Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 294: Eternal Physique

“Well decide it all today!” The irascible princess shouted.

In the blink of an eye, the four siblings took over four different directions to surround Li Qiye. Their vitality erupted and suffocated the spectators, exacerbated by their imperial bloodline that made others want to prostrate.

“Buzz!” Their inner physique appeared at the same time and became radiant like four suns slowly floating up in the sky. This was especially true for the Vermillion Bird Princess. She released a heatwave engulfing the myriad worlds, capable of incinerating everything.

“Four grand completion Immortal Physiques!” Even Emperor Assailants were shocked at this scene.

For cultivators, just one grand completion physique was already amazing. But now, all four imperial princes were at grand completion.

Li Qiye stared at them and smiled leisurely: “Not a bad achievement. An imperial bloodline combined with a grand completion physique, it would be hard not to become an Emperor Assailant at this point. The Soaring Immortal Physique from your sect is the most complete outside of the Physique Scripture, same with your Hell Suppression Godly Physique. Looks like your Indestructible Diamond Physique is from trading with the Silent Orchid Temple, those monks indeed have a unique perspective on this regards, this physique law is not bad at all. As for your maternal Extreme Yang Physique, its a bit lacking but you did a good job polishing it inside the prison, not much critique to be had there.”

Li Qiye slowly judged the four grand completion physiques.

The Azure Dragon Prince cultivated the secret Soaring Immortal Physique of his sect; the White Tiger Prince had the Hell Suppression Godly Physique, also from the sect. The sect had two physique laws so the Black Tortoise Prince trained in the Indestructible Diamond Physique from a different temple. Meanwhile, the Vermillion Bird Princess inherited the peerless Extreme Yang Physique from her mothers family. After marrying the emperor, the imperial queen also gave this law to her daughter!

“Kill!” The four of them shouted and attacked in unison. The four grand completion physiques erupted at the same time with their imperial bloodline powering them. This granted them an immensely destructive force.

These were four Emperor Assailants in action. Any existence in Mortal Emperor would tremble before this. Time became chaotic; space was destroyed; the myriad dao suppressed.

The Azure Dragon Prince was like a descending immortal with his incredible attack. This sword slash could cut through the galaxy.

The White Tiger Prince was as majestic as a divine mountain. He could suppress the firmament and punish the gods and devils with his boundless weight.

The Black Tortoise Prince soared ahead in order to become the most fortified defensive line in the world for his siblings. He could withstand all onslaught from the enemy.

The Vermillion Bird Princess ravaged the world with her divine flame. All would turn to ashes under the temperature of this raging goddess.

“Buzz!” Li Qiye retaliated in this split second by using both his Stagnation and Demise Domains. He was also under his Nirvana Heavens state. The two domains stacked on each other and became much stronger.

The four siblings became slower within the domains and felt the pressure instantly. However, their vitality wildly erupted. In a short time, their physiques powered up and immortal armors and weapons appeared to protect them.

Nevertheless, these armors and weapons still crumbled beneath the two domains. This didnt deter them from lunging at him with an oppressive and all-destroying momentum. It was just that their speed and power became much weaker.

Li Qiye took action again by pointing his finger to the sky to activate Soaring Immortal. The world became dazzling because of his nirvana form illuminating everything. It looked like all the power in the worlds gathered on his body.

“Boom!” A gigantic shield materialized in his hand and he threw it out instantly. It surpassed all speed, even the Azure Dragon Prince who had exerted his physique to its limit.

Myriad World Soaring Immortal and Hell Suppression Godly Aegis! This was Li Qiyes Soaring Immortal and Hell Suppression Physique Break.

These two attacks were perfect inside the two domains. It exceeded everything and even Emperor Assailants couldnt stop them!

“Boom!” Even the Soaring Immortal Sect that was protected by five emperors began to tremble.”

Without their protection, the shockwave from this attack could destroy the entire sect already.

Space shattered and all four siblings spat out blood. They were repelled and wounded in just one move!

Both the crowd and disciples from Soaring Immortal gasped in horror. This power was too horrifying.

Soaring Immortal was very hopeful when the four siblings came out. They assumed that the siblings would be able to stop all enemies so they didnt expect this result.

“Like I said, its not that simple to add or subtract power by just adding people. If you cant do a good job of working together, you might as well fight alone.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Immortal Emperors might have a chance to fight him. Anything else would lose for sure.” Gu Zun saw this scene and murmured.

The four siblings glanced at each other and wiped the blood off their lips. At this moment, they realized they have underestimated Li Qiye. They were at a great disadvantage before the two domains and physique breaks. Because of this limitation, their combined effort was not much more effective than fighting alone. Despite hating him, they admitted that he was right in this regards.

“Boom!” The four stepped forward together and their body became shrouded in flame. The Azure Dragon Prince had a green flame; the White Tiger Prince had a black flame; Black Tortoise Prince had a golden flame while the princess had a frightening sunfire.

“Rawr!” The four beasts roared and the siblings disappeared. The divine beasts emerged before everyone instead.

A primordial beastly aura engulfed the world like a flood. Everyone was trembling from sensing this aura.

“Not a bad idea, to be able to cultivate the Immortal Physiques in this aspect, this is taking an unprecedented step forward.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

“Whoosh!” The azure dragon opened a spatial portal. The black tortoise rushed forward first to pave the way while the other two beasts attacked from both the left and right.

Their teamwork was much better this time around. Each movement and attack were in harmony, allowing them to have perfect offense and defense without any opening.

Li Qiye attacked with the same moves again, the two domains and the two physique breaks.

“Rumble!” All of Mortal Emperor trembled. In the blink of an eye, the five of them have exchanged two hundred moves. The princes had the advantage this time around and continuously forced Li Qiye back.

“Bang!” Finally, under another powerful assault, they blew Li Qiye away and made him spit out blood.

However, Li Qiye in his nirvana form quickly stood up and smiled: “Quite impressive, still not an Emperor Contender just yet but there is still hope to reach it eventually if your four physiques can fuse together even more.”

Having said that, twelve existences that were identical to Li Qiye appeared. These twelve gods and devils instantly fused together with perfection.

“Behold, the true fusion of Immortal Physiques.” He claimed.

“Boom!” A boundless immortal light surged out of this new being. It grasped an unbeatable level in this split second.

The crowd was aghast. The fusion of the twelve beings gave it an immense power-up.

Even though they werent real Immortal Physique users, their perfection fusion still scared Emperor Assailants. It was as if they were looking at an Immortal Emperor!

“Kill!” The four siblings attacked again as if their mind was connected.

“Rumble!” The ensuing battle destroyed the stars in the sky. They were fighting up above and tore the void apart. A calamity was descending on this battlefield.

No one dared to get close to this battle. Even Godkings would be torn apart once they got close. Only Emperor Assailants were strong enough to watch in close vicinity.

Gu Zun back in Heaven Suppression was relishing in watching the battle. He would occasionally stare at the horizon as well.

The Azure Dragon Legion in its draconic form didnt watch the battle at all. It remained vigilant with its sweeping gaze as if it was waiting for something dangerous.

Their goal was no longer Soaring Immortal. In their eyes, the sects legions have been defeated by them. There was nothing else worthy for them to take action.

They were waiting for their old enemies, the lucky survivors of the Ancient Ming! Of course, no one knows if there are still Ancient Ming Legions left alive.

However, Worldkeeper truly hoped to see the Ancient Ming. If they dared to appear, he would destroy them again!

Gu Zun was also aware that there were even more frightening existences looming in the darkness outside of the dragon. As long as the Ancient Ming dared to come out, a battle like never before would absolutely happen!

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