Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 411: Golden Temple

“But its still an 88,888 dao fetus armament.” Laoliu was still as excited as before: “Theres no real difference to speak of for juniors like us.”

Just think about it, the moment this armament came out, it would be the best white set outside of the one that belonged to Holy Emperor. It could crush all opponents at the same level easily or even allowed its master to defeat those at a higher realm.

It would drive others crazy with greed. Laoliu himself was salivating after knowing of its existence in this land.

Li Qiye smiled at his expression: “If you want this armament, I will give you a fair chance to compete on top of sparing your life, out of consideration for Qi Gong.”

“Sir, no, boss, wait, little ancestor… please spare this lowly one.” The guys mouth went dry really quick with a pained expression: “Even if I was ten thousand times more courageous, I still wouldnt dare to compete against you. Plus, if master finds out after I return that Ive done something like this, he would be the first to break my bones and if I were lucky enough to survive this to meet my ancestor, he would break me off from the reincarnation cycle.”

He acted quite pitifully after saying this, wanting to win some sympathy.

Qi Gong was his ancestor, an Immortal Monarch! Li Qiye uttered the name of this invincible monarch directly without a care. Remember, this was his real name; very few in the sect were privy of this knowledge.

A person who dared to address their monarch like this must be quite terrifying and Li Qiye wasnt just posturing. This was the reason why Laoliu showed so much respect. Anyone would want to earn the favor of a true overlord.

Li Qiye smiled and continued forward with Laoliu right on his tail.

After reaching a particular depth, they heard a buzzing noise. At this time, Li Qiyes body couldnt withstand the black fog in this place and his skin showed signs of withering.

Despite his shallow cultivation, his mortal body was still much stronger than ordinary cultivators. He opened a fate palace and released the Diamond God.

The two fused together, resulting in his body becoming resplendent like gold. This was the Indestructible Diamond Physique; it nullified the black fog completely.

“This is…” Laoliu became startled.

The twelve devils and gods were weapons and still had their power in spite of his destroyed cultivation. Even though this god wasnt releasing its real aura, Laoliu could still see how strong it was.

Li Qiyes weak cultivation was in plain sight. The more experienced could tell that he had only started training with the Mortal Reversion Art. Someone like him was still considered a “mortal” by others just like a newcomer to a sect.

If anyone else were here to see a mortal taking out such a destructive artifact, they would be jumped from fear.

Laoliu wasnt too surprised to see this level of treasure from Li Qiye; he was just caught off guard by the nature of the weapon.

“This isnt an item from this world.” Laoliu commented.

“Keen you are.” Li Qiye nodded approvingly.

It could be said that the twelve devils and gods didnt belong to any world at all. It was created with a broken piece of the Myriad Thoughts Pot so of course, it was completely unique.

Laoliu happily smiled and didnt brag any further.

The fusion kept Li Qiye safe while Laoliu was strong enough to prevent any damage from the black fog.

However, as they infiltrated deeper into the land, the fog became increasingly stronger and was as black as ink.

Laoliu had no choice but to use a defensive technique. He emitted a faint glow with a touch of black. It looked quite holy. Spots grew on his body that resembled dragon scales.

“Your body is quite good.” Li Qiye saw the spots and praised: “A powerful True Dragon bloodline running around like a hooligan, if Qi Gong were to find out, he would strip your skin off.”

“Haha, Sir, Im only training in the mundane world.” Laoliu smiled wryly with an embarrassed expression.

He especially emphasized the word “training”, because he had indeed snuck out of the sect to play around. His master would definitely break his legs for doing this.

“Plus, its only a thin True Dragon bloodline. The ancestor wont care for it.” Another excuse was made.

“Your branchs bloodline has always been pure. Even though yours isnt too thick, its purity is just fine with a chance for atavism. Instead of cultivating this nice bloodline, you run around tricking people? Tell me again, will your ancestor strip your skin off or not after finding out that youre wasting it?”

Laoliu had no response this time. Anyone with a powerful bloodline like him would be heavily cultivated by their sect due to the future chance of atavism. This symbolized a boundless potential.

However, Laoliu rather played around in the mundane world. This was the reason why he never dared to tell outsiders about his background. If his seniors were to find out, they would definitely teach him a good lesson.

At their current location, the black fog had an even more tangible form, just like black liquid splashing around. No one could see left from right in this particular location. Everything was shrouded by the black fog. Li Qiye suddenly stopped and stared forward.

“Splash!” Something was oozing out from the water.

Laoliu hurriedly looked over and saw a tiny spring. Instead of clear and refreshing water, it poured out thick black blood.

It continuously gushed upward before disappearing completely with all of the black blood a while later.

“What was that?” Laoliu asked.

“Death Blood.” Li Qiye answered: “The arrow back then killed both Mad God and his divinity with no chance for rebirth! His body was pinned deep in the earth. Through the long years, Mad Gods vengeful intent and the emperors murderous energy soaked this body and this type of blood was the result.”

“So, theres a chance that the body will come out next.” Laolius eyes lit up with excitement.

“Correct.” Li Qiye nodded: “Time is eroding away the arrows sealing potential. The disappeared corpse is about to come out again.”

They moved on and saw this same type of spring multiple times. The springs came and went just like before.

Li Qiye was chasing after it by continuously changing his direction in order to find the source of the spring.

“Is the source of the spring the location of the body?” Laoliu saw some clues in Li Qiyes action.

“You can put it that way.” Li Qiye nodded: “Mad God devoured this land back then and destroyed all the earth veins and momentums here. This makes it very hard to calculate the exact location of the body due to the chaotic and changed momentum of this place.”

“What should we do then?” Laoliu became restless. This place didnt only have Mad Gods corpse but also an Ultimate Armament!

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