Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 354: Everyones Creations

“You should expect this after opposing us for so long.” World Emperor said coldly.

For both Grand and Immortal Emperors, Imperial Massacres and Heavenly Annihilations werent their ultimate art, not even a Soul Annihilation.

The reason was very simple. These techniques only consisted of one move. In an imperial battle, if these attacks couldnt defeat the enemy, repeating them again wouldnt be much of a threat.

Using them multiple times while achieving the same amount of destruction was only useful against those below the imperial level.

Thus, emperors normally used different methods when fighting against each other. A formation made out of imperial arsenals was one of them.

There were many exquisite and interesting formations but two things were crucial. The first was the Heavens Will; the second was an invincible weapon refined by the user. The Heavens Wills acted as the main controlling force in the formation. Under normal circumstance, it supported one weapon to create one formation.

If an emperor was the one creating the formation, it would be even more powerful. However, not all formations required their presence as long as the Heavens Will was there.

These formations were even stronger in the tenth world because the emperors up here could refine a full set of arsenals. A complete set could work together and make up for any individual deficiency in order to reach perfection. A formation made out of a full set was exceedingly powerful.

The biggest difference between a formation and a Heavenly Annihilation was the usage period. A formation could even last for a generation. Repeated unleashing of an annihilation couldnt truly boost its power since it was only a single strike.

There was another advantage for an arsenal formation. It could trap the enemies. Even if it couldnt kill them right away, being suppressed by one was unbearable to even the most powerful foe. They would eventually be refined into ashes.

Li Qiye leisurely told World Emperor: “Im not surprised. Im sure you have worked hard and thought about all different ways to kill me.”

World Emperor didnt do this alone. He deliberated with many emperors from the three races on how to deal with the Dark Crow.

Eventually, they created a supreme formation meant to be used against the Dark Crow. It was very flexible and could be controlled by any emperor. The individual formations are still of the imperial level but once combined, they became the “Crow Slaying Formation”!

“Time to end this.” No mercy could be found in World Emperors eyes.

There was no animosity, only a pure murderous intent. The three races and World Emperor must kill Li Qiye for their people. Li Qiyes abduction of his daughter didnt make World Emperor hate him either. His unyielding determination to kill was because Li Qiye was a threat to the position of their races in the tenth world.

“Indeed.” Li Qiye became serious. His thirteen palaces instantly turned into a boundless primordial chaos. Nirvana Heaven came out from within.

At this moment, both sides were revealing their fatal techniques. There was no need for further posturing. It was time to eliminate the enemy in one move!

The formations of the emperors slowly assembled together and a mirror eventually appeared in place of everything else. There was no color in the mirror, only a bleakness as if it had been abandoned for some time.

Suddenly, a withering aura as vast as the ocean emerged from within. It could drown the entire nine worlds with its monstrous scope.

“Buzz!” It shot out a ray of light, as tiny as a strand of hair. One would be sorely mistaken if they were to underestimate this ray due to its size.

It instantly corroded everything, even lifeless entities such as time, space, laws, grand dao power, and even the primordial power. The force of the Heavens Will wasnt spared either. This ray surely was capable of destroying a Heavens Will! This was the most terrible aspect of this attack.

This tiny ray was the culmination of the Crow Slaying Formation. The Dark Crow was immortal so they wished to use this withering force to end him. Even his invincible crow body would suffer a great destruction. Even if it couldnt kill the crow completely, it would require several dozen million years before it could show up again.

“Activate!” Li Qiye roared. His physiques became resplendent while his Nirvana Heaven suppressed the realms with its boundless vitality. He sealed everything in front of him while creating the most fortified shield made of laws in the world.

He didnt bother running because he was already fixated by the withering ray. There was no escaping this time around.

Even the strongest shield in the world couldnt stop the ray. With quiet noises, it pierced through his defensive line and body.

At someone of his level, being penetrated with a little wound like this was nothing. Exploding into a bloody mist was no big deal either.

However, his entire body began to decay from the tiny wound. His vitality, flesh, power, and grand dao completely lost their vigor. Pieces of flesh began to fall down from his body!

“Boom!” The three vessels instantly emerged above his head.

The Vessel of Life poured boundless vitality into his body in order to keep him alive. His dried flesh was recovering. The Vessel of Genesis added primordial energy in order to wake up his grand dao, allowing him to have his power back. Lastly, the Vessel of Athanasia made his life and dao eternal and endless.

Their mutual existence allowed him to retaliate against the terrible withering ray. If it was only the Vessel of Life alone, his flesh and life force could come back but he wouldnt be able to attack without the grand dao. With only the addition of the Vessel of Genesis, his grand dao power wouldnt be able to last long either.

“Buzz.” The man began to recover under the support of his vessels. He was virtually a corpse earlier but his life force has returned.

“Geezer, is this all you got?” Li Qiye laughed at World Emperor standing in the sky.

World Emperors expression became austere after seeing Li Qiyes current state for he understood the significance of the three vessels.

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