Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 253: Lions Roar Gate

“What can one arrow do?” Li Qiye spoke during the princes bewilderment. In the blink of an eye, Li Qiye was already standing in front of him as if he had been there the entire time.

The prince turned pale. A Heavenly God like him didnt notice Li Qiyes shift of position at all. This was quite frightening to him since an enemy like this could easily take his life.

The startled prince instantly retreated in order to maintain a safe distance with Li Qiye. However, with a strange noise, the space he was retreating to suddenly turned into a quagmire, trapping him within. This made him countless times slower; each action was at a snails pace.

“Buzz.” As he was struggling within, the space transformed into a prison and rendered him immobile.

“You are too careless. Even if you are at the Heavenly God level, you still cant do anything before me, no different from an insect.” Li Qiye said with a smile.

“Boom!” The stars in the sky were crushed as Long Aotian broke away from the dragon and bull. He rushed forward and shouted: “Brother, I got you!”

He instantly appeared in front of Li Qiye and unleashed a blow capable of annihilating the world and the deities with the intent of pushing his foe back.

His speed was truly something else since he only needed one step to make it back from the sky in order to save the prince. His abilities were virtually unmatched in this generation.

“Boom!” Li Qiye pointed forward and banished Long Aotian into a different spatial sphere. The guy instantly disappeared and was trapped by this technique.

“No one can stop me from killing.” Li Qiye chuckled and directly unleashed a finger strike at the princes forehead.

“No!” The prince howled before death, a cry full of unwillingness and regrets but it was too late.

Blood oozed out from his head while his eyes were still wide opened. Death came before he could accomplish anything in his life. How could his path have ended here?

“Bang!” Long Aotian broke his way back from the banishment. The short amount of time it took was indicative of his terrible strength and speed.

“Li Qiye!” Long Aotian could no longer remain calm after seeing the princes death. His eyes turned cold, full of murderous intention.

“Long Aotian.” Li Qiye leisurely stared at him as if he was staring at a dog.

His demeanor made everyone take a deep breath without anything to say. How could Fiercest treat the imperial prince of the Soaring Immortal Sect like this? His domineering nature was truly peerless.

“Boom!” Aotian directly released all of his blood energy, causing rumbling blasts. In a short time, his energy engulfed the world and all of the Grand Sea.

It became a terrible storm capable of devouring everything in this world. It was ruthless, merciless, and brutal.

People quivered before this terrible storm of blood energy. Their breath was taken away from them, forcing them to lower their body. The crowd became pale after seeing his fury and finally understood that this was his real power. He didnt reveal this strength when fighting against the dragon and Yuanhou earlier.

“Boom!” The Grand Sea seemingly exploded. Divine rings floated around Aotian with clear imperial runes on them. When these rings were rotating, it looked as if multiple emperors were personally coming down.

Their imperial prestige forced weaker cultivators to drop to the ground. They had no chance of opposing this type of aura.

“Clank.” A sword hymn resounded as Aotian wielded his weapon of choice. It radiated with boundless light and illuminated the world. Even Godkings felt these rays of light prickling them with pain.

With this sword in his hand, the world was his for the taking. He had an unstoppable aura at this moment. Not to mention the weaker crowd, even Virtuous Paragons would run away from the battlefield. God-Monarchs became serious and watched from a safe distance.

This was the Virtuous Sword, Immortal Emperor Ren Xians true fate weapon. Its imposing emergence allowed Aotian to turn into an Immortal Emperor, ready to rage against the rest of the world!

“Virtuous Sword.” Li Qiye didnt mind at all to see the weapon. With a clank, a saber as white as snow appeared in his hand. Others had a hard time staring directly at it.

“The Benevolent Saber!” An old Godking nearby shouted after seeing it.

It seemed that the saber was coming back to life after being in his embrace with an exuberant amount of life.

“The Virtuous Sword versus the Benevolent Saber!” Many glanced at each other after seeing the chosen weapons of the two combatants. Even the weathered Godkings here became startled.

A contest between the saber and the sword! These were two popular weapons. The sword was considered the king of weapons while the saber acted as the tyrant. They served two very prominent roles on the dao path.

More importantly, their masters were also full of characters. Immortal Emperor Min Ren was the bringer of the Emperors Era and well-known for his benevolent nature. Meanwhile, Immortal Emperor Ren Xian was considered a wise sage of humanity

Two emperors and two weapons from two distant generations; their duel has finally begun!

There was no sound in the vicinity outside of heartbeats. Long Aotian stared intensely at the saber in Li Qiyes grasp. As the master of the Virtuous Sword, he naturally knew the significance of the saber coming back to life.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Aotian released more floating weapons above his head. Their terrible imperial auras assaulted the world. All existences shuddered and prostrated before them.

His arsenal included Immortal Emperor Life Treasures, ancient immortal artifacts, and timeworn weapons of the gods… Each of them was capable of sweeping through this world.

People were in awe to see so many magnificent weapons. Long Aotian incited endless envy by taking them out so easily.

An ordinary imperial lineage wouldnt have so many superb weapons but Aotian alone had more than enough. This was enough to drive people crazy. A sect with five emperors truly lived up to its fame.

“Thats quite a few weapons.” Li Qiye leisurely looked at Aotian and said: “But its useless. Forget it, I wont bully you by attacking first. That would rob you of the chance to even retaliate.”

“Li Qiye, dont worry. You wont be able to stop my Heavenly Annihilation!” Aotian claimed with a chilling tone.

This was the first time he was treated with such disdain after making his debut. Ever since he came to Mortal Emperor, he was unstoppable even by himself. This was the reason why people called him the Denary King.

Both peerless geniuses and old Godkings viewed him as a dangerous enemy but now, Li Qiye didnt put him in his eyes at all. How could he not be frustrated with this development?

Long Aotians statement did scare many people here. A Heavenly Annihilation carried wondrous power, especially when its user was someone as young and vigorous as Aotian.

Of course, they didnt find his ability to use an annihilation too surprising. After all, this was the heavens favorite child with the arts of five emperors.

“Only a Heavenly Annihilation.” Li Qiye nonchalantly retorted: “When my Soul Annihilation comes out, your attack will be kneeling instantly.”

“You!” Aotians expression turned unsightly and couldnt maintain his normal composure.

“Soul Annihilation? Whats that?” A junior has never even heard of this name. A few experts here werent aware either.

“Its using an annihilation with a true treasure thats even stronger than a Heavenly Annihilation.” A Godking that had followed an Immortal Emperor in the past explained to his juniors: “This attack requires the Heavens Will Secret Law of the emperor on top of gaining the acceptance of the weapon as well. Moreover, the user needs enough vitality and strength to handle the awakening of the soul within the weapon. Thats the necessary conditions to use this legendary attack!”

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