Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 413: Golden Willow Cres

uld chase the weak cultivators off the peak anyway.

Li Qiye smiled in response: “No one can stop me from going where I want.”

Weng was startled due to his negative premonition earlier.

“Sir, why dont we wait a bit until the end of the event? Itll be quieter anyway.” Weng persuaded.

He didnt want this little ancestor to cause so much trouble. What if he were to antagonize the Jilin Clan? What was Sago Palm going to do then?

“No need, right now is fine.” Li Qiye calmly said before heading towards the top.

Tieshu Weng and Shi Sou were helpless and had to follow him. On the other hand, He Chen was quite excited because he could get a better view of the princess by going up.

There were experts guarding at the base already. Not to mention cultivators from the weaker sects, even the non-famous ones would be stopped.

Strange enough, Li Qiye only glanced at the guards and they seemed to not notice him at all, allowing the group an easy passage.

This confused Shen Xiaoshan and the others. It was as if the guards didnt see them at all but that was impossible because they werent cloaking themselves or anything.

This was the power of the Thought Scripture. Li Qiye only needed a quick glance before controlling the guards mind and dao heart. Of course, their shallow cultivation played a big part in it as well or one glance wouldnt be enough.


Wang Xiaotian was very happy today. Even though things werent going as well as they could recently, today was good for him because he had befriended many imperial descendants and elders in this place.

It was a good investment for the future to know these big shots since his life would be much easier in Jilin.

Suddenly, he saw some familiar figures – Tieshu Wengs group.

“You think people like you can come to this place? Scram to the base and kneel or face the punishment!” Xiaotian immediately walked over and scolded.

A few cultivators glanced over but didnt bother asking because Sago Palm was only a tiny sect under West Bank.

“Since when can you yell at my people?” Li Qiye answered since Tieshu Weng was too scared to do so.

“You again!” Xiaotian gritted his teeth. His recent unhappiness was all because of this mortal.

“A good dog does not block the way, leave.” Li Qiyes eyes were next to the precipice over yonder because it was the best location to observe the ominous ground.

“Ignorant fool, the heroes of the world are all here today, this isnt the place for you to prance around!” Xiaotian couldnt handle Li Qiyes disrespectful attitude towards him before everyone.

He reached for Li Qiye without holding back and didnt think that this mortal could do anything, intending on killing Li Qiye with one blow.

“Ugh…” But he couldnt crush the guy for he was hanging in the air with his neck gripped. His eyes were going white as he couldnt breathe.

This sudden development made everyone look to their astonishment.

The prince was clearly being choked but no one could see the assailant because there was no hand by his neck.

It looked as if an invisible hand was doing it and capable of crushing the prince to death at any moment. The crowd instantly looked around and assumed that a master was the one doing it.

Meanwhile, Shen Xiaoshans group was completely confused by this invisible hand holding the prince up in the air by the neck.

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