Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 185 : Old Ghost 1

Soaring Immortal had five emperors so there was no need to elaborate on its power. Meanwhile, Heaven Suppression City had a monster that reigned for three generations. It was full of experts like lairs of dragons and tigers. The nine worlds trembled during the Black Dragon Kings era.

If the two sects joined forces, all the nine worlds would tremble, not just the Mortal Emperor World. Who could actually stop such an invincible alliance?

“Gu Zun?” Li Qiye chuckled. Others might not know what this guy was up to but Li Qiye did. After so many years, Gu Zun was finally tempted into revealing his fangs.

Wolong Xuan quietly leaned on his shoulder without dwelling on this matter. There was no doubt that Li Qiye was prepared for this so no need to waste words.

“Brother Li, why did you come to the Grand Sea?” She eventually opened her pretty eyes and asked him.

“I cant just visit? Im not necessarily someone who only comes for a reason.” He said in response.

“But thats exactly who you are. Youre not idle enough to go around needlessly. Furthermore, this place is only a desolate island and you picked it out of all places. I dont believe youre here for no reason.”

“My beautiful Xuan, you are quite discerning.” He touched her nose and said: “You are right, Im here with a goal in mind.”

“Whats special about these islands?” She sat upright and looked around.

In fact, she didnt see what was particular about them despite being attentive the moment she got here due to her suspicion.

“Its not this island. The entire Crouching Dragon Mountain Range is special.” Li Qiye stood up and smiled.

“Our mountain range?” She was surprised to hear this.

This mountain range was the largest on their continent and spanned for a million miles! It was the main vein of their continent.

“Yes.” Li Qiye nodded. His fate palaces opened with clanking noises as laws emerged.

“Clank!” Nailing noises resounded. A golden law resembling a divine chain pinned deep into the soil.

“Whoosh!” A complete chapter with many floating runes appeared in the soil and instantly rose to Li Qiyes height.

He pushed it down with his right hand. With the movement of his hand, the runes re-arranged themselves before disappearing again. Next, a large plate appeared in his palm, seemingly cast from some ancient bronze metal.

“Boom!” The plate fell to the ground and disappeared into the earth.

Right at this second, the entire earth quaked with tsunamis ravaging the ocean as if a gigantic creature was turning underground.

“Buzz!” A portal around the size of a window appeared on the ground.

When it opened, an extremely majestic aura of the world oozed out. It was completely endless and thick, almost taking a liquid form.

The opening of this portal made the essences in the deepest region of the world ooze out.

“This is the worldly essence of the Crouching Dragon Vein!” Xuan cultivated at the cliff since youth. Her sect had control of this particular earth vein so she was very familiar with this essence energy.

She became dazed and said: “You… you have opened a hole in the vein!” Keep in mind that their ancestral ground was built at the end of this particular vein. Logically, only their sect could truly control this energy but this didnt seem to be the case right now.

“Correct.” He chuckled and reached into the portal. It gave the illusion that he was reaching into the deepest location in the earth. The greatest mysteries couldnt hide from him; all were within his grasp.

“Rumble!” The continent quaked again to the dismay of the experts. Even the cliff didnt know what was going on.

Wolong Xuan felt something was being ruthlessly dragged out by Li Qiye.

“Boom!” Finally, he took out an item from the portal. It was shrouded in primordial energy that wouldnt disperse. This item seemed to have been gestating with this energy.

The portal disappeared right after and the worldly energy disappeared as well. Everything returned to normality outside of the extra item in his possession.

“You took something from our Crouching Dragon Mountain Range!” She blurted out in shock.

“To be more precise, I took back something I hid there.” He carefully looked at the item and smiled.

“You hid it there and used the earth vein to gestate it!” She knew what was going on instantly.

Her shock was understandable. Their cliff was the master of this continent and had a great understanding of the mountain range. But now, they were completely ignorant of someone hiding a treasure in their territory.

“Dont be surprised, there are many things you dont know in this world.” He said flatly: “This earth vein is very special and plus, it didnt belong to your cliff in the past. Furthermore, using an earth vein to incubate a treasure isnt rare at all.”

She eventually calmed down and took a deep breath. This man was too terrible to hide a treasure there for many generations without being detected by her sect.

“What is it?” She took her time looking at the item and curiously asked.

The primordial chaos surrounding it was still dispersing slowly. She could finally see its shape after all of this energy were gone.

It was a bronze tube around three feet long and as thick as a large bowl. A faint glimmer flashed on the surface but it wasnt made from a single piece of bronze. It was created from a series of precise and exquisite gears. Upon closer inspection, these gears formed six bigger gears embedded together to shape this perfect tube.

There was a deep groove on one end of the tube. Who knows what it was used for?

“What kind of treasure is this?” She asked again after finding the thing puzzling. It was more accurate to call it a complex work of art than a treasure.

“Netherlord Hexagear Launcher.” He patted the item with great satisfaction. He has spent a lot of effort and resources in order to cast this weapon. Finally, after millions of years gestating in the earth vein, it has finally come out.

“Netherlord Hexagear Launcher?” She has never heard of this name before.

“No need to think, the world has never seen this weapon before.” He chuckled.

“What can this thing do?” She inquired.

“Slay gods and devils.” He answered flatly: “One shot alone can turn your continent into ashes!”

1. Im pretty sure this is describing a cannon. Tong 筒 means tube but a Huo Jian Tong 火箭筒 means rocket launcher or bazooka. I was thinking of naming it cannon but launcher is the safer word. To be precise with the raw, it would be a Netherlord Hexagear Tube, but tube doesnt sound as epicPrevious ChapterNext Chapte

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