation of time. Everything in this world settled down and turned into these light particles – love and hate, the changes of the world, the derivation of the myriad laws… everything was encompassed in this beam.

“Boom!” It crossed through space and imprinted itself onto the ethereal figure in the form of a mark. This supreme will instantly fused with her.

“Behold, my inviolable will!” Li Qiye declared.

“Ba.” A very quiet noise resounded from the supreme mark like the blossoming of a flower.

In this split second, time seemed to be frozen in that space. The ethereal figure finally opened her clear and bright eyes, an awakening that has granted her life once more.

She was still ethereal and indiscernible like before but life was present. She wielded a supreme will and an extraordinary dao heart. He had given her his most determined will from his peerless dao heart. It represented his unopposable authority!

Her awakening allowed her to control all in this world.

“Rumble!” The entire Jilin Clan lit up with bright imperial laws soaring to the sky. They emanated from the temples and pavilions; the marks of a monarch engulfed the whole area.

“Clank.” The laws twisted together into symbols and runes but were hidden behind an imperial iron curtain shielding down the entire clan. The clan was sealed entirely and no outsiders could peek inside.

“Whats going on?” The ancestors from the clan were stunned because something like this rarely happened.

There were two possible explanations for this curtain to come down. First, a disaster was coming to their clan and they needed the protection of their monarchs. Second, their monarch was coming back and required the curtain to avoid the Heavenly Execution!

“Boom!” The hair of the ethereal figure started fluttering with an explosion of imperial power. All the laws in the clan gushed towards her, causing her body to become resplendent.

“Rumble!” Eleven wills hovered above her and coiled just like a maelstrom of three thousand worlds.

This invincible power of a monarch filled every inch and space of the clan.

“Thump!” After the awakening of the figure, sounds of knees hitting the ground resounded everywhere. All the ancestors from the great powers didnt dare to lift their head.

“An Immortal Monarch…” They could only murmur while shivering.

Li Qiye took a good look at this woman. She was the prettiest flower of a generation; all beauties paled before her presence. He gently sighed and said: “Ive still alarmed your will.”

“Nightfall Immortal Monarch!” Southern Sun was aghast as well and didnt dare to be arrogant. He quickly prostrated with reverence.

Nightfall, the strongest of the three monarchs in the Jilin Clan. Eleven palaces and eleven wills; such a monarch was exceedingly rare in the history of the thirteen continents, only one step from the apex.

The spectators were rightfully shocked. Just her name alone could make people tremble but now, she was standing before everyone.

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