Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 164 : Middle Continents Treasures 2

A person appeared in this space and kneeled down after hearing Li Qiye: “Your Excellency, it is really you!”

It was a gray old man with muddled eyes just like a mortal. He wore a hemp robe and had an ordinary appearance. No one would take a second look at him in a crowd of people as if he was an old farmer.

Li Qiye smiled and personally helped him up: “Rise, no need for formality.”

After being helped by Li Qiye, the old man carefully stared at Li Qiye with his arms shaking. Tears flowed down from his muddled eyes.

“Your Excellency, I didnt think I could see you one last time.” He emotionally grabbed Li Qiyes hands.

“I also didnt think I could see you again. After the night corps disbanded and the elders went their separate ways, I never heard anything from you guys again.” Li Qiye also became sentimental.

The old man was Shadowless. Not only did he have an ordinary appearance, no one knew his name either. In fact, Li Qiye was the only one who would refer to him as Shadowless in this world.

But who would have thought that this ordinary old man was a terrifying existence during the Ancient Ming Era. Even that ferocious race shuddered when talking about Shadowless.

He was the leader of the Godslaying Night Corps, an assassin under the banner of the Dark Crow, a devil in the guise of the night. He directly reported to Li Qiye while being the supreme leader of his corps.

He carried out Li Qiyes will including training and maintaining the orders and rules of the corps.

Of course, assassination was included. As long as Li Qiye wanted to kill a big shot from the Ancient Ming, Shadowless would bring the guys head to Li Qiye!

After the end of that era, his mission was complete and the corps disbanded. From then on, all the assassins disappeared along with Shadowless into the sea of people.

“We have done our job, the nine worlds no longer need the Godslaying Night Corps.” Shadowless quietly said: “Seeing you again, Your Excellency, after so many years of being buried is making me emotional, just like seeing my family again.”

He was an orphan taken in by the Dark Crow and was taught the Godslaying Dao. This resulted in his supreme achievements, allowing him to work as a harbinger of light for the nine worlds.

“Its been so long but none of you have shown up again.” Li Qiye lamented.

The night corps was his capable assistants during the darkest time of the world. Though its inhabitants didnt know of their merits, each assassin in the corps had an indelible contribution in bringing about the Emperors Era.

Unfortunately, Li Qiye never met them again after the disbandment. It was because their missions have been finished. After experiencing the murky and perilous hell, they deserved peace and rest. This was why Li Qiye didnt try to find them.

“Our brothers have disappeared in the river of time, only my old bones are left now.” Shadowless found himself unbecoming of an assassin due to his current rampaging emotions.

“I have mistreated all of you who should be basking in all the glory and fame.” Li Qiye gently sighed.

“Your Excellency, you have never chased after vanity and fame so why should we?” Shadowless replied: “You have blocked the tides and saved the nine worlds. The world didnt create memorials for you and never praised your grand deeds. But all of that is nothing compared to the price you have paid!”

“I know, but part of the glory should have been yours.” Li Qiye said.

“To be able to contribute under your banner and being part of the night corps is our glory!” Shadowless said solemnly: “Our sacred mission of restoring the nine worlds is our ultimate glory. Without your will, the nine worlds would still be lost in darkness. Even if we were still living as ordinary people, how could we enjoyed a peaceful time?”

“Lets not talk about the past.” In the end, Li Qiye sighed again and gently fixed Shadowless gray hair.

Back when he saw Shadowless for the first time, the guy was only a child with a childish yet unyielding nature. But now, he was a decrepit old man on the verge of death.

Shadowless nodded while holding onto Li Qiyes hand.

“I saw Yujian this time in Heaven Spirit so I knew right away that the Godslaying Dao still exist. I was happy and satisfied after seeing her.” He said.

Shadowless explained: “The current generation doesnt need the night corps anymore. Its just that the juniors want to pass on the dao so they accepted the kid, not wanting for the dao to end with them.”

“Yujian is quite talented and her personality fits the Godslaying Dao. It is indeed a good choice for her to pass it down.” Li Qiye agreed.

“Your Excellency…” Shadowless opened his mouth but hesitated.

“You have followed me for a lifetime, theres nothing you cant say.” Li Qiye said: “If you are afraid of me, who else in this world still dare to talk to me?”

“I want Yujian to go with you.” Shadowless said seriously.

Li Qiye replied wryly: “You should and do know that I will be stepping on bones and bathing in blood. Theres no denying that the Godslaying Dao requires blood for mastery but following me isnt a good thing. The future will be merciless, my enemies are emperors and gods as well as the end of the world. An assassin following me wont have a good ending.”

He became very earnest after saying this.

“I know.” Shadowless nodded gravely.

Li Qiye continued on: “You should know that when I let the corps go back then, I hope that everyone could spend the rest of their days peacefully. No need to wake up to an overwhelming darkness, no need to lose sleep over murders, no need to rest with your blades, no need to loom in the darkness of the enemys camp.”

“After the end of the Ancient Ming Era, all of you are more qualified than anyone else to earn some peace. Thats why I didnt bother anyone, not wishing to tie you to my chariots again and the eventual restless wars. Both you and your descendants deserve solace.”

“I understand your feelings.” Shadowless said: “Because of that, our descendants cant follow and work for you. However, Yujian was able to meet you by chance. This is a type of fate just like when I met you back then.”

“I know.” Li Qiye had to smile in the end: “Since you have put it that way, I have to let her stay by my side then. It looks like the Godslaying Dao will have to find another successor.”

Shadowless smiled back: “No one will be more suitable than her. In the future above the nine heavens, shell make the dao shine. Its name will resound across the thirteen continents!”

“Your ambition is quite grand.” Li Qiye chuckled: “Ill promise you, Ill take her above the nine heavens. As long as she puts in the effort, the Godslaying Dao will be famous throughout the thirteen continents!”

An old man like Shadowless was laughing like a child at this moment due to overwhelming excitement. He was no longer an assassin, only an ordinary child.

The two of them laughed for a while until they got tired.

“Go, its time for me to leave too. No need to see me off, youre too old now, take better care of yourself.” Li Qiye told Shadowless.

“Your Excellency.” Shadowless had trouble expressing himself again.

“Speak.” Li Qiye replied.

“I was only an orphan back then, straying across the wildlands like a dog, victim to the harsh weathers and fear. I didnt know when I would be able to find a home. You gave me food and shelter, peace… and a home. Though the training at the corps was the toughest not to mention the life-and-death examinations, the corps was our home, our big family. We never gave up on each other and you never gave up on us. As we trod through the darkness, you have always managed to guide us back. You were quite harsh on us but everyone knew that as long as you were around, we still had hope and our big family would never collapse.”

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