Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 343: Karmic Flame Scissors

“Its definitely not easy, quite a burden on a long path.” The golden dragon said with a tinge of emotion: “The emperors and gods wont just watch or let anyone take all of the Heavens Wills. Even if they dont interfere, the Heavenly Execution will definitely come down due to the number of wills. Perhaps even before he could light up the eleventh law.”

“Hah, Im not that pessimistic.” The tiger laughed: “I hope that this guy can do it. Itll be interesting when he takes all seventy-two wills. At that point, the tenth world will fall into a barren period with his unique miracle. One person with seventy-two wills? The beings up there will be tortured by this fact. Quite an invincible feat.”

“One palace can only hold one will so twelve is the limit.” The dragon smiled wryly: “Even if he has thirteen and has broken common sense, Im afraid his own body wont be able to shoulder all seventy-two even with the three grand dao and the other eleven laws. This is still a mighty power that might be beyond his control. Its more than enough to overfill and detonate any emperor.”

The tiger had a different view: “Hes a miracle creator, moving across the two worlds so many times without dying. Dont use logic to gauge him. Im quite high on the guy and am more than ready to watch the gods and emperors moan after he takes them all.”

The beast was ready to bask in the misery of others. The dragon was still skeptical. Twelve wills were the limit in the tenth world since one palace contained one will! No emperors and monarch have surpassed twelve palaces in the past.

The most mysterious Purewood, the most brilliant Origin, and the strongest Flame only had twelve. They couldnt break through the limit.

Purewood was an emperor full of legends and shrouded in mystery yet he still followed the common limit. These were all the strongest of the Grand Emperors and Immortal Monarchs!

The dragon thought that there was still a chance for Li Qiye to have thirteen wills, in accordance with common sense. But it was skeptical about his ability to light up all eleven. Furthermore, in the case of success, perhaps his body wouldnt be able to handle such a force since no one has done it before.

“No matter what, this guy has a chance to surpass Purewood Divine Emperor.” The dragon admitted: “His thirteen palaces will make his future extraordinary.”

The tiger was very respectful when talking about this emperor: “The first Grand Emperor to have twelve palaces in the tenth world, perhaps even the first of the emperors. Yes, too many tales about him, the role model for many emperors and monarchs.”

The dragon agreed. The title, Purewood, had a fascinating effect once mentioned due to his cryptic nature.


Li Qiye sighed after the Heavens Will had lit up one of the laws. It was truly time to leave now.

He took a deep breath and embraced Bu Lianxiang to whisper: “Ill come back triumphantly. Nothing can stand in my way, whether it be the beings up there or the villainous heaven!”

“Right, success will be yours.” Bu Lianxiang spoke caringly: “Go without worries. Wherever you are, I will be waiting for you to continue forward, my capable warrior.”

He couldnt stop himself from kissing her while she tightened her embrace.

After a long time, their lips finally separated. Despite her unwillingness, she said: “Go, my love. Never look back, never falter.”

“Goodbye.” He intimately muttered before turning to leave.

He stopped on a peak without looking back at the crowd. He was afraid of being shaken by this emotional moment!

Lianxiang quietly stared at her lovers back. She was praying for him and didnt wish to be his shackles.

The apex was merciless. Her man required the utmost courage to tread towards the end of the world. She didnt wish to follow him due to the popular adage, the sweet scent of a woman is the grave of a hero! She didnt want him to stop because of his wife and children. Thus, she chose to stay behind in order to keep his determination from wavering.

Since the start of time, each Imperial Queen had to make a choice whether to go with their husband or stay behind. The emperors had to continue forward on the long path of the dao. If they stopped for too long, familial love could become their shackles; their wife and children would always be on their mind and adding to their worries!

More often than not, these queens have chosen to stay in the nine worlds to protect their sects and raise their children. This was their responsibility and choice.

Li Qiye looked at the sky before raising and spreading his right palm. At this moment, he suddenly locked the entire sky. Spatio-temporal barriers appeared one by one.

Nightfall descended with starry dots appearing to the astonishments of many experts. People finally understood the Prime Emperors current level. When he closes his eyes, darkness arrives; when he opened them, the dawn cometh. He was free to control the universe and change the days.

“What is that?” People wondered while looking at these starry dots floating in the dark. They looked like spatial coordinates but were different from the ones in the nine worlds.

“The world barrier between the nine worlds and tenth. Only emperors can see these things but Prime had shown everything with just a wave of his palm. Thats too powerful.” A top general under an emperor explained to his descendants.

“The tenth world? What do you mean, is that an immortal world?” One child was very curious. They have never heard of a tenth world before. The Void World was another one that had just appeared but it already had a name.

“Its not something for you to know, only existences of the imperial level are privy.” The general didnt want to tell his descendants. He gazed at the barrier and said: “Emperors usually went alone and didnt want to be disturbed. They would pick a far away location before opening it. But now, Prime doesnt care about the crowd or any disturbance. Is he about to create another miracle?”

The ascension to the tenth world has always been meticulously planned by the emperors. Even someone as invincible as them didnt dare to be careless. Thus, only their most trusted confidants were allowed to know the location and send them off. This was indeed an extremely dangerous endeavor so they didnt wish to be disturbed during the process.

Thats why so few in history were aware of the emperors whereabouts and the existence of the tenth world.

Thats why it was so shocking for the Prime Emperor to publicly announce his ascension to the tenth world. It meant that he wasnt afraid of anyone interfering or stealing his connecting pathway.

A few hidden overlords in the nine worlds felt their heart beating faster.

“Maybe this is a good opportunity since Fiercest can bring so many people with him.” Some of them immediately made a decision.

1. This convo might be strange to some readers and I think it popped up a couple of times in ED, whenever a new realm appears. Immortal world is just a common word for a higher sphere, especially in this type of literature. This usage isnt too out of the blue. But maybe Im just imagining it. You guys have probably read enough Chinese novels to be used to this. Previous ChapterNext Chapte

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