Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 291: Heavenly Dao Academy

Many people were tense to see Li Qiye wanting to kill Long Aotian. Everyone could see that Aotian was no match for Fiercest. If no one came out from Soaring Immortal to save him, his death was all but guaranteed.

A figure appeared during this moment of life and death. An indescribable aura emanated around the world. It was a heroic man that backed Long Aotian up. He had a calming temperament as if he was in complete control of the situation.

This was Long Zhantian, an ancestor from Long Aotians branch. Many people didnt recognize him. Nevertheless, despite his lack of fame, everyone knew he was quite frightening the moment he came out due to his controlling presence.

“Is that an Emperor Assailant?” Many people trembled and murmured. They directly thought about this power level after seeing him.

“No one is invincible forever.” Zhantian stared fiercely at Li Qiye like a tiger looking at its prey.

Of course, he was talking to the Dark Crow. Despite never seeing this existence, he was aware of the puppet master behind the scene!

“No one is invincible forever, but Ill always be the last one smiling.” Li Qiye answered with a smile.

“Very well, I want to see how much you have learned.” Zhantian answered harshly with a cold glint in his eyes.

He had considered Li Qiye a disciple of the Dark Crow, someone whom he had hated long ago. If it wasnt for the sealing of Soaring Immortal, he would have seized the throne instead of Immortal Emperor Yin Tian.

Because of this, the enmity ran deep at a young age for him. The Dark Crow was his enemy, the sole cause for why he didnt become an emperor. Thus, he made an oath of vengeance!

He greatly advocated for Soaring Immortal to come out in this generation because he wanted to personally train an emperor and with that, obtain revenge by crushing the Dark Crow!

“More than enough to destroy your Soaring Immortal Sect!” Li Qiye leisurely responded.

Zhantian had a murderous bloodthirst in his eyes. He and Aotian glanced at each other and made up their mind. The two of them separated and surrounded Li Qiye.

The two of them didnt dare to be careless. Zhantian was much more powerful than Aotian due to his grand completion physique being complete, unlike Aotians flawed version. Moreover, his grand dao was more polished at this point. Thus, he was superior in both cultivation and actual battle potential.

They stared intensely at Li Qiye and were in no hurry to attack. They were trying to find his weakness in order to deliver a fatal blow.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye was nonchalant and casually glanced at the two men before staring at the sky. He gave an order to the Azure Dragon Legion in its dragon form: “Finish it, if it wont come out, no point in waiting any further!”

Li Qiye made people quite confused about his words. Gu Zun, on the other hand, smirked and stared at the horizon too: “I hope Ill be able to see a real hunt again while Im still alive. The person who can stay calm will be the final victor!”

“Rumble!” The battle waged on between the huge dragon and the ten winged existence. However, as time passed, the dragon seized the advantage. Even though the existence was still very powerful with its tribulation power, it was no longer as agile as if running out of strength.

It had the power of the ten veins on top of the tribulation power borrowed from the high heaven, but in this drawn-out fight, the eight legions from Soaring Immortal couldnt maintain their stream of vitality. The Omnidirectional Immortal Annihilation simply required too much upkeep from the earth veins and the heaven.

In the end, the two types of power didnt belong to them. It didnt matter how powerful the legions were. Eventually, their rich vitality would run out.

“Thats all? Time to end this.” The dragon roared and an azure light soared into the sky. A draconic aura engulfed the earth.

“Boom! Booom! Boom!” Heavy blows rained down. In a short time, the great existence was forced down to the ground by the dragon. It tried to struggle and retaliate but it was useless before the absolute ferocity of the dragon.

No one expected for the dragon to go wild like this and take down the existence in such a short time.

Everyone saw how terrible the ten winged monster was, killing millions with just one slash. Alas, it was powerless before the dragon.

The truth was that the legion didnt go all out in the start. It was waiting for their old foes to appear. Unfortunately, there was no sign of them so they had to unleash their rage on Soaring Immortal instead.

“What a shame. No sign of them.” Li Qiye watched the bullying taking place and smiled.

“Clank!” When Li Qiye lost his concentration, Zhantian and Aotian took action. Their Soaring Immortal Physique lit up and reached its limit.

They attacked from both the front and back with an attack capable of turning time back to the past. Time withered and rotted by this all-slaying strike. No one could block this strike.

“Soaring Immortal Break!” Even the matriarch became serious after seeing this.

Soaring Immortal Break was the physique attack created by Immortal Emperor Fei. It was praised as the strongest of them all. Even Heavens Will Secret Laws paled in comparison.

When a grand completion user unleashed them, one could only imagine its power. Both Aotian and Zhantian were at grand completion and they attacked during Li Qiyes careless moment.

This attack relied on ultimate speed and power, a one-kill move. No one would be able to stop this attack. This was the reason why the technique became so famous after its creation.

Time stopped and everything became confused. People didnt see the technique clearly; only Emperor Assailants were able to understand its mysteries and see through its speed.

“Pluff!” When everyone could see clearly again, they saw blood gushing out. Zhantian and Aotians eyes were wide opened.

Zhantian was decapitated and he could see his own severed body as his head fell from the sky.

Long Aotians forehead and skull were pierced through completely. His expression was one of disbelief.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye was standing there and didnt move at all. Just like that, he defeated the Soaring Immortal Break and killed the two.

His fate palaces were opened with the four images – the pillar, cauldron, tree, and spring of life.

The Heavenly Daos Primal Chapter, Ancient Void Rune, Life Origination, and Epoch Leaf were floating inside as if they have become everlasting. Li Qiye used them to kill Aotian and Zhantian without lifting a finger.

“The world still doesnt understand the mysteries of the four images from the fate palaces. Only an Immortal Emperor would be able to understand them a little bit. Unfortunately, that would already be too late.” Li Qiye gently shook his head and said.

In a short time, the world became silent to a terrible level. Long Aotian was a bit weaker than an Emperor Assailant but Zhantian was the real thing. However, the two of them have just been killed instantly. No one would believe such a thing.

The crowd was stunned by this scene. Even Emperor Assailants took a deep breath because they didnt see the profundity behind Li Qiyes attack. There were too many secrets hidden within.

Gu Zun stopped smiling after seeing this and became austere. He wasnt only extremely powerful but as an eonic genius, he could comprehend better than everyone else. His talents and vision had few peers. Matriarch Yu was no match for him in this regards.

“This is…” He failed to understand the attack earlier. After a long time, he solemnly said: “It no longer matters whether he becomes emperor or not!”

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