Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 284: Space Crossing Earthworm

Li Qiye chuckled after seeing the nine gigantic monsters. He didnt care at all even though the eighteen eyes were shining on him like eighteen suns. It had no effect on him.

“Dark Crow!” The monsters voice struck like thunder, causing the world to quake.

Even Godkings would be terrified because of them.

“You think they can trap me?” Li Qiye cheerfully smiled at Gu Zun standing outside.

“I know it is difficult to trap you, Your Excellency.” Gu Zun smiled back: “But at the very least, this will be more enemies for you. I trust that the nine Sea Kings will trouble you quite a bit since they want revenge from back then!”

People would be scared out of their mind to hear their titles. They used to be legendary monsters that once ravaged the Mortal Emperor World several generations ago. They were rumored to be from the Grand Sea, similar to sea monsters but not part of that tribe.

Their real origin was unknown but they were immensely powerful after appearing and completely unpredictable. Not too many could oppose them in this world.

They became even stronger during Immortal Emperor Yin Tians generation and frequently traveled around the Grand Sea. There would be a great storm each time that robbed the peace from the region.

Later on, the emperor fought against the nine of them. These kings were strong to an unbelievable level and actually managed to stop the emperor then escaped.

In fact, after the emperors fight, the Dark Crow had sent several people to find them. However, they were too elusive to be found.

Eventually, the storm and tsunami caused by them truly enraged the Dark Crow. He ordered his generals and even came in person. Finally, he captured and sealed all nine of them beneath this sea region.

As the Dark Crows enemy, Gu Zun had always thought about how to free them. His effort didnt betray him. After several careful observations, he found that the seal was weakening. Because of this, he tried his best to release the seal and the nine monsters in order to fight against their common enemy, the Dark Crow!

“Why do you assume that theyre my enemies?” Li Qiye cheerfully smirked.

“Is this not the case?” Gu Zuns expression changed. He didnt have the same confidence as before after the treasury incident.

“Your Excellency!” The nine monsters dropped down to one knee. Their body as large as amazing pillars bowed towards Li Qiye!

“Rise, you all have been sealed long enough. It is all in the past now.” Li Qiye nodded.

“You!” Gu Zun was astounded and stumbled backward. At this time, he stared at Li Qiye in horror: “You tricked me again!”

“Not quite.” Li Qiye shook his head: “I didnt do this to scheme against you. It is all a coincidence. Remember, you werent born yet when the nine kings were in this world.”

At this moments, the nine Sea Kings surrounded Gu Zun instead. One of them said: “Brat, you are indeed very smart. Unfortunately, you dont know our origin. Your intelligence has betrayed you.”

“You lot conspired together!” Gu Zun felt himself being tricked completely. He thought that he was releasing some powerful enemies against Li Qiye and didnt expect for them to be friends.

Li Qiye shook his head again: “No, I have been chasing and eventually imprisoned them. This is true. However, I have also done them a favor, there is no grievance here. You also knew of this so you assumed that they are my enemies. I was also certain that you would come to find them so I casually gave them an order. The truth is that ever since you opened the seal, they have been watching over the Grand Sea and keeping an eye on you!”

He smiled and added: “Its funny, your intelligence and scheming are hurting you now.”

“Brat, His Excellency has given us a new life, you think we would actually work together with you?” One of the Sea Kings laughed.

So it turned out that the nine kings were juniors who have escaped from the Crystalfowl Immortal Mine. Their branch was suppressed and cursed by the high heaven so they couldnt appear in this world.

Nevertheless, the nine were powerful and clever enough. After escaping, they severed their bloodline and turned into these monsters.

Alas, despite losing their bloodline, they were still strong so they caused quite a stir at the Mortal Emperor World. However, they didnt come out for hegemony or anything, only to play around.

Li Qiye had promised the pheasant to look for them. Thats why he started chasing after them. However, the nine kings knew that Li Qiye wanted to capture them so they were very elusive and would run at the first sign of trouble.

Unfortunately, certain things couldnt be avoided. Even though they have severed their bloodline, they were still creatures not allowed to come into being. They failed to erase the aura of their race.

Thus, during the generation of Immortal Emperor Yin Tian, the heavenly curse and suppression returned in the form of a lightning tribulation assaulting them.

This was the reason why there would be a great storm each time they appeared in the Grand Sea. They didnt want to cause trouble, it was due to the curse!

Li Qiye then personally took action and surrounded them with his legion. He didnt only suppress them but also sealed them completely. His sealing technique allowed them to escape the curse from the high heaven.

Gu Zun was aware of this story but he didnt know of the nine kings origin. Thats why he released them in the first place. He didnt expect for them to owe the Dark Crow a great debt!

The people he thought were his allies turned out to be the ones keeping an eye on him the whole time. This turned his expression quite unsightly!

“Looks like Im still no match for you in terms of scheming and experience.” Gu Zun took a deep breath and had to admit.

In fact, he was well aware of this beforehand but he still wanted to give it a shot. He couldnt accept defeat without trying. Thinking that he was inferior to the Dark Crow was unacceptable.

For him, he would never give up until the Dark Crow shatters his confidence completely at the very last moment!

Li Qiye commented: “This is just because there are many things you dont know. Youre talented enough, just need more time and experience. Alas, you have chosen the wrong path.”

One of the nine kings bellowed with a laughter: “Brat, you are very smart indeed, able to comprehend and break the seal. Unfortunately, its your unlucky day. Now, were just waiting for His Excellency to give the command, to throw you into the eye of the sea or to kill you.”

Gu Zun took one step back after hearing this. He was very mighty as well but he had some qualm against fighting characters of the nine kings level. If the nine were to fight together, it would be even more devastating. This was the reason why he wanted to team up with them against the Dark Crow.

He regained his composure and smiled: “Im sure His Excellency isnt in a rush to kill me right now.”

Li Qiye stared at him in response: “Gu Zun, you are still so confident, not panicking in this situation. Thats indeed impressive, I am full of regrets, lamenting the waste of your talents.”

“Who I am today is due to your guidance and training. If I cant do this much, how can I replace you in the future?” He smiled.

Li Qiye replied: “Gu Zun, want to know something? Even if I spare you in this generation, someone else will kill you if you dont change your way.”

“I know who you are referring to, Your Excellency.” Gu Zun calmly responded: “When brother-in-law sealed me back then, he warned me that if I dont repent, he will personally kill me. I dont question his ability, only his determination. Even if he comes back to life, he still wont be able to do it! Thats his weakness.”

“Nothing is absolute in this world. If the Black Dragon King said he wants to kill you, Im sure he will do it.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Im waiting but I havent seen him yet. He was able to live for three generations, will there be a fourth? If he can come out again to kill me, then I will have nothing to say. Dying to him isnt shameful at all since even Immortal Emperor Ta Kong was killed by him, let alone me.” Gu Zun leisurely retorted.

“Run. Like you have said, Im in no hurry. I want to see the rest of your ace cards. Do not disappoint me again with little schemes like this one.” Li Qiye looked at him and said.

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