Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 284: Space Crossing Earthworm

e most powerful Godkings. It could bring everything back to nothingness with its withering power.

This was no shadow or illusion. It was a real true dragon with the purest bloodline! Few people in the world have seen one, spotting one would be the topic of a lifetime.

Gu Zun didnt seem to be surprised at all. He smiled and asked: “Long time no see, brother-in-law. Its a shame that I wont be able to see your third generation body anymore.”

The dragon stared at Gu Zun without replying. Li Qiye gently sighed and waved at the dragon. It nodded towards him but didnt avert its gaze from Gu Zun.

“Brother-in-law, do you need to hate me so much? Your third gen body is dead already. If I remember correctly, you really doted on me during your first generation.” Gu Zun cheerfully smiled.

The dragon still remained quiet with its flashing eyes, instilling a sense of respect into others.

“Do you want to capture me with this body? Is this necessary?” Gu Zun was still as carefree as ever.

“Brother-in-law, you promised sister to take good care of me. However, you never did that. I suffered so much when you threw me into the eye of the sea and took away my fortunes. Then, you sealed me into the depth. Really now, your little brother-in-law had suffered a lot following you for three generations.”

“Raaa!” The dragon roared with a tyrannical aura surging like a storm. Alas, Gu Zun was untouched by it, still with a smile on his face.

“Brother-in-law, no need to be angry. In your eyes, I am a worthless piece of clay that can ’t be molded. However, our pursuits are different. You only want to fight against the world. As for me, I want to become His Excellency! Im not as useless as you think.”

“Hmph!” The dragon snorted in response. The world lost its brilliance and its inhabitants shuddered before this sound.

Gu Zun still didnt care: “Maybe you disagree with my ideologies and think that I am a bastard. Maybe you wanted me to become an emperor or someone like you. Alas, my dream is even more magnificent and grand. I want to become an existence that can engulf the nine worlds. If someone with a mortal body and mortal talents can do so, why cant I, an eonic genius, do so?”

The dragons stare remained cold.

“That glare again, brother-in-law. I know what you are trying to say.” Gu Zun shook his head and said: “You are thinking that I am a frog trying to eat a swan. I dont understand, why does His Excellency command so much confidence in whatever he does but you mock me for trying as if I dont know my own limits? Is it because I was born with a penchant for treachery? Or is it because I covet that empty treasury?”

The dragon answered by pointing its claw straight at Gu Zun.

“Brother-in-law, I wont return with you.” Gu Zun understood its intent and replied: “You took my fortunes and cultivation back then before sealing me but I dont blame you for this since I have indeed committed a crime. However, not this time since I havent done anything heinous for now. Thats why I wont let you imprison me again!”

The dragons claw spread open. “Boom!” It seemed the entire space erupted because of him. This claw was freed from all the restraints of the world. Its power was simply unstoppable.

“You want to do it by force now?” Gu Zun said without being afraid. He smiled and shook his head: “Brother-in-law, you wont necessarily be able to capture me alive. I agree that your third body could have done so in a short time but the current you wont do.”

The dragon snorted again after hearing this.

“You were indeed invincible but your first body only has an incomplete soul, far weaker than your top form. In the past, I wouldnt have any chance but now, I actually wonder if I go all out, would I accidentally kill you? Will sister blame me for doing so?”

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