Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 384: Lu Baiqiu

u find out about it?”

Even though he wasnt a direct disciple of the Jilin Clan, he was still an ancestor-level character with a great position. He only knew very little about this matter.

“Looks like its the truth then, it really happened.” Li Qiye gently sighed with a tinge of sadness after confirming.

“You tricked me just now?” The manager shuddered and said.

Li Qiye shook his head: “No need for that, this is just to confirm my speculation. The clan is trying to recruit people skilled in runes reading, this shows that there is a demand for it. However, these particular runes arent of this world, only up above.” He pointed at the sky.

He didnt say anything else. Nightfall Immortal Monarch had participated in the sixth expedition started by Immortal Emperor Qi Zhen. The result was obvious.

The appearance of these runes wasnt a good news so Li Qiye lamented in his mind.

“Sir, you are like an immortal in this world in terms of knowledge.” The manager was shocked at this erudite mortal. People would never be able to catch up and sects would love to have him despite his cultivation.

“The clan has it but cant understand. Nevertheless, they didnt dare to be too blatant either, so they started this kind of examination.” Li Qiye said.

“We shouldnt talk about this too much.” The manager hesitated: “This is a top secret of the clan and I know very little about it anyway. If you are interested, why not join the clan? Once you are at a higher position, you will surely be able to see it.”

“I dont want something that requires waiting.” Li Qiye chuckled and said.

He didnt have time to wait. The only reason why he agreed with Tieshou Weng was that he needed to go to the clan anyway on top of the guys respectful attitude. This was to give a fortune to Sago Palm.

The manager sighed in disappointment. He truly wanted for the clan to recruit this great talent but didnt dare to force the issue.

Even though Li Qiye was a mortal, he couldnt see through him so a certain sense of caution was necessary. Plus, as Li Qiye had said, if the guy dared to act so arrogant in this place, it showed that he wasnt afraid of anyone. Provoking such a person was quite unwise.

The manager personally sent Li Qiye off when he left the shop in a sincere manner. At the same time, he also generously gave three VIP cards to Shen Xiaoshans group.

The group was speechless as they were holding the cards and felt that this was a dream. It was a different story whether they could afford to buy the treasures here or not. However, little characters like them werent qualified to possess the cards. Only kings and sect masters had this privilege. For example, even the Heavenly Phoenix Crown Prince couldnt obtain one so he resorted to using his fathers.

Of course, they were aware that the manager did it because of Li Qiye.

“Come, well go to Stone Workshop now.” Li Qiye interrupted their stupor.

They regained their mind and quickly followed right behind him. Despite not being able to see through Li Qiye, they were certain that if they could rely on him, this great mountain, it would be truly beneficial.

Stone was the biggest shop for dao materials at the Western Market. There were too many types of materials in great abundance in this place, a favorite location for cultivators.

Everyone wanted to find treasures such as the right type of dao material which could result in a supreme dao fetus.

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