Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 157 : Early Peoples Nine Languages 1

This was an unprecedented aftermath in Heaven Spirit. In the past, regardless of the victor after a great battle, it would become the topic of the streets and teahouses.

However, the abnormal part was the unwillingness to discuss this battle. The majority of the sects fell into silence with their members all in hiding. Moreover, these sects were under strict vigilance, not allowing anyone to cause trouble or leave the gate.

It can be said that this quiet period was the most peaceful time in Heaven Spirits history. In the past, even during the most prosperous and tranquil generation, there would always be conflicts and skirmishes between powers due to the sheer size of Heaven Spirit.

However, in just virtually one night, everyone started playing nice like obedient children. Of course, docility wasnt the reason. It was because they were frightened out of their mind from yesterday.

Some found themselves trembling with fear yesterday and nightmare disturbed their sleep. Trepidation and prudence became the norm.

Such deathly stillness made the reclusive old man residing about the clouds laughed: “There hasnt been a massacre like this in a while now. Only when that damned crow does something like this would those uppity juniors know how to act and realize what kind of primordial monster theyre facing!”

The old man wasnt surprised at all about this massacre. He has predicted that Li Qiye would do something big after coming back. This was the reason why he didnt allow for the kids from his Giant Dragon Kingdom to come out. Once they offended a character like the Dark Crow, even if Li Qiye were to give him some face, he would still peel their skin. A capital punishment could be forgiven but he wouldnt let them live too easily!


On True Martial Island, the wind gently fluttered by creating a scenic charm.

At this moment, Li Qiye and Tantai Ruonan were standing on a cliff to look at the open sea with their hands clasped together. The two didnt say anything and only enjoyed the beautiful incoming waves.

He eventually sighed softly and broke the silence.

“This might be your last time watching the tides with me, young master.” She said.

Li Qiye had a slightly sad expression without responding. In fact, he didnt know when they will be able to meet again. Perhaps this would be their final meeting. This wasnt his first separation since people came and went in his millions of years. Some were resting underground; some chose to never come out again; others were eternally separated by distance…

His stoic manner and emotionless heart were the results of these separations. It wasnt because of personality or cruelty; this stemmed from a helplessness of eternal life.

He would continue to live on while those next to him left one by one. Moreover, his path was still long with many goals. There was no resting, halting, or looking back!

He replied softly: “I am an irresponsible master. You have always accompanied as a friend but I cant stay behind for you.”

She immediately embraced him tightly by the waist. He returned the passionate gesture.

“No.” She said: “Young master, it isnt your fault. No one in this world is worth for you to break your eternal path, not me either. You will keep going until the final battle at the end of the world. This is your pursuit and dream. Thats my young master, only someone like that is worthy of my old effort and company in the past. Plus, your resilience and persistence gave me courage and determination. Even when you are gone, you will always live in my heart.”

They hugged each other even tighter. They knew that another meeting in the future might be a fools hope. It seemed as if they were one and could hear each others heartbeat. Outside of this sound, there was nothing else in the world.

“See you, young master.” She whispered in his ear after a long while.

“See you, Ruonan.” He responded melancholically with a quiet mumble. Even an emotionless being like him fell into a daze.

Finally, he let go and left quickly without looking back at her. As he made his departure, he didnt realize that her eyes have become moist.

She watched him leave until he disappeared into the horizon before closing her eyes and the tears finally flowed down from the corners.

“Young master, live on. I know you will win, you will…” She murmured to herself.

She couldnt possibly know the result of the final battle in the future. However, she was certain of his victory because her young master would always stand back up. Even if he were to fall into a bottomless abyss, he would climb back out again to sweep across the world.

This was her young master, her man; one who would never give up regardless of the outcome!

The island finally disappeared into the vast ocean. No one would see it again as it waited for the right time to make an entrance!

Li Qiye didnt return to the Mortal Emperor World right away after leaving the island. He brought Su Yonghuang to the Seven Martial Pavilion instead.

In the past, he has made a deal with them. He would replenish the Hallowed Ancestors life while they would take him to see the Prime Sea God.

They traveled through the domains to reach the pavilion.

This was the strongest lineage of the sea demon race, their beacon of light. It has produced three sea gods.

All along, it had many geniuses and experts. People in Heaven Spirit didnt only love talking about the sea gods but also their wondrous technique, the seven grand styles.

Of course, their knowledge was limited to the legends. In fact, few have actually see the styles themselves, including the disciples from the sect.

This wasnt strange at all. For millions of years, the ones who have actually learned all seven were very rare. Hallowed was one of them.

The pavilions territory was immense and prosperous. The architectures here were numerous and immersed in a faint mist.

People would think that they have arrived at a reclusive paradise after seeing the visual phenomena found in this place, not one of the strongest powers of the sea demon race.

The most distinguished member of the pavilion, the Hallowed Ancestor, personally greeted Li Qiye. His status wasnt only prestigious in the pavilion but throughout all of Heaven Spirit.

However, this gray-haired man immediately kneeled after seeing Li Qiye and said respectfully: “Your Excellency, please forgive me for not being able to greet you earlier.”

Li Qiye smiled after seeing this scene: “Hallowed, you live up to your name, different from ordinary men. If you refer to me by this title, then you know of my identity.”

“Your Excellency.” Even the supreme ancestor didnt dare to stand up at this moment. It wasnt because of his early destruction of those other lineages, more so because of his true identity.

Others werent aware but he has found out at this moment. Thus, how could he dare to show any slight at this moment?

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