Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 204 : Im Arrogant Im Domineering 2

The youth was Yu Zhan who got beaten badly at the archipelago by Li Qiye. He was much bolder this time and dared to stand before Li Qiye unlike being scared out of his mind at the end of their previous meeting.

Li Qiye put down the cup and coldly glared at the youth, prompting him to take several steps back before the middle-aged man.

It wasnt because he was a coward. The pain from the torture last time left him hopeless. Without some amazing medicines from his clan, he would have needed to stay in bed for another year.

Outside of the dozen of experts from the clan, the middle-aged man was his Fourth Uncle. He was muscular with eyes like lightning.

He was fourth in line but his cultivation as a powerful paragon was only weaker than the Yu Clan Master.

The Yu Clan couldnt swallow this anger from the beating so after their disciples spotted him at Discover, Yu Zhan immediately asked his uncle to get revenge.

“Youre the one who beat down people from our clan?” Fourth Uncle stared at Li Qiye and asked slowly.

Li Qiye finally looked at him and said lazily: “So what?”

“Bam!” The man slammed on the table and caused the cups to jump while shouting: “Good, its good that youre admitting this. How do you want to settle it then?”

“Why bother settling?” Li Qiye smiled and said.

To which the uncle responded: “Stop running your mouth. Our Yu Clan does not pick on the weak. I will give you two choices right now. Kneel and admit your wrongdoings or Ill return the favor by breaking your legs!”

“And if I do not pick either choice?” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Bam!” He slammed on the table again: “Then youre courting death!”

“Sir, please sit if you want to eat but go outside for a fight.” The old man quickly gathered the cups and plates on the table and told Fourth Uncle.

Fourth Uncle looked at him and casually threw out a gold ingot: “Old man, take it. Our clan will pay for breaking your items.”

The old man stared back without saying anything. Fourth Uncle thought that this wasnt enough and threw out another two: “This is enough for your retirement. No need to keep the shop open later on.”

The old man took the gold and returned to the counter as if he was running from the trouble.

Afterward, Fourth Uncle yelled at Li Qiye again: “Junior, time to do this.”

“Fine.” Li Qiye smirked and finished his cup.

Fourth Uncle said coldly: “Its not too late to admit your mistakes before I personally break your legs.”

“How amusing. Okay, I want to see how much you have learned from your clan.” Li Qiye couldnt help but laugh

He sat there unmovingly. This made Fourth Uncle livid from being looked down by a junior like this.

No one dared to treat their Yu Clan in this manner throughout the Grand Sea, let alone on their own territory. There was no way he could swallow this anger.

“Junior, Ill teach you a lesson in place of your seniors then!” Fourth Uncle shouted and reached for Li Qiye.

“Crack!” Bones broke as the uncle was still speaking.

“Ah!” Blood squirted everywhere. His entire arm was torn off completely.

“You…” The stunned uncle hastily retreated but it was too late.

Li Qiyes kick was as fast as lightning and struck his chest. The man went flying out of the pub while vomiting blood.

Yu Zhan and the other disciples turned pale from fear. A paragon like their uncle was taken down so easily.

“Ill spare your lives today out of consideration towards Matriarch Yu. Scram.” Li Qiye threw the bloodied arm at Yu Zhan and uttered coldly.

The boy was scared out of his mind. He didnt expect his uncle to lose to a single move. After regaining his wits, he ran out of the pub.

The disciples all rushed out and helped their unconscious uncle before fleeing like the wind.

The monarch shook her head after seeing this. That group was just courting death. Fiercest would slay god if one stood in his way.

“Alright, show your real self.” Li Qiye sat down and blew the bean skin off the table. They scattered everywhere on the ground and actually formed a diagram.

It immediately came back to life and turned into a crow. It flew towards the counter and stared at the old man.

He stood up in astonishment instantly. The monarch was surprised. What was so shocking about a crow?

However, she became astounded in the next second. The moment the old man opened his eyes, a terrible time-crossing ray came out.

She felt as if a supreme True God was suppressing the entire location. She couldnt take a single breath and felt her chair being as cold as ice. There was no way she could stand up before this terrible glare.

A storm surged in her mind. She didnt expect this old man to be such a terrible existence.

“Okay, Zhengfeng, Ive drunk your crappy wine. Its time to bring out the good one.” Li Qiye stretched and said flatly.

The gaze disappeared as the old mans eyes became muddled again. He took a deep breath and walked forward with haste to bow: “I didnt expect you to come with your true body, Your Excellency. Please excuse me.”

“Not your fault since you have been stuck here forever now.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: “Nothing can really interest you in this world, rise.”

The old man finally stood up straight after being granted permission.

“After so many years, you havent changed at all. However, Im a bit surprised that you dont care for your descendants. Are you not afraid of me killing all of them?” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Do it if you want to, Your Excellency. Only a bunch of ignorant fools.” The old man calmly answered without a care.

The monarch was startled once more. This old man was actually from the Yu Clan!

“Looks like you have traveled quite far on this path, breaking through the limit already. Im afraid even Immortal Emperor Mu Zhuo didnt reach this level after creating this art.” Li Qiye commented with emotion.

“Youre too kind, Your Excellency. Im only an old man, bored and waiting for death.” The old man smiled leisurely.

“It is a type of happiness to be able to await death. At the very least, time is still affecting you. Nothing is better than this.” Li Qiye said with a smile.

The old man forcefully smiled, not knowing how to respond.

“Alright, bring out your good wine already.” Li Qiye said.

The old man entered the cellar and brought out a different jar with more beans for Li Qiye. He personally poured it into the cup as well.

A fragrance filled the pub completely. It was easy to tell that this was the best of the best with just the smell.

Of course, the monarch could only stand to the side. She had no luck to enjoy the wine from a character of this level.

Li Qiye drank it all in one gulp and slowly chewed his beans. He eventually said: “Youre still as skilled as before.”

The old man quietly filled another cup for him.

“Bright Monarch, meet the greatest genius of Immortal Emperor Qian Lis generation. He is Matriarch Yus older brother.” Li Qiye finished another cup before telling the monarch.

She didnt dare to show the slightest snub and lowered her head: “This junior is a disciple from Heaven Suppression, currently the Pearl City Lord. Greetings, senior.”

The old man glanced at the monarch before looking back at Li Qiye. He smiled wryly and said: “Your Excellency, Im only a ghost now…”

“I know.” Li Qiye waved his sleeve and said flatly: “You dont care for mundane matters for a very long time now. However, Gu Zun will die in the future so someone needs to look after Heaven Suppression. I think that in the Grand Sea, you will be living the longest so Ill leave this to you.”

“Very well, my clan owes you this, Your Excellency.” The old man agreed right away.

“Your clan has paid off its debt already.” Li Qiye smiled.

The old man nodded then told the monarch: “Just come and find me later.”

“Zhengfeng is someone who has lived for three generations. Do not bother him with trivial matters. If Heaven Suppression faces an existential crisis later, then you can ask him for help.” Li Qiye advised.

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