Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 204 : Im Arrogant Im Domineering 2

ye commented.

The old man nodded: “Yes, shes still not stable for the time being. Just need some more time.”

“Then I wont go see her so soon.” Li Qiye nodded: “Its not easy for her either but she had been working all this time. You are different, when you reach the end of your path, itll turn you into loathful being.”

“Its not good at all. Even the heavens do not want to take me out of disgust. Ill have to keep living like this.” The old man smiled but his expression was gloomy.

“People in this world are bounded by love.” Li Qiye gently shook his head: “Qian Li has her own path and you your own. To tell the truth, I cant judge you. Youve made your own choice after all.”

The old man sighed in response: “I can understand why the emperor didnt like me. She can persevere on this path unlike me. Someone as amazing as her can go much further.

“Your talents are countless times better than her. Its not a problem of perseverance either, just your heart.” Li Qiye pointed at his heart and said :”In the beginning, you didnt jump out of Immortal Emperor Mu Zhuos grand dao and only fallen deeper within.”

He paused for a moment: “Im not saying that his grand dao ruined you. With your talents, you could have jumped out of it but you chose otherwise. Because of this, Qian Li became emperor and you are here. I dont know what to say, youre just wasting your time and waiting for death right now.”

“Your Excellency, you tried to guide me back then.” the old man smiled and said: “But Im too stupid to shine. I have let you down.”

“Like I said, everyone will have their own path and will.” Li Qiye disagreed: “As for shining, your achievements right now are great enough. Few could even reach your level right now but the world could have been your playground. Ultimately, you chose this small pub instead.”

“I dont know what you are choosing.” Li Qiye said lightly.

“Choosing to wait for death then.” The old man calmly said without sadness.

“I cant comment then. Keep walking with your choice.” Li Qiye had to smile back.

“You have always been like this, Your Excellency. It is a shame that I couldnt help the Black Dragon King in that shattering battle.” The old man said with a tinge of emotion.

“I”m sure Lil Blackie didnt care. The two of you embarked on two completely different paths so I cant see you two together. Hes more domineering and aggressive. If he saw your lifeless and gloomy appearance now, he might have kicked you flying to the horizon.”

“Youre right, thats why he never cared for me even when he visited the Yu Clan so he never went here. Sigh, I dont want to see him either or Ill just slow him down.”

“Forget it, itll just end with a fight given your personality and his.” Li Qiye laughed: “Of course, when the two of you were younger, you boys were two hot-headed kids, always helping each other.”

“You, Blackie, and Qian Li… Honestly, it was quite gratifying to see three amazing talents. Though you didnt come from my tutelage, I was happy to hear people refer to your group as thethree heroes”. Li Qiye sighed at this point.

“Yes, those were some memorable years.” The old man recalled: “I was a step ahead and couldnt join your camp but I have never forgotten about your teaching. In my heart, you are still my master. Alas, I have let down your high expectations, failing to become an emperor like Qian Li and a tyrant for three generations like Blackie, just a nobody in the end.”

He still smiled without any regrets.

1. Due to the veiled nature of the Chinese language, certain words and phrases can be interpreted differently. The word for emotions here can be love, but in order to play it safe, I chose emotion. In fact, I lean towards love more since Ive seen this line used for love in different novels but playing safe is always my style for ED. Also, Qian Li is revealed to be a girl here with the “her” pronoun. Some other translators might have a different interpretation of this particular line than me. Edit #2, after reading the next line, love is the right choice, not emotions.

2. Ah, now love makes more sense for the line above than emotions. Ill leave these translation notes here for fun Previous ChapterNext Chapte

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