Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 318: Geniuses Are Nothing But Ants

After a while, Li Qiye concluded: “What will come shall come. There is no escaping no matter how much you try. Theres only facing it directly.”

She hugged him and spoke softly: “The emperors going to the tenth world are also facing their destiny instead of running away. They gamble their lives to fight for their future.”

“Indeed. Thats also another type of choice. It is the result of certain laws, impossible to escape unless they were willing to pay up.” Li Qiye nodded.

“They must go up there?” She asked inquisitively.

“In theory, yes.” Li Qiye answered: “What is the Heavens Will? It is the gathering of the nine worlds myriad dao, only one in each generation. It required the gestation from the worlds themselves. Think about it, if the Heavens Will continued to stay in the nine worlds, no juniors would ever be able to rise. Moreover, the nine worlds would be drained by the many wills and the myriad races will wither. More importantly, it doesnt have the same condition as the tenth world. Any emperor who stays here would have to face the heavenly tribulation too. Thats why when the time was right, all emperors chose to ascend.”

“Even when the Heavens Will reaches a particular level up there, the emperors will have to hide or they will have to face heavenly execution. The stronger they are, the stronger the execution. Thats why for the emperors and gods, obtaining the Heavens Will is only the beginning. It is a long path with no end, unless they were to fall along the way.”

Bu Lianxiang contemplated in a hush. Others could only see the emperors at their highest peak, capable of sweeping through the nine worlds. They became envious and felt reverence towards these beings. However, emperors had their struggles and time of helplessness as well. People didnt see this painful side of them.

“You said that the Ancient Ming still have emperors in the nine worlds?” This was her next question.

Li Qiye nodded: “Yes, they still have some emperors there but they are different from the other old geezers since they have the Corporeal Zone, one of the nine grand heavenly treasures. It allows them to hide from the laws of the heaven and earth as well as the punishment from the villainous heaven. Back then, this race was pushed to the edge by the emperors and gods for two reasons. First, their own way of life and second, who wouldnt want to obtain their amazing treasure?”

“The Void Gate is one of the nine that also has spatial manipulation property.” She commented.

“Its a bit different since each has a unique usage. But the Void Gate is also about to come out.” Li Qiye replied.

She could tell that everything was within his calculation, judging by his expression.

“The Ancient Ming was able to run down here due to the Corporeal Zone?” She asked.

Li Qiye nodded: “Thats right. Even if one didnt have the same power of your progenitor, the nine heavenly treasures would allow them to run down from up there. Nevertheless, Im sure the Ancient Ming emperor still had to pay a great price while using it to avoid the laws of the worlds. Theres no escaping this”

“Without this limitation, just imagine the emperors they left in the nine worlds. Who would be able to stop a full counterattack? Even with the Corporeal Zone allowing them to stay behind, there are still restraints imposed upon them.” He smiled and said.

“Why didnt their overlords come out of the Corporeal Zone when I destroyed their dynasty back then? It was precisely due to these limitations on top of them being wounded after the battle with the Immortal Demon Grotto. But thats not to say they couldnt come out of the treasure. It was that they would certainly face a terrible tribulation. Just think about it, several emperors appearing at the same time, the resulting tribulation would be unfathomable. They could have been killed by it.”

Having said that, he sighed and said: “These overlords didnt do anything while I was destroying Soaring Immortal. The same reasonings as the past applied. Of course, they werent certain of capturing me either, not sure of what I have up my sleeve. They were aware that if they couldnt kill me in one blow, their Corporeal Zone would be exposed. That would be my time to counterattack. Not to mention their lives, even the zone might not be able to handle it! These are some crafty foxes, they are so patient since they have waited for so long already.”

He felt a tinge of regret since he had made full preparations during the previous battle. The Black Dragon Kings first body was searching in the sky while he had an ultimate attack ready. As long as the Corporeal Zone appeared, he would have delivered a fatal blow, killing the Ancient Ming and seizing the zone.

Alas, it was not successful. The overlords from the Ancient Ming maintained their composure and didnt risk anything for Soaring Immortal. They were aware that the Corporeal Zone was of the utmost importance. Losing it would signal the demise of their race!

Bu Lianxiang sighed as well. She knew that this race was always a threat in his mind. She also wanted to share his burden but no one could really help him. It wasnt so easy to completely annihilate the Ancient Ming.

“Are you using the same method as the past to go to the tenth world?” She asked with a concerned expression.

“No.” Li Qiye shook his head: “Thats not usable anymore since Im not going up alone but with an army. Thats why I have to use a completely unique method this time.”

Li Qiye had traveled between the two worlds more than just once. It can be said that he was the only one capable of this task in the world. This was the most heaven-defying thing about him. It was related to a great secret that few knew about.

“Is it safe?” She asked.

“Safety doesnt exist when traveling between the nine worlds and the tenth. It is a risky endeavor.” He explained: “Of course, going up is much easier than going down. The punishment from the villainous heaven is much weaker for the former. Going down is the most torturous task.”

“It must have been bone-crushing.” She said with sadness. Even their progenitor died after bringing his descendants down to the nine worlds. Anyone else would be obliterated during the process.

“Bone-crushing is not enough to describe it. The whole process is very painful. If one has a secret path, it will be a bit better, but not by much. If one isnt at the level as your progenitor, it is virtually impossible to even go down. The Ancient Ming was only able to do it due to the Corporeal Zone.” Li Qiye stated.

Li Qiyes first descent brought him an unimaginable amount of pain. If it wasnt for his immortality, he would have died a billion times over.

Later on, he met Suer. She was different from someone else due to her peerless constitution. They worked together and found a gap in the villainous heavens plan. This allowed Li Qiye to travel between worlds in a more comfortable manner.

Nevertheless, the pain he endured through this unique method was still unbearable if it wasnt for his immortality.

All of the conditions above allowed for him to be the only traveler between the two worlds throughout history.

“Coming from the nine worlds isnt the hard part for emperors. When theyre up there, thats when the real test of their power begins. The people above wont let them off so easily and will start the hunt. Think about it, killing an emperor is a very lucrative business. Just their blood and Heavens Will are coveted by all.”

Having said that, he chuckled and added: “Plus, the ones above arent happy to see the emperors from the nine worlds competing for their territory and resources. When an emperor ascends, if theyre lucky, they would only meet one or two Immortal Monarchs. If theyre unlucky, they could see a dozen hunters. This is up to their own fortune.”

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