Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 218 : Sky Shaking Truncheon 2

Li Qiye stared at Lin Hao while standing above the twelve scales and said: “What, cant accept defeat gracefully?”

“Its absolutely impossible!” Lin Hao turned red but he still stubbornly said: “Everyone knows that the scales are affected by the grand dao so no one can reach the top. Something is amiss here, he must have cheated. Either that or the scales arent working!”

As someone who has been a fan of his Eldest Brother since youth, he couldnt accept Li Qiye destroying the shadow or reaching the top since even an eonic genius like Gu Zun couldnt do so.

Because of this, he wanted to nitpick or even question the validity of Li Qiyes achievement.

Many looked at him without speaking. Some found displeasure in his choice of words but they chose against speaking up since he was from Soaring Immortal.

Yulian didnt like this statement either and gave him a cold stare. His questioning the twelve scales was the same as questioning her Yu Clan.

Ever since Immortal Emperor Yin Tians generation, so many people have climbed the scales without issues. It can be said that the scale was a different symbol for their clan so his skepticism was an attack on their integrity. Thus, even Yulian who had a crush on Aotian became dissatisfied with Lin Hao.

Li Qiye replied flatly: “Someone who cant bear losing and having to resort to accusations like you should die.”

“You!” Lin Hao immediately retorted: “Li Qiye, are you trying to silence me?! Maybe you are afraid of others finding out your trickery so you want to kill me to avoid questioning! Even if you can kill me, can you also kill everyone here?! What about everyone else in the world?! You cant shut all of us up regardless of how many you kill!”

Lin Hao wanted to besmirch Li Qiye at this moment while dragging everyone else into the fray, onto the side of opposing Li Qiye.

The youths here stared at Lin Hao; some even moved away from him. Even a fool could see his intention.

Normally, anyone else would try to support him in order to curry favor with Soaring Immortal. But now, they werent going to joke around when facing Fiercest, a mass murderer. If Lin Hao were to really drag them into this mess, Fiercest would kill them without hesitation. They didnt want to be buried alongside Lin Hao.

“Just a clown thinking that hes something, deserving of punishment.” Li Qiye glanced emotionlessly at the guy and casually slapped.

“Boom!” Lin Hao couldnt even dodge in time or block it. He was blown flying with blood and teeth falling out.

He fell on the ground but his words were still strong: “Li Qiye, even if you kill me, the rest of the world will still know the truth. Do it! Soaring Immortal disciples have never been afraid of death!”

“Just a worm, you think I care what others say about me?” Li Qiye replied: “If you wish to die, so be it.”

With that, he pointed his finger at the youth. It was the most casual of strikes but Lin Hao couldnt dodge at all. The gap between the two was too immense so Lin Hao closed his eyes, awaiting death.

“Show mercy!” A shout came about at this key juncture. A loud banging noise came next with a breaking sound. Debris went flying everywhere.

A huge shield flew forward to stop Li Qiyes finger strike. It was still destroyed completely with pieces scattering everywhere. Nevertheless, Lin Hao was able to survive the ordeal.

A strapping old man landed down in front of Lin Hao. More shields emerged around him while he held a saber, ready to fight without the slightest sign of carelessness.

“Master!” Lin Hao shouted happily and crawled up.

“Dont worry, our warships are coming right away.” The old man nodded but his eyes remained fixated on Li Qiye. He was consoling his disciple while telling everyone here at the same time, especially Li Qiye.

“An elder from Soaring Immortal.” One youth was aghast.

The crowd quickly retreated since they understood the implication of an incoming warship.

Though an elder wasnt considered a high-ranking member in Soaring Immortal, he still emitted a frightening aura. Just an elder was already this powerful. It was indicative of the sects strength as a whole.

The elder looked at Li Qiye and said slowly: “Fellow Daoist Li, my disciple is young and ignorant, how about sparing him and showing our sect some sensibilities?”

He was still ready for battle, not daring to underestimate the enemy. He has heard of Fiercest a long time ago. This was a being capable of murdering Godkings and banishing their sect.

The crowd was moved after hearing this. Ever since Soaring Immortal descended down on the Grand Sea, they have always been imperious. Those who opposed them would be flattened for sure! Alas, this elder had to play nice at this moment.

But then again, it wasnt shameful at all for him to act in this manner. After all, his enemy was the notorious Fiercest who has never been afraid of anyone ever since his debut. The name Soaring Immortal couldnt scare him.

Li Qiye looked at him and chuckled: “Show some sensibilities? Not for your Soaring Immortal Sect!”

The elders expression soured after hearing this. Even imperial lineages would show their sect some respect but not Li Qiye at this moment. The elder found it difficult to remain calm.

“Fellow Daoist Li, the grand dao is long, you will always see others again.” The elder took a deep breath and said slowly: “Its better to make a friend than an enemy. Our sect isnt that easily bullied!”

“So what? Does everyone need to give you some face just because you had five emperors?” Li Qiye still didnt respond but a sneer came from the distance.

A youth arrived with a golden luster emanating from his body. He had golden scales all over his body with two green dragon horns. A stormy tsunami accompanied him.

“Hai Lin!” One of the spectators recognized him and became startled.

Even those who havent seen him in the past knew who he was: “The young leader of the sea demons!”

The elder uttered coldly: “So you are hiding here but not for long, our young lord will kill you soon enough.”

“I know Long Aotian and his hounds are looking for me.” The youth named Hai Lin snorted: “They wont find shit on their trip to the sea this time.”

The elder scowled: “You can run for now but not forever. Hell slay all of you.”

“Wait until he becomes emperor before boasting.” Hai Lin retorted.

The youths present were quiet. Everyone had their own thoughts while watching this.

Soaring Immortal took over a large territory after coming to the Grand Sea. This invoked the retaliation from the presiding demons and sea monsters.

The sea monsters werent a race. They were beasts living in the depth of the sea such as gigantic fish, serpents, and turtles…

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