Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 10: Brutal 2

Li Qiye seemed to be taking a leisurely stroll after getting up; it was as if he didnt care about his own life. At this point, he released his true fate again in the same suicidal manner.

With the Death Scripture resurrecting him, he died a total of four times. At his particular level of plentiful death energy, even suiciding was quite difficult. For example, even if he scattered his cultivation to become defenseless and tried hanging himself, it still wouldnt be enough.

Without absolute power, no force would be able to kill him because the Death Seal wouldnt allow for that to happen so easily. However, this beautiful place was different. It contained a truly mighty force that could easily end a Godking, let alone other people.

Li Qiye smiled and looked around this mystical and perilous place. The aura here was very rich with life. Those who immersed themselves here would get the feeling of nirvana and rebirth, a fluttering sensation of living again. Even those on the verge of death would become as fierce as a tiger. Cultivators at the end of their lifespan could feel several thousand years younger upon coming to this place.

In fact, the speculation that the Bonesea had an object of immortality wasnt completely false. Of course, the item here didnt grant immortality, but it was even more tempting in comparison.

“Thump!” He walked for a while before the sonorous heartbeat came again like thunder. The defenseless Li Qiye fell to the ground and died a true death once more.

Alas, the fifth petal lit up on queue. Li Qiye came back to life and continued to smile as if nothing happened. Only Li Qiye could treat death, something very horrible in the eyes of others, this frivolously.

At this moment, he walked with zero apprehension while sealing his dao foundation alongside everything else. Death caused no damage to him as long as his foundation was untouched. In a place like this, dying was actually a great harvest instead of a loss.

“Thump!” The sound of a heartbeat came again, causing Li Qiye to fall down and suffer the same fate. The sixth petal from the Death Seal lit up just as planned. However, it was completely different this time.

The sixth petal emitted a beautiful and bright light like a flower in full bloom. This repeating process gave an illusion that a great world was emitting its brilliance inside the petal, a world that contained an unbelievable power.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” The Death Seal shot out a long and narrow law like a waterfall. It was quite ancient, even more so than this particular area. It seemed that it had already been there before the formation of the world. There was no way of learning about its archaic origin.

“Clank!” A metallic clicking came about. The law seemed to be locking onto something.

“Boom!” With a loud bang, the law tightened up as if wanting to pull onto something, but this particular object was sealed so it was a difficult battle.

Li Qiye cheerfully smirked while watching this scene: “What should be mine shall be mine or everyone will suffer!”

This was the magical property of the Death Scripture! One fate accumulated from three deaths, one item formed from six deaths, one life changed from nine deaths, and eighteen deaths to reach the high heavens.

Li Qiye had died six times, so it was time for him to obtain an item. This was his goal in dying here.

He wouldnt want to do so in a different location because, in his eyes, it would turn into some worthless item. This place was different, an item that materializes in this place would be extremely heaven-defying.

“Clank!” The light from the ancient law became resplendent like the sun itself. It emitted a powerful and unquestionable will. It looked as if it could resist the high heavens itself since it was born during the primordial era.

“Rumble!” The item being dragged by the law emerged. This power didnt wish to let go of its item and increased its suppression. Alas, under the pulling of the law, the suppression was useless and the item continued to be pulled towards Li Qiye.

“Rumble!” Roaring explosions echoed across the Bonesea. The entire region shook with tidal waves soaring to the sky. To the dismay of the cultivators present, the entire place looked like the end of days.

“Boom!” Back in Li Qiyes world, the most invincible power in the nine heavens emerged in order to take the item back. Alas, with its metallic hymns, the law held the advantage with its slow pull.

“Its useless. No matter how you try, you cant resist the power of the primordial chaos. This is the origin of everything, the beginning of countless eons. Who can stop such a force?” Li Qiye laughed in response.

“The grand beginning gave birth to the Nine Words, the Nine Words created the Nine Treasures, and from the Nine Treasures came the Nine Scriptures. Its futile to try and stop it. Of course, it isnt completely impossible. Killing me is the best method, but go ahead, I actually want to die several times more so that I can exchange my life! That would be a real profit.” He sneered.

“Boom!” Deep in this region in the most remote place in the sky, an invincible will erupted. It seemed capable of destroying all things. Even Godkings would prostrate in horror before its coming.

They would feel incredibly small and insignificant. Only Immortal Emperors would be able to withstand this will. However, Li Qiye was still all-smiles before it. He opened his arms and said: ”Come, kill me! If you cant kill me completely, I will exchange my life right here! I highly doubt that there is another existence in this world besides the villainous heavens that is capable of killing me!”

At this moment, the Bonesea was screaming with monstrous tsunamis. The cultivators trembled in fear as their souls fluttered from their bodies. Everyone felt that they wouldnt be able to escape this doomsday.

Li Qiye welcomed this with open arms. He was laughing through it all with complete abandonment towards his life in order to reach his ninth death!

In the end, the will from the depths of the Bonesea didnt attack. This power that could only be withstood by Immortal Emperors slowly dissipated.

“Click.” The item finally appeared after being dragged out by the law.

Its aura engulfed the sky. The world turned paled and all things lost their brilliance. This was a weapon capable of suppressing the nine heavens. Even the deities and devils would shudder before it.

It fell into Li Qiyes hand. He gripped it tightly and an explosion ensued. The weapon spewed out an endless light as an ancient rune soared to the sky. This rune had a supreme will capable of crushing everything in its path.

With such a weapon in ones possession, they would become unbeatable regardless of the location. In the nine heavens and ten earths, this weapon alone was untouchable!

“Trident!” Li Qiye smiled while wielding this weapon and sensing its familiar aura. In his mind, this was something worth celebrating.

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