Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 386: Mysterious Lady In Blue

ere or make bets with other cultivators and even the shop. The amount would naturally depend on their own abilities.

Prior to using the machine, one would need to pay for the dao material first. Thats why the worker asked: “Sir, would you like to pay now or later?”

The latter was reserved for esteemed guests. The Stone Workshop has received news from the Ji Store. Thats why they treated Li Qiye so well.

“I dont have any chaos stones on me.” Li Qiye said.

The crowd was astonished to hear this. A mortal daring to come to the workshop to buy materials without any money? What a strange fella.

“Young Master, I, I have some chaos stones here.” Shen Xiaoshan took out a spatial pouch and handed it to Li Qiye in order to save some face for him.

She still had some savings and she didnt hesitate on using all of them for him at all.

The crowd found it puzzling again. Both her beauty and constitution werent bad. Why was she a servant to this mortal? No one could come up with a reasonable answer.

“Maybe hes a bastard child of a big shot?” This speculation came up a lot in their mind.

“How much?” Li Qiye opened the pouch. There was a decent amount inside, especially for someone like Shen Xiaoshan. She has been saving it for several years in order to buy a decent dao weapon.

“Sir, we priced this dao material at 15 Dao Emissary.” The worker replied right away.

He Chen was startled and blurted out: “Even a White Adornment is that expensive?”

Normally, a white-grade material would only sell for ten to several hundred Daoist Chaos Stones.

But now, the price for this particular one was a hundred times higher than places outside.

“Hah, you shouldn ’t have come here then. Wretched-looking thieves like you dont belong here.” The prince sneered.

He Chen lowered his red face after hearing this. He didnt dare to retort because the prince was above his level.

Li Qiye didnt care for the prince but if the guy chose to pick on his people, he couldnt just sit idly by. Even though He Chen wasnt a follower, he was following him right now. Li Qiye wouldnt show mercy to anyone who dares to bully his entourage.

“Who the hell do you think you are? Only an idiot.” Li Qiye said lazily without even looking at the prince.

The crowd was stunned to see this since they were aware of the princes arrogance. It became worse after his country managed to suck up to the War-Monarch Clan. He became even more haughty and untethered.

Many were unhappy with him but they couldnt afford to offend him.

But now, a mortal called him an idiot right to his face? It was essentially a ruthless slap.

“Little animal, Ill end you!” The princes expression turned ugly as he wanted to rush over and kill Li Qiye.

“Your Highness, please calm down. This isnt the place for blood.” The workers nearby immediately stopped him from killing inside their business.

The beauty next to him pulled him back as well and said: “Only a mortal, no need for you to be angry, Crown Prince.”

Breaking the laws of the Jilin in their territory because of a mortal wasnt worth it.

The prince was fierce enough but he didnt dare to directly oppose the Jilin Clan. After hearing the exhortations, he glared at Li Qiye and aggressively said: “Mortal, if you want to oppose me, well have a bet then! Ill have your hands today!”

In a short time, the crowd quickly stared at Li Qiye. Killing was forbidden in this place but there was another simple method for settling disputes, gambling. The two sides could bet anything, even their lives!

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