Daoist Puresun showed no signs of gloating after casually defeating both the Extreme Yang Monarch and Daoist Lin. He stood to the side and watched the fight between the Diamond God and Resplendent with relish.

His eyes brightened when he saw the Diamond Gods golden body with its buddhist aura completely unscathed in the face of Resplendents barrage.

“It really is the Indestructible Diamond Physique.” He nodded his head after noticing some clues.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” Sparks went flying. Resplendents spear looked like a flood-dragon leaving the water. It struck the Diamond God continuously to no avail while this avatar continued to zealously attack Resplendent in a suicidal fashion.

This was driving Resplendent crazy. He was obviously stronger than this Diamond God, but he was the one retreating before this crazed onslaught. Anyone else would have died countless times already. The problem was that this Diamond God was unkillable. Even Resplendents most destructive attack could only leave a tiny mark on its body; a full penetration was impossible.

Eventually, the furious godking shouted: “Get the hell out of my face!” He finally resorted to his ace and slammed down with a huge hammer.

This blow could shatter the celestials in the sky. It carried the might of a true god, making it seem as if one was here in person.

“Bang!” The Diamond God was mercilessly blown away by this hammer and made a huge pit in the muddy ground. Its chest was caved in quite a bit. It looked like the hammer had successfully shattered his torso.

Resplendent held the hammer as it emitted a flashing multi-colored brilliance. It seemed to be coming back to life with the power of a true god, turning its master into a deity.

This weapon was called the Hammer of the True God, an artifact left behind by Resplendents ancestor. Since he had the same divine bloodline running through his body, he was able to exert its power in full.

“That hammer is quite powerful. At the same level and without an imperial weapon, another Heavenly Godking would be killed in a single blow.” Many people were in awe before this scene. A Godking was scary enough, so one with a divine weapon was even more fearful.

“Buzz!” The Diamond God stood up. Its shattered chest unexpectedly healed without leaving behind a single trace of damage.

“Boom!” It sent out two punches towards the divine hammer without apprehension.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” Each strike of the hammer sent out explosions. Without a doubt, Resplendent had the upper hand with his divine hammer as he unleashed his onslaught on the Diamond God.

Under this crazy onslaught, the Diamond Gods chest, shoulders, and even its head slowly deforming. However, with a buzz, the parts that were smashed quickly healed, then it continued to fight again.

The spectators were dumbfounded by this scene while feeling creeped out. Even Resplendent and his divine hammer couldnt kill this avatar. This was too terrifying.

“Thats definitely the Indestructible Diamond Physique.” Someone declared the verdict.

However, fortunately for him, despite being unable to kill his foe, he was still able to suppress the Diamond God and found some breathing room.

Li Qiye laughed after noticing Resplendent heaving a sigh of relief: “So one isnt enough, I see. Very well, heres one more then! Since you have been fighting a god, try fighting a devil this time.”

With that, another bang resounded. One more figure emerged from the kingdom of blood. The crowd was astonished once more since it was another identical Li Qiye.

The distinguishing factor was the dark, evil flame surging from this figure, making it seem just like a devil king. However, when it hid its aura, it suddenly disappeared and was nowhere to be found!

Void Devil, one of the twelve avatars from the kingdom of blood.

“Bang!” The crowd was astounded. While Resplendent was keeping the Diamond God at bay, his back was suddenly struck, causing him to tumble in the air while spitting out a mouthful of blood.

The Void Devil appeared behind him out of nowhere and gave him a ferocious blow. Even the powerful Resplendent couldnt detect Void moving behind him for a sneak attack.

“Die!” He immediately stomped on the air to garner enough momentum for another smash. However, Void disappeared. Even after opening his heavenly gaze, Resplendent couldnt find it!

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” Diamond came knocking once more. Its entire body was a weapon as it lunged forward with a fierce momentum.

Resplendent had no choice but to give up on Void and slammed his hammer onto Diamond.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” He unleashed his fury on Diamond instead. Alas, with the diamond physique, all of these attacks were useless.

“Bang!” The Void Devil appeared again between the two and unleashed a palm straight to Resplendents chest.

Despite being on guard, he was still struck by this palm and spat out blood.

“Die!” Although this palm couldnt kill him, being wounded by an ambush like this was humiliating. He immediately tried to kill Void, but it disappeared again.

Diamond came forward so Resplendent had to worry about Diamond.

Such a scene made people gasp. Two identical Li Qiyes; one was a god and the other a devil. One was unkillable regardless how it was attacked while the other was both omnipresent yet nowhere to be found. This was a perfect combination, leaving others completely at a loss for words!

“Thats the Void Physique!” Daoist Puresun once again murmured to himself.

Li Qiye was sitting on the deck, not caring about the fight between the deities and Resplendent. He glanced over at Cao Guojian and said: “I thought about killing you last time, but you got lucky. Its time to end you now.”

Li Qiye had already provoked Resplendent and now he wanted to fight Cao Guojian as well — this rendered the crowd speechless. This youth was arrogant beyond common sense. Of course, he did have the strength to back it up.

Guojian was enraged after being viewed as a fish on a chopping board. He was still a Grand Godking at the very least, so how could he handle being looked down on by a junior in this unbearable manner? How could he show his face to the world again?

“Junior, come fight me then!” Guojian also reached the shore while angrily pointing at Li Qiye. He didnt think that Li Qiye had the power to defeat him while fighting Resplendent.

Li Qiye smiled and replied: “Very well, Ill take your worthless head today.”

Guojian felt angrier and angrier due to Li Qiyes attitude. With a loud blast, his blood energy soared to the sky. The aura of a Grand Godking came crashing down alongside a surging energy from the great sword in his hand.

“Bang!” One more devil that looked like Li Qiye came out from the kingdom of blood.

It had the same evil flame as the previous one, but its temperature was even hotter. Its flame engulfed the sky and turned into two huge wings. Its name was the Furious Devil.

Its fiery wings turned into a pair of sharp sabers that began to attack Guojian.

Guojian shouted: “Show me what you got!” His great sword hovered in the sky and produced a hymn. Shortly afterward, countless swords appeared in the air and retaliated with murderous intent.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” A contest between the blades and swords ensued. Furious dual sabers turned into a whirlwind that blocked the incoming sword barrage. Alas, despite this defensive vortex providing an impregnable protection, Furious was still forced back by the countless swords.

“Boom!” Furious was finally enraged after being pushed back. It howled, signaling the flame behind him to spread even more at an insane speed. Its body became incomparably big while fueled by the flame.

The battle prowess of this devil crazily rose by several dozen times or even a hundredfold. This allowed Furious to reach the same level as Cao Guojian.

“Bang!” Its flame swept by and instantly crushed the numerous swords in the sky. Next, Furious directly thrust the sabers towards Guojian.

“Die!” With a battle cry, Guojian unleashed a slash capable of severing the stars straight at Furious without holding anything back!

Prior to this, Furious was definitely not at the Godking realm. However, it soared to match Cao Guojian, astounding the crowd.

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