Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 14: Chaotic Heart Forest 2

People held their breaths after hearing Jianshis direct refusal. They were slightly moved by her words. Not many would dare to refuse Zhentian in Heaven Spirit, especially among the younger generation.

However, Jianshi had no qualms in doing so, making people realize and remember that Void Imperfection was a top lineage in this world, a beacon of the charming spirits. Despite knowing that Zhentian could become emperor, she still dared to oppose him.

“You should know that if I want to board, the two of you cant stop me.” He reiterated with a calm voice. Zhentian didnt put on an aggressive tone or needlessly postured. His insipid words were enough to show his great confidence.

She clearly uttered: “I know. We cant stop Senior if you wish to do so, but we will still try!” Her attitude didnt change from its initial firmness. She didnt give the slightest leeway.

They werent afraid of Zhentian, only the slumbering Fairy. There was still room for redemption if Zhentian were to take action, but if Fairy were to do something, everyone would die!

An existence of the emperor level, once berserk, wouldnt only kill everyone here. She might even slaughter everyone in the Heaven Spirit World! They didnt wish to see this at all, especially in Li Qiyes absence.

After a while, Zhentian movingly spoke: “Void Imperfection is indeed a leading lineage of the charming spirits. Schoolmasters, theres no need to be so hostile towards me. We are part of the same race and I do hope that it can flourish. The two of you should know that we all have the duty to revitalize the charming spirits and let its prestige spread far and wide.”

The people here understood what he was implying. Why was Void Imperfection siding with Li Qiye, a human?! Many spirits were unhappy with this choice.

“Our actions will also strengthen the charming spirit race. Alas, we picked a different path to Senior Zhen.” Ruyan faintly smiled.

“Very well.” Zhentian wasnt angered. He peacefully said: “Different paths will seek different things. However, today, I just want to talk to Daoist Li. I shall board regardless of whether the two of you agree or not.” His conduct was appropriate for a true master.

Zhentians rhetoric was winning people over. A supreme individual was indeed different. He spoke with admirable elegance without aggressiveness or an imperious attitude.

As an Emperor Reserve, he was a genius infinitely close to an Immortal Emperor. He could feel something strange in the boneship. Despite not knowing the details, his intuition was telling him that it was extraordinary. This was the reason for his actions, wanting to wait for Li Qiye was only secondary.

Jianshi replied: “Im afraid you will be disappointed. You must get past us if you want to board!”

Her answer made people think that they were overstepping their bounds. Of course, no one dared to criticize them because the Void Imperfection Schools was still a top power. Moreover, it wasnt shameful at all for the younger generation to lose to Meng Zhentian. Even a commendable loss was still worthy of pride. Not everyone was qualified to become his enemies.

“Schoolmaster Zhuo, theres no need to be so aggressive.” At this time, someone else interjected: “If you two wish to spar, the Extreme Yang Monarch and I can entertain you.”

The speaker was Daoist Lin from the Immaculate Expanse!

The monarch smiled and added: “Brother Lin is right, well take you two on for a bit.”

Without a doubt, these top young experts from the charming spirit race were on Zhentians side. Their sects were in full support of him as well and felt that he was the most promising candidate.

“If you two want to play, Ill play along.” A steady voice answered the two of them instead.

Two people drifted through the sky. One of the youths had a regal aura while the other looked ordinary. When they walked together, all attention would be on the regal youth!

They were Daoist Puresun and the Profound Monarch! It was easy to tell which was which just by their conflicting auras.

The Extreme Yang Monarch and Daoist Lin were alarmed to see Puresun. They considered themselves to be very strong among the younger generation, but after the previous exchange with Puresun, they realized the great gap between them.

“Gu Chuns four branches…” People began to murmur to themselves, especially the charming spirits. They simply didnt understand why their lineages would choose to go with Li Qiye instead of Zhentian.

The Extreme Yang Monarch and Daoist Lin couldnt respond right away. Eventually, Lin spoke with a hint of anger: “Puresun Island Lord, we are not afraid of you since we arent afraid of anyone. It is just that we dont wish to go all out against you just yet. Otherwise, we still have the means—”

“Just be frank about being inferior to someone else, theres nothing to be ashamed of.” Profound sneered after seeing Lin trying to gain some face: “Losing to my senior brother is an honor, so why bother prop yourselves up?”

Puresun was too honest and nice, but Profound wasnt like that at all. He was an aggressive bully that would never miss the chance to mercilessly suppress his enemies.

“You!” The expressions of the other two turned ugly after hearing this, but they didnt know what to do!

“The four branches have many outstanding geniuses.” Finally, Zhentian replied from his carriage: “Fellow Daoists, I have already heard of your thunderous fame long ago.”

People glanced at Puresun and Profound. It was absolutely a great honor to be praised this highly by Zhentian. Their worth would rise by quite a bit after this. Some would feel as if they were walking on air if Zhentian were to praise them like this.

The brothers had different reactions. Puresun simply smiled with a carefree demeanor as if Zhentian was just another person praising him, but Profound became much more cautious of Zhentian.

In the future war for the Heavens Will, Profounds attitude was very clear. He would support whoever his brother chose. It was apparent at this moment that Puresun had chosen Li Qiye, so despite his general annoyance towards Li Qiye, Profound still stood by his brothers side.

In that case, it meant that Meng Zhentian would become their enemy in the future.

Puresun gave a leisurely smile and said: “Daoist Meng, you are matchless, so is there a need to make it difficult for juniors like us? How about letting this go? When Brother Li returns, I will let him know so that the two of you can talk.”

He knew what was in the boneship right now, so he felt the same way as Ruyan and Jianshi. If he had to pick between Zhentian and Fairy as an opponent, he would definitely pick Zhentian. If Fairy were to take action, the outcome would be unpredictable. It could even bring about destruction to Heaven Spirit!

His reply and address towards Meng Zhentian made many people gasp! Daoist Meng — who would dare to address Zhentian in this manner? Not to mention the younger generation, even the previous wouldnt dare to speak to Zhentian like this! Keep in mind that this was someone who even Immortal Emperor Ta Kong called “older brother.”

However, Puresun spoke in such a natural and idle manner even when facing Meng Zhentian. This was another reason why Profound respected his brother so much. Regardless of the situation, his brother was always confident like this, someone with an invincible bearing and mentality!

People had to take a second look at Puresun. There was a lack of public condemnation, but they felt that this man was being too careless. It was strange to consider himself to be on the same level as Zhentian.

Meng Zhentian refused to take no for an answer: “Since Im already here, I should just wait for Daoist Li to come back. His heaven-defying means have completely impressed me. I shall wait on the ship.”

He was all too curious about what was on the boat. Even a powerful existence like him felt that whatever was on it, it was absolutely unfathomable and without equal in this world!

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