Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 237: Refining the Pristine Worldly Metal 1

owl grunted and disappeared into the endless cave.

In fact, they didnt actually have a choice. It was either giving him one hundred crystals or war. In the past, they probably had some confidence in fighting against the crow or at least defend their cave successfully.

But this was no longer the case. The moment it saw the ultimate item, it knew that the initiative was in the crows hand, not them.

The crow was right as well. If he could obtain this ultimate item, was there anything else beyond his grasp? They simply couldnt imagine the type of resources and methods he still had up his sleeves.

As moments passed, the bottomless cave was still silent. Li Qiye quietly waited with patience. In fact, he was completely confident or he wouldnt have been asking for one hundred crystals.

After a long time, the fowl appeared again with an extremely ancient chest. It stared at Li Qiye and said: “Crow, you win. We agree to give you one hundred immortal crystals.”

Li Qiye wasnt surprised at all, evident by his smile: “You have always been so amazing at being in charge with great insight. Few can be your match in the cave.”

“Hmph, crow, no need to flatter me. This is an exception, one time only. We hope to not see you again for ten generations.” The fowl unhappily said.

Though Li Qiye didnt show mercy this time to the chagrin of the nest, they still conceded with this compromise and chose to work with him again.

“So you all still want to work with me? The old agreement is still in effect?” Li Qiye laughed and said.

“Dont forget, you still owe us crystals from before!” The fowl said with a stern expression.

“I havent forgotten but dont you forget either, the peace that youre enjoying now is thanks to me. I might owe you some crystals but you havent paid this time of peace back to me, so were even.”

The fowl chose not to answer. This was the reason why they worked together with the Dark Crow. Others couldnt offer a time of peace, not even all-powerful Immortal Emperors. This was something only the Dark Crow could do!

“The crystals are yours now. I hope you can always sweep through all of your enemies.” The somber fowl slowly pushed the chest towards Li Qiye.

Li Qiye reached out to pick it up but the fowl suddenly pulled back and stared at him.

“What? I know that youre not regretting the decision.” Li Qiye wasnt anxious at all.

“Damned crow, you promised me about finding those guys back then. You still havent fulfilled this obligation!” The fowl stared at him and said.

“Pheasant, what kind of news do you want to hear?” A smile appeared on Li Qiyes face.

The fowl didnt respond despite slightly opening its mouth.

“Ill speak for you then.” Li Qiye chuckled: “Pheasant, what do you do outside of sitting here and guard? Let me make a wild guess. Even a tiger might let its guard down at times, but not you. How could the guys have actually run away under your watch? I dont think thats possible.”

The fowl answered coldly: “I just want to hear some news.”

“Okay, Ill tell you two things.” Li Qiye said: “First, they have changed. Even if the villainous heavens have eyes, it still wouldnt be able to recognize them. Secondly, they are still alive. Thats all.”

The fowl gently sighed and didnt comment after a brief silence.

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