Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 160: Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground 2

There was an extremely hidden area of the pavilion with many sealing laws and empowerments. This made it impregnable like a fortress. Moreover, all of these spells came from sea gods and not just three or five of them.

Few disciples knew about this place. For example, ordinary ancestors werent qualified to be aware of this place. Furthermore, because it was classified as a top secret location, only Hallowed was allowed to enter. Even the Seven Martial Goddess who knew the seven styles didnt have this privilege.

Only by becoming a sea god would she be granted entry and be privy to the true secrets in this place.

This practice wasnt because Hallowed was selfish but it was due to the grave importance of this matter relating to the life-and-death of the pavilion or even all of the sea demons. Once someone else caught wind of it, the consequence would be unimaginable so Hallowed was very cautious about it.

After taking Li Qiye here, he stood outside and told the guy: “Your Excellency, I can only bring you here and have no say in the actual negotiation itself.”

Even though he was the only person who knew about this secret in the present era, he wasnt qualified to interfere. Only sea gods and above could talk and discuss it!

“I know, Ill be fine alone.” Li Qiye chuckled and leisurely strolled into the area.

With the first step, a buzz came about with a flashing light. He disappeared in the next moment without a trace. This type of disappearance didnt look like a teleportation at all.

In the next second, he appeared in an exceedingly mysterious area. No one could spy or enter without permission. Its coordinates were cryptic as well, unbeknownst to outsiders.

One would find a river of twinkling stars in the sky. It looked quite beautiful as if jewels were embedded up above. There were also strange gravels everywhere to make up the river on top of astral vortexes.

A platform floated in this space with a roundtable. There were shades sitting there with their aura converged. However, their style and posture alone showed that when these shades were still in the world, they were supreme existences capable of sweeping through the land!

Li Qiye chuckled and said casually: “The shadow council, quite secretive indeed. Looks like many sea gods have joined now.”

The shades turned to look at him. Despite not being the true body of sea gods, their glare was still quite frightening. A Nine Worlds Godking would find their legs becoming soft being the center of so many eyes.

However, Li Qiye was still as nonchalant as ever. He dragged a chair over and sat down coolly.

“Your Excellency, I have been a fan of you long ago.” Eventually, one of the shades spoke. His voice was imposing despite the low volume. Nevertheless, it also soothed the soul and gave a safe feeling.

“Yes, its me.” Li Qiye looked at the shade and smiled: “It looks like there was a meeting here as well before wanting to meet me, Prime.”

The speaker was the Prime Sea God. Of course, his true body was no longer in this world. This was the case for all the sea gods.

Nevertheless, many sea gods still participated at this shadow council all along. It was considered the highest secret of the sea demon race. Because of its importance, its formation and goals were carefully guarded. Not all new sea gods were eligible to learn of this secret!

“We had to be cautious before knowing that it was you, Your Excellency Dark Crow. After being reported by Hallowed, we had a deliberation and True Martial confirmed it. Thats how we figured out your identity.” Prime slowly explained.

In fact, Hallowed couldnt decide a meeting with Prime and the council. However, he reported the stories to them so the council decided to meet with Li Qiye.

“Your Excellency, long time no see. Our real bodies arent in the world anymore so we cant greet you in full.” Another heavyweight at the table slightly bowed towards Li Qiye and spoke: “I didnt think you would be interested in our council. In the past, you have never intervened.”

Of course, this speaker was True Martial Sea God.

Li Qiye glanced at him and smiled while shaking his head: “No, Im not interested in your council at all. Im simply here to make a deal.”

“May I ask what kind of deal you want to make, Your Excellency?” Another shade asked. This shade resembled a bottomless ocean. He was the second sea god of the pavilion, Deep Blue!

“Before talking about the deal, let us speak about the purpose of the council. If our goals dont align, then we cant come to an agreement.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

The atmosphere became serious. The sea gods present held their breath and didnt say anything.

“Theres no need to hide.” Li Qiye continued carefreely: “Then Ill talk. The purpose of the shadow council is to deal with the Bonesea!”

All eyes slightly moved after hearing this. Despite not being their real bodies, just a shift of their glare alone contained a mighty power.

“We are seeking out all the possibilities so that the sea demon race can survive during the advent of the disaster.” Prime solemnly said.

“If you cant give me a clear answer, then we have nothing to talk about.” Li Qiye shook his head; “If you really wish for your race to survive, then you should be beseeching me, not the other way around.”

The sea gods around the table exchanged glances. They were very cautious.

“I can vouch for His Excellency.” In the end, True Martial broke the silence in a dignified manner.

Prime took a deep breath and began: “Your Excellency, you are the eternal overlord so Im sure we cant hide it from you either. Yes, I created the shadow council with such a thought in mind. However, the original intention was only to maintain some initiatives in the ordeal.”

“I understand, despite being sea gods and making a compromise once with the Bonesea, all of you dont necessarily trust it. Because of this, you made some preparation before dying.” Li Qiye said with a smile.

With that, he peered around at each sea god and continued: “Im not looking down on everyone here. If you were all alive and your real bodies were preserved until now, then yes, with everyone here, there is a chance that you might be able to oppose the Bonesea. But the current you wont do. With your current state, how much strength can you actually exert when the time comes?”

The sea gods here had no response. They naturally understood this full well.

He continued on: “Thats why there are still some methods left. I can also guess what they are, so well talk about that.”

“What is your wish, Your Excellency?” True Martial spoke again.

“I dont want anything.” Li Qiye shook his head: “On the contrary, I came here bearing good news and hope, a light of dawn for everyone!”

“You mean?” The group was startled after hearing this.

“Yes, I came with good news. But first, Ill reveal something. The disaster will come much earlier than your expectation, within one generation!”

“So early?!” Even True Martial was caught off guard.

The sea gods looked around at each other. They have experienced countless storms and danger but they still shuddered after hearing this. Everyone had a serious expression now.

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