Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 14: Chaotic Heart Forest 2

es along.”

The daoist wryly smiled and shook his head: “Im only a mortal… and… I dont want to become dried bones beneath your feet either.”

Li Qiye didnt bother looking at Zhentian, he only talked to Puresun as if he didnt care about Zhentians existence at all.

This attitude annoyed many of the charming spirits present. In their eyes, Zhentian was their pride, so this deliberate show of contempt was the same as slapping their faces! This made many of them scowl angrily.

The Crimsonflame Ancestor was unhappy with this contemptuous act as well. He snorted and said: “Li Qiye, my master wants to see you!”

After being called out by name, Li Qiye finally looked over at Zhentians carriage and smiled: “Whats your business?”

This indifferent attitude only made Crimsonflame even more annoyed. Li Qiye was acting as if his master was only a passerby. He couldnt retort since Zhentian interjected: “Daoist Li, your means are incredible and have truly brightened my eyes, so I wish to spar with you.”

“Spar?” Li Qiye laughed in response: “Very well, whether it is a spar or revenge for your disciple, Ill entertain you.”

His directness astounded the crowd. No one thought that Li Qiye would be so ready to accept. He looked like he was trying to get this over with or sending away a stray dog. There was no sign of caution at all. The charming spirits felt a little lost after witnessing this scene. Since Zhentian was quite powerful, Li Qiye should at least put up a more cautious front, but he simply didnt care at all.

Zhentian replied: “No, I only wish to learn with you and have no intention of revenge. As for my disciple, his skill was inferior so there is nothing more I can say.”

“So be it.” Li Qiye smiled freely: “Do you want a fight to the death or stop appropriately? I am someone who prefers the former under normal circumstances.”

The spectators were enraged once more. Li Qiye spoke as if he was facing a nobody who was completely at his mercy, but this was Meng Zhentian! The greatest genius of the charming spirits! His nonchalant attitude was a blatant showing of disdain towards everyone here. The charming spirits glared at him since they felt slighted by his replies!

Daoist Lin and the Extreme Yang Monarch shared this sentiment and had to snort. Their feud with Li Qiye had gone past the point of reconciliation long ago! There was a promising future on the horizon, they thought, after joining Zhentians camp. Once Zhentian becomes emperor, their future would be boundless.

At this moment, they shared honor and disgrace with Zhentian, so how could they not be angered by Li Qiyes disrespectful attitude?

“Either way is fine.” Zhentian smiled and said: “Why dont we have a seat on your boat and slowly take our time to ponder the techniques and the wonderful grand dao…”

He was not in a rush to fight Li Qiye. After all, the ultimate battle was inevitable once the Heavens Will comes out. He was more interested in what was inside the boneship since his intuition told him of its greatness.

Li Qiye immediately refused: “Sorry, not interested. We dont share the same urine pot, so I dont need to invite you onboard. If you want to fight, just come out and well do fight, theres no need for a tea party. If not, then you should go while Im still in a good mood.”

Li Qiyes answer made many people glare at him. They knew a fight was inevitable, but Li Qiye maintained his disdainful tone, leaving zero consideration for Zhentian. This was the same as disrespecting all the charming spirits in Heaven Spirit!

[1] A vulgar way of saying theyre not sharing the same path/being in the same camp.

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