Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 240: Heaven Protector Goddess 2

Ye Jiuzhou hesitated and said: “What should we do with them, keep or let them go?”

“Let them do whatever.” Gu Zun didnt mind at all: “Theyre only baits. The big fish is out already, the baits dont matter anymore.”

“I understand.” Ye Jiuzhou nodded respectfully.

“It will be quite a show. I wonder how many old men from Soaring Immortal will come out to join the fun? I hope they will go all out.”

“Will Soaring Immortal take the bait too?” Jiuzhou became worried: “They still have old generals that recognize His Excellency Dark Crow.”

“Yes.” Gu Zun was certain and said: “While they are still resting, well exacerbate the situation. By that point, Soaring Immortal cant escape even if they want to.”

“What if they surrender like last time? That might save them again.” Jiuzhou commented.

“No, its different now.” Gu Zun disagreed: “Back then, those old geezers knew what kind of existences they were facing. Even Immortal Emperor Qian Li and the Black Dragon King were there as well. They had no choice but to give up. Thats not the case anymore. The younger generation might not know about him. Even if they have heard of some legends, they wont keep it in mind at all. ”

A thick smile appeared on his face as he continued: “This is especially true for Ancestor Long. He has been itching to come out and play. In the past, this was a supreme genius with a grand completion physique at a young age. He was undergoing some training in the nine worlds to become the emperor eventually. Alas, he was born in the wrong period. Soaring Immortal had to close its doors so he lost the chance to become emperor. This had always haunted him so now, as one of the leaders of the Ren Xian branch and the young faction, his ambition is burning strong, wanting to fight and unite the nine worlds.”

“Do you think those young ones want to compromise so easily? They possess enough strength so do you think they care for a legend? They believe that legends are meant to be broken; with that, they will become the new legend!” He smiled after stating this.

Jiuzhou sighed after hearing his master: “Master, do they have a chance of winning?”

Gu Zun shook his head: “No. Soaring Immortal has five emperors, two of them were under his banner. If he were to attack Soaring Immortal, hell have certain things that Soaring Immortal wont be ready for.”

“What about you, master?” Next came the important question.

Gu Zun pondered for a moment before his eyes flashed with a sharp, cold glint – capable of tearing the world apart. He eventually withdrew the gaze and looked at his disciple: “Jiuzhou, If you are afraid, then withdraw, I wont blame you. Youre not the only one who is afraid of him in the generations. Even emperors are apprehensive, let alone others.”

“No.” Jiuzhou shook his head: “Master, I know who we are facing. As long as you dont give up, I wont either. My life is yours!”

“Its a shame for you too, being born in the wrong era or you would have a chance to become emperor too.” Gu Zun sighed.

Jiuzhou didnt respond. He chose to stand by his master despite the insurmountable odds. He knew that death was virtually impossible to escape but he had no regrets.


Mu Zhuos Demonic City was a great lineage in the Grand Sea, among the top of the rankings.

It was majestic with towering walls and spanned for ten thousands of miles. This gated region seemed to be its own world. It was an ancient and sacred city, especially in the heart of the demons.

The city was prosperous with billions of inhabitants. It passed on for one generation after another with the same riches. They had to be praised for having the proper administration.

It was considered an imperial lineage with an Immortal Emperor True Treasure with deep roots and considerable power, capable of contending against the imperial lineages in Mortal Emperor.

Its status did indeed have something to do with its origin. It claimed to have the dao system of Immortal Emperor Mu Zhuo as well as many of his great techniques. Thats why they considered themselves to be an orthodox branch. Their members also claimed to be his descendants.

There seemed to be no problem with the city taking this claim in regards to their dao system and bloodline. However, it was worth further deliberation on whether they were his orthodox lineage or not. It can even be said that this was a slight overstepping.

There were very few writings about the emperor. Some people were sure that he didnt pass down his system. Though the city had many arts from him, a few researchers found that he didnt pass down h heavenly dao. In other words, he didnt recognize the city as his lineage.

The researchers didnt disagree with the self-proclaimed notion that the city had many of his arts. All along, no one knew how many merit laws he had actually created. They didnt even know what his supreme grand dao encompassed.

Of course, no other sects were known to have his arts. This was the reason why people accepted the citys status so readily.

One couldnt deny that the city consisted of his descendants. However, this didnt mean that they had the direct line.

Despite the lack of records, people knew that he had many lovers of high status including goddess, demoness, and saintesses before eventually settling down with the prettiest woman in one of the nine worlds.

Their child eventually lived in this city but the emperor has never spent a single day in this place. This was the amusing aspect about the whole thing. In other words, this city couldnt actually be considered his main lineage, only a side branch.

His direct lineage disappeared along with him and the imperial queen. Their branch no longer showed themselves but people said that it did have successors. No one knew where they went.

Due to the silence of the main branch, the demon city was able to claim this prestigious position without any backlash from the public.

Regardless of the claims validity, the city has always been prosperous and didnt besmirch the emperors reputation.

People busily came and went in this special place inside the demonic city today. Suddenly, a terrible and tyrannical aura loomed in the sky and engulfed the entire location.

Mortals kneeled and cultivators rembled before this aura.

“Boom!” A supreme grand dao descended from the horizon. A grand path paved itself with countless immoral light.

Heavenly flowers and amazing trees were inside this light while the deer ran among them. When this grand dao appeared, it looked as if an immortal world was being opened.

At this time, a person with a flawless temperament slowly approached just like an immortal from the upper realm!

His robe fluttered as he was being accompanied by the laws and hymns of the grand dao. He emitted a radiance akin to an ascension ceremony. All were waiting for his blessing; the myriad existences in the world prostrated before him.

He was above the nine heavens and looked down on the myriad realms and their inhabitants. In this particular moment, he solemnly assumed the role of an emperor.

When his eleven palaces emerged above his head, an undying might drowned the wold, giving him an insuperable position.

A primordial energy rained down with his steps as if he came from the origin of the world, the beginning of the grand dao. The world was his alone!

“Long Aotian!” People cried out after seeing the youth walking on this grand dao.

Even those who havent seen him before shuddered in fear.

This name, full of charisma, represented nobility, invincibility, and all that was bright!

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