Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 249: A Long Journey

Long Aotian stood outside of Qingcheng with an oppressive aura capable of crushing the sect completely. It was as if nothing could hinder his steps.

“Sect Master of Qingcheng, what is your decision?” Aotian spoke calmly in the air. Each word rang sonorously like a gong in everyones mind, instilling fear into them.

“Greetings, Imperial Prince Long, the pleasure is mine. Please advise.” The sect master had to step out and cupped his fist together.

“I have no advice to give, my demand is very simple. Hand over Hai Lin and the four-clawed dragon then Ill leave immediately without troubling your sect.”

No one found such aggressive words out of place. They felt like Aotian should speak in such an imperious manner.

The crowd knew that it was unwise to become enemy with Aotian just for Hai Lins sake. Anyone else should know the right choice easily.

The sect master glanced at Hai Lin who was being healed and said with a deep tone: “Imperial prince, Young Noble Hai Lin has deep ties with our sect. We dont dare to comment on your grievances but we must save him. You are a benevolent person, how about come back later to deal with him after his wounds are healed?”

The sect masters words were craftily chosen even against an overwhelming force. His opponent would find it difficult to refute or take action.

“Im afraid its not up to your sect at all.” Aotian said with a sneer.

Mount Qingcheng was a very powerful sect in the Grand Sea. Even though it wasnt an imperial lineage, it still had a peerless Godking like Ding Yuanhou. Not too many would dare to act blazenly against this sect. But Aotian didnt place them in his eyes at all. Even the disciples from Qingcheng didnt dare to retort. They knew just how powerful their foe was and his terrible lineage.

“Imperial prince, leave a way out. Wait until Hai Lin is cured before trying to finish it.”

“No.” Aotian refused instantly in a cold manner: “Sect master, you only have two choices. Either hand the two of them over or wait for sect destruction!”

Many people felt suffocated after this declaration. They knew that he wasnt all talk. With his power on top of his sect, it was absolutely possible.

Everyone glanced over at the sect master and wondered what he would choose. They understood that opposing Soaring Immortal was unwise but some still had hopes about someone standing up against that sect. After all, ever since their arrival, they have been too aggressive. Perhaps their goal was to even rule the entire Grand Sea eventually. Many didnt wish to see this.

The sect master glanced at the immobilized Hai Lin again. In the end, he sighed and said: “Imperial prince, if you want his life, our sect will have to take you on. He is our guest so we shall protect him.”

The experts in the vicinity were shocked to hear this. Many became excited about this non-imperial sect daring to stand up against Long Aotian!

“Very well, impressive decisiveness. Then Ill see how long your sect can hold out!” Aotian laughed and instantly stomped down on the sect.

“Rumble!” The entire mountain range shook before this stomp. It resembled a tiny boat ravaged by the torrential sea that could go down at any moment.

The experts here became anxious at the impending doom.

“Time for battle, defend your positions!” The sect master shouted with a grave expression.

The moment he finished giving the order, their defensive perimeter was broken by Long Aotian. Bright pieces of light faltered everywhere!

This barrier has been built for many generations and empowered by a large quantity of refined jades but it didnt manage to last long at all against Aotian.

“Charge!” The experts and disciples here roared for battle. They unsheathed their weapons and channeled their blood energy, pointing their rage at Aotian.

“Pluff!” Aotian instantly jumped into the sect with agility beyond comprehension. One could only see his fleeting figure.

“Pluff!” Next, one pillar of blood gushed after another. The blood energy exuded from the disciples here were suddenly extinguished.

“Bang, bang, bang!” The sound of head meeting the ground finally came about.

The scene of the guards dying was too shocking. Blood gushed out of their severed neck like the spring and turned into a rain of bloody flowers. In the end, these experts fell onto the ground. Their head still had some consciousness left and could see their own headless body!

Aotian had speed virtually too fast to discern. In the blink of an eye, the experts here were decapitated without a chance to fight back.

“So weak yet still dare to oppose me?” He sneered proudly.

This scene scared many spectators. This great speed allowed him to be a reaper. Even stronger people would lose their head against such speed.

Mount Qingcheng became defenseless after this quick massacre to the dismay of the pale sect master. Even so many experts failed to stop a single move from Long Aotian. The guy was indeed unstoppable!

Long Aotian stared at the sect master and smiled: “Sect master, this is all your sect can do? Thats too disappointing then. You all must really look down on me to oppose me with such meager power.”

“Prepare the formation.” The sect master and seventeen other experts from his same generation instantly lined up. The entire mountain lit up with rays of light.

“Whoosh!” Under the ultimate light of this formation, the entire mountain seemed like a starry ocean with floating stars and galaxies.

The great formation presided over the mountain range like the Big Dipper. Its majestic aura emanated and amplified the mountains presence as well.

Many experts suddenly became excited. The killing earlier drowned them in despair but this formation, on the other hand, showed them a sliver of hope!

“Big Dippers Eighteen Children. This is Mount Qingchengs ultimate move!” One expert that knew about the sect had to say: “Theyre the strongest disciples under Ding Yuanhou who have learned all of his skills.”

Long Aotian didnt give a damn. He laughed in response: “This formation might be derived from an ancient holy formation but your sects version has too many flaws. It wont be able to block a single blow.”

The experts shuddered after hearing this. People in the Grand Sea were aware that this formation was exceedingly powerful, especially when the eighteen children were performing it themselves. But now, Aotian said that it wouldnt amount to anything. Just how powerful was he?

Mount Qingcheng didnt respond to this arrogance. The entire sect was under the protection of this supreme formation in total tranquility.

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