Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 338: Gathering of Geniuses


Nevertheless, the alliance remained unconvinced and refused to swallow this indignation, despite knowing Fiercests strength.

“Fine, you want a merciless battle for the Heavens Will, right? So be it. All come together with your dao protector and sects. Ill take care of you all with just one move.” Li Qiye chuckled.

The geniuses from the alliance were furious after hearing this. They were the top talents from all over the nine worlds with amazing achievements and personal abilities. Though they knew Li Qiye was untouchable, his declaration of taking them all down with one move was simply humiliating.

“Such a big tone!” One genius from a different world scowled.

Li Qiye replied: “Ive always been like this. If you want to make a move, go for it. Dont waste my time.”

“Are you sure?” Another asked.

“Thats right.” Li Qiye said: “Anyone who is unhappy with me can come with whatever techniques and methods. I will need just one move!”

“Fine, well just see how invincible you are!” The young was always impetuous. One of them instantly said after losing their patience.

At this time, the alliance got ready for battle. Their dao protectors and seniors stepped up as well.

In a short time, Li Qiye was completely surrounded. Each genius took the most advantageous position in order to deliver the fatal blow.

“Anyone else? Lets go then, the more the better so I can finish it all right away.” Li Qiye looked around and asked.

“Hmph!” Some geniuses were hesitating at first but they couldnt handle his arrogance. They snorted and stood out as well along with their seniors.

Meanwhile, the spectators and virtually everyone who was from Mortal Emperor retreated far away from the battlefield.

Those from Mortal Emperor could already see the incoming destruction. There was nothing Fiercest couldnt do in their mind, no miracle he couldnt perform. In fact, even miracles seemed so commonplace when he was involved. If he said that he could destroy the alliance with one move, then he was definitely going to do so.

In the end, the alliance was in position for this final chance. There was no other choice but to test the might of Fiercest. They all walked on the path of the heavens and Immortal Emperor was their goal. If they didnt risk everything at this last second, then their several dozen years or even several hundred years of cultivation would be wasted!

Even though testing the beast was an unwise move since Li Qiye was unstoppable with his thirteen palaces and four physiques; rationality didnt exist before the Heavens Will. What was the point of all the hard training and spilled blood? They all paid the price and toiled just for this competition. This last effort gave meaning to their lifelong pursuit.

Furthermore, they had the number advantage at this moment. If they could take Fiercest down, there was still a chance of reaching for the throne.

He was their biggest obstacle and there was no way around it. They must kill him or everything would only be empty talks.

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