Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 434: Penta Realm Gate

Both of the High Gods wanted to settle the score with Li Qiye, albeit with different goals.

Southern Sun simply wanted to regain his lost reputation from having a divine intent crushed publicly by a junior. Because he was still alive, this would result in a big blow to his prestige if he were to ignore it.

Of course, avenging the dead Li Tianhao was a matter of convenience. This was only a minor issue. Even though he liked Tianhao, a High God like him had too many descendants to count, several hundred, if not a thousand.

Even if Tianhao was his favorite, he wouldnt necessarily come into being just for revenge. Though the probability for a Heavenly Execution to appear was much lower for a High God compared to an emperor, there was still a chance.

Vengeance was used here only as an excuse. He couldnt exactly tell the world that he especially came out to trouble Li Qiye just because of face. Thus, revenge was a perfect and justifiable reason.

This was not the case for Grand Rule since he truly wanted vengeance for Jin Shenlong. He was ready to take the risk of Heavenly Tribulation just to do so.

Li Tianhao was only one of his many descendants, there was a limit to this regardless how much Southern Sun liked the boy. On the other hand, Shen Jinlong was Grand Rules son, the only one with his real bloodline.

Grand Rule didnt have a child until later in life. From this, one could imagine just how important Jinlong was in his eyes, potentially the most pivotal out of everyone.

For different reasons, Grand Rule and his son didnt have a close relationship. It was rather strained because Jinlong didnt want to let others know about his father. This was the reason why no one knew about it.

In spite of this, Jinlong was still his only son. Grand Rule would risk everything for his child.

This was why he decided to pressure the Jilin Clan. Remember, the clan still had two surviving emperors. He wasnt much of a threat towards the clan since it still had other High Gods too.

This was a relatively risky move for a High God to pressure a behemoth like Jilin. Nevertheless, he still chose to do so. It showed his resolute determination and will for vengeance.

Li Qiye didnt care for their current feelings at all and leisurely said: “Come one at a time or together?”

The guy was boasting about going against two high Gods at once without a care to the astonishment of the ancestors sitting on the stone steps. This might be the most aggressive youth they have ever seen.

The High Gods expression soured and were successfully provoked despite their numerous life experiences. Being shown such disdain by a junior before everyone necessitated them taking care of it. Otherwise, they wouldnt be able to keep their head high later on.

“Arrogant junior!” A different ancestor stepped up and coldly uttered: “I shall take the first battle in my masters stead to see how capable you are!”

An aura surged with the faint image of a python behind him. This looked like a beast during the primal eras with a sinister feel, especially the eyes. Once stared at by them, people wouldnt be able to stop shuddering.

“Golden Python Sovereign!” Someone quietly said. Most ancestors sitting on the steps recognized him.

This was a famous ancestor throughout Pure who was from Shrouding Sun as Grand Rules disciple.

He was a Dao Celestial with 135,000,000 chaos units. This was a pretty formidable character in this particular realm.

Keep in mind that 50,000,000 chaos units were the requirement for breaking through Dao Saint into Dao Celestial.

However, for the top Dao Celestials, cultivators with 50,000,000 chao units werent Dao Celestials. This was the requirements of the weak.

In the eyes of the big shots, only 100,000,000 chaos units and up were considered real Dao Celestials.

Normally, celestials with 300,000,000 and more could compete for the Heavens Will or become a god. Thus, this was the door to the next level. Of course, there were exceptions. In the thirteen continents, even some aberrations that had more than 600,000,000 chaos units still couldnt reach the next level.

Golden Python Sovereign with 135,000,000 chaos units was indicative of his strength. If 50,000,000 chaos unit was considered a half-step celestial, then the sovereign was definitely an expert among celestials.

He was considerably weaker compared to Jilin Guanlu with 300,000,000 chaos units but his cultivation was still enough for him to do as he pleases across Jilin or even all of Pure.

“Buzz.” A longbow engulfed in an imperial aura was his weapon of choice, seemingly cast from gold with an orange-yellow glow.

“A grand emperors dao weapon of the Orange Martial grade!” One ancestor loudly revealed.

Shrouding Sun was ultimately an imperial lineage with weapons left behind by its progenitor. This was the Sun Shooting Bow; it was a postnatal weapon but its orange grade made it powerful enough.

His cultivation alone was strong enough but with an imperial weapon in his hand, it culminated in a force that would frighten everyone.

“Boom!” An ancient battlefield slowly rose from the Jilin Clan, full of chaos energy and locked tightly with strands of dao laws.

“If everyone wants to fight, then go up the battlefield.” Guanlu gently sighed and gave up on trying to mediate.

There was no way for Guanlu to change Shen Qianjuns mind on avenging his son. Maybe only a High God with ten totems and up or an Immortal Monarch from their clan would be able to do so.

“Brat, come!” Golden Python Sovereign shouted at Li Qiye.

In the blink of an eye, he released all of his chaos energy. It erupted like an ocean being released at the same time. This power assaulted the sky and nearly broke it open.

All existences seemed insignificant before this majestic aura since this ocean-like energy could drown all of them instantly or annihilate a continent.

People held their breath and stared at Li Qiye. This was a real expert so they were eager to see how Li Qiye would take him on.

The sovereign didnt come out rashly nor was it an attempt to scout the foe for his master. He also wanted to see whether Li Qiye had real power or it was all an illusion.

“Ill indulge you then.” Li Qiye smiled casually and reached forward.

There were many statues of varying shapes and forms in this battlefield, such as dragons, beasts, and fierce birds. Li Qiye was touching a phoenix statue on the right side.

With his palm on it, he closed his eyes and gathered his wits.

“Chirp!” The statue actually came back to life! The phoenix immediately stretched its wings and moved its body.

Everyone became silly after seeing this, including Southern Sun and Shrouding Sun High Gods! Both of them became serious and stared at this living creature.

1. I might have used grandson to describe Li Tianhao in a previous chapter but the word used here can be either grandson or descendant. Would have needed further context to be sure. Previous ChapterNext Chapte

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