Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 271: Chi Xiaodaos Secret Crush

“War is cruel; soldiers are wrapped in a horses hide after death instead of a proper funeral. Their blood sprayed all over the battlefield.” The true god powerfully said: “We brothers were mentally prepared the moment we followed you for this fate!”

Li Qiye gently sighed: “Perhaps that is the case. War is cruel so this is the time for Azure Dragon to enjoy the glorious period. Let me handle the wars as the paver of the future.”

“Im certain victory is in your grasp, Your Excellency.” The true god ceased. He understood that this was His Excellencys sympathy for the legion and not wishing for the legion to fight with him till the bloody end.

“Yes, I shall return triumphantly eventually.” Li Qiye stared at the horizon and eventually responded.

A while later, the true god half-jokingly said: “Your Excellency, you have gotten your body back so maybe you should let the goddesses and saintesses in this world have your offsprings.”

Few would dare to say this to Li Qiye in this generation. Only the true god would bring up this topic. After all, he has followed Li Qiye for so long and wanted, more than anyone else, for Li Qiye to have some descendants. At the very least, his branch would continue regardless of what may come in the future.

“In due time.” Li Qiye shook his head. He wasnt in a hurry about this matter.

“Your Excellency, if you are willing, I can find candidates for you in order to leave behind the strongest descendants.” The true god couldnt help but offer.

Li Qiye smiled again: “Worldkeeper, I have never cared about leaving my bloodline behind. Let this be up to fate. The woman who is meant to do so shall do so for me.”

Worldkeeper gently nodded and understood Li Qiyes thoughts. This was someone who had experienced many generations and met many amazing women, including female Immortal Emperors. However, few could win his attention and even fewer could get him to agree for them to have children together, as rare as the autumn leaves.


The cultivators in Mortal Emperor were holding their breath while Azure Dragon camped at Pearl. Everyone knew that a storm was coming, one that would be stronger and fiercest than the rest. It could even destroy the entire Grand Sea.

They understood that Soaring Immortal wouldnt take this defeat lying down. However, vengeance required a great war since Soaring Immortal would hold nothing back.

There were both anxiety and anticipation. Would the final victor be the sect with five emperors or the mysterious and frightening legion?

Many sects were afraid of the flame of war spreading to them as well. A battle of this level would destroy everything nearby. Many sects would be engulfed by this disaster as well.

“Lets withdraw right now or our sect might be destroyed.” A few intelligent strategists encouraged their sects to leave their home in the Grand Sea.

However, very few were willing to leave. For anyone, abandoning their foundation was very difficult. How many would actually make this choice?

Before the start of the war, Li Qiye saw another guest back at Pearl. It was Heavenly Emperor Lin from Soaring Immortal.

He changed quite a bit versus the last visit. He seemed to be tired, not as spirited as before.

“Looks like youre here to tell me the bad news.” Li Qiye smiled after noticing the youths dejected appearance.

Lin smiled wryly and said: “Brother Li, we have failed. Our ancestors lost power when the imperial princes came back. Soaring Immortal is under the control of the princes and Ancestor Long now.”

Li Qiye wasnt surprised at all to hear this: “Looks like your imperial princes not only didnt die in the prison but had great harvest as well. Such good fortune, huh?”

“Theyre very strong.” Lin bitterly smiled: “The ancestors from our three branches lost to the princes and have lost their freedom. Theyre under house arrest now.”

Initially, their three branches aimed to take over again. However, Immortal Emperor Ren Xians princes came back with great ferocity. The ancestors of the three branches worked together but still lost so now, Soaring Immortal was firmly under Immortal Emperor Ren Xians branch.

“Looks like theyre capable enough to defeat your strongest ancestors.” Li Qiye smiled: “They must have had some amazing encounters in there. The agony in there had become a great treasure.”

The Immortal Confinement was found inside an ancient ruin by Immortal Emperor Fei. It was extremely dangerous. Not to mention Legendary Godkings, even nine out of ten Emperor Assailants would die.

All along, so many disciples have entered the prison but the only real survivor was Immortal Emperor Can Long during his youth.

Right now, the imperial princes endured the harsh time and all came back alive. One could easily imagine the great fortunes they have gained inside.

Lin didnt know what to say. Despite being one of the best disciples in Soaring Immortal, there was nothing he could do to change the political climate within the sect. He was only an ant before the powerful branch of Immortal Emperor Ren Xian.

In the end, he said: “The ancestors told me to give you a message. The imperial princes are missing right now.”

“Missing? What does that mean? They disappeared without a trace from Soaring Immortal?” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Well…” Lin found it difficult to comment on certain topics.

“I got it.” Li Qiye said flatly: “Your ancestors are suspicious that there is someone else behind the scene outside of the princes. They believe that this can absolve Soaring Immortal from the sin.”

“Brother Li, thats not the ancestors intention. They are only speculating because back then, the imperial princes alone werent enough to convince everyone.” He hesitated while revealing this.

“A bit interesting. These boys were sealed by Immortal Emperor Ren Xian at a young age. Though they came out later, it was no longer their time. They alone couldnt convince the big shots from Soaring Immortal to join this plan. The ancestors from your sect certainly know that creating the bloodline of the Ancient Ming is a crime punishable by sect-destruction!”

Lin turned slightly pale. He was aware of the situations severity, having heard his ancestors talked about it.

Li Qiye said coldly: “This is a sky-piercing matter. If it is done by a bunch of kids, then we can attribute that to ignorance. However, several old big shots from your clan were involved as well. Though they committed suicide later, it doesnt change the fact that they were participants. Perhaps in their eyes, this isnt only a changing of bloodline. It is a way for Soaring Immortal to become great and produce more Immortal Emperors to rule the nine worlds.” Li Qiye smiled mockingly at this point.

“Brother Li, Im, Im sure my ancestors didnt have this idea.” Lin jumped from fear and hurriedly said.

“Im aware.” Li Qiye responded: “If they were part of the plan back then, they wouldnt be alive right now to enjoy their retirement.”

Lin heaved a sigh of relief but his heart was still heavy.

“This is a very amusing matter. The big shots from your sect have seen many storms. How could a few young imperial princes have convinced them to take this sect-destroying risk? Its impossible. Perhaps during their fathers generation, they could use his prestige to ask but the emperor wasnt around at the time of the planning.”

“Only Asura could convince these old geezers to take this risk.” Li Qiye finished.

“No, its not Forefather Asura.” Lin quickly said. The forefather was the strongest ancestor of Immortal Emperor Can Longs branch and contributed greatly in the past. Though he had made some wrong decisions before, he would never think about starting the blood exchange plan.

“Its not him. Though he was the one who supported Immortal Emperor Ren Xian, he is still an upright and resolute character. Indeed, he couldnt have been the one.”

Lin felt safe again. At the very least, their Can Long branch was spared from any suspicion.

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