Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 4522: Offers

o punches that went straight for his chest.

“Clang! Clank! Clank!” More sparks ignited like gorgeous fireworks in the night sky.

The Diamond God launched an insane barrage of attacks as if it didnt care for defense. It purposely let Resplendent thrust his spear at its body so that it could slam its fists into his chest. This suicidal tactic left Resplendent at a great disadvantage, so he had to retreat continuously.

This wasnt because Resplendent was weaker. In fact, he was much stronger in terms of raw power. The issue was that this Diamond God was completely impervious. Even if Resplendents spear was stronger, it still wouldnt be able to hurt it.

He became both angry and alarmed. This spear was his true fate weapon. As a Godkings spear, its power was unimaginable. Another Heavenly Godking wouldnt dare to block it with their body. Alas, this Diamond ignored his devastating attacks that could only leave little marks on its body.

“What the hell is this thing?!” Many people were astounded to see this creation.

An old paragon speculated: “Could it be a double?”

After cultivators reach a certain level, they would be able to cultivate an avatar. However, the power of this body double could only reach around twenty percent of the real body. Moreover, its creation required a great amount of energy and effort.

At the same time, this avatar required the blood energy of the original cultivator in order to function. Thus, the battle efficiency of these avatars was not worth the loss in blood energy, so no one truly wanted to cultivate them.

“Dont tell me this particular avatar has cultivated the Indestructible Diamond Physique? Plus, it only has twenty percent of the strength of its master. Doesnt that mean Li Qiyes power is on the same level as Meng Zhentian?” Someone murmured with uncertainty after seeing this.

Everyone felt that this explanation wasnt very reliable because if this avatar cultivated the diamond physique, it must mean that Li Qiye cultivated it as well.

“This looks to be the limit of your cultivations. Lets end this here then.” At this time, Puresun, who was fighting against both the Extreme Yang Monarch and Daoist Lin, grew distracted and smiled.

Although both of them had been fighting against Puresun, Puresun fought bare-handed from start to finish. All of their attacks were easily repelled.

The disparity in strength between the two sides was too great. Their combined effort was far from being Puresuns match.

“Clank!” Puresuns Ancient Purity Blade issued a hymn. Puresun held it in his hand without removing the sheath and casually swept it horizontally like a dragon crossing the sky.

“Bang! Bang!” The scabbard swept through both the monarch and Daoist Lin. The two were blown away and fell to the ground while spraying out a mouthful of blood.

The daoist politely smiled and said: “Good duel, thanks for going easy on me.”

The Extreme Yang Monarch and Daoist Lin stood up, pale and distraught. Their combined effort failed to withstand a single move from the daoist. At this moment, they finally understood that the daoist was already a Godking. The difference in power was too large. They no longer had the face to continue to stay here, so they turned and quickly disappeared into the horizon.

Everyone was shocked to see this, even Cao Guojian who was a character of the Godking level. No one thought that the daoist was powerful to this level. Two geniuses were nothing before him! This revealed that he was already a Godking. A Godking this young was a frightening matter. Everyone would feel a bit scared after thinking about it.

“Two ants actually dared to contend against my brother.” Profound murmured with disdain after seeing the two run away.

He had expected this outcome, but his brother was too benevolent. If it was him, he would have made mincemeat out of those two already!

People finally took a deep breath to calm down. They understood why the arrogant and powerful Profound Monarch acted so respectfully towards this unknown daoist. It wasnt only because of seniority, it was because Puresuns strength was deserving of respect!

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