Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 98: Accepting the Ancestor 2

The Divine Tree Ridge was still bustling with activity after the convention of myriad races. Many cultivators chose not to leave. The reason was very simple — Zhentians group was still here.

They even traveled deeper inside this region, but no one knows why. However, many speculated that they were searching for the legendary medicine of immortality.

Although no one had seen it yet and they held a skeptical attitude about its existence, the group of four experts continued forward. The Prince of Darkness was the most familiar with the Divine Tree Ridge and led the way. Because of this, everyone guessed that they were searching for this alchemy ingredient.

This was why the majority of cultivators were still staying at the ridge. No one truly gave up on this type of medicine.

A while later, even more came to the ridge for their search. There was no lack of experts following Zhentians group either.

If such a medicine did exist, the princes alliance had a better chance of getting it than anyone else. It wasnt only because they were powerful, more importantly, no one else in this world could understand the ridge more than the prince. Because of this, the cultivators trailing in the distance thought it wouldnt be bad to get some leftover soup from the group.

Their presence made even more cultivators believe in the rumors. Thus, they explored and excavated everywhere. The entire region became quite lively.

“Whoosh!” As everyone was turning the ridge upside down, immortal rays rushed to the sky on this particular night. They floated up in the air and grew even more numerous, taking up all the space and lighting up the night sky at the ridge.

They seemed to be attracted by something as they floated in the air. The cultivators at the ridge were stunned since they didnt know where these lights were coming from. Eventually, the lights came together and formed different circles. A total of nine light wheels appeared in the sky and continued to rotate with changing colors. It was a magical scene.

It gave the illusion that time was flowing like the reincarnation cycle. Everything was affected by its movement, including karma, the Yin and Yang, the five elements, and the six realms.

This reincarnation flow was wondrous. Many felt dizzy while looking at it. Those with weak wills couldnt stand this continuous rotation and immediately fainted on the ground.

Eventually, the light from all nine wheels gathered together. With a loud blast, it became a great ray that shot down into a certain location deeper in the ridge.

“There must be a treasure there.” The cultivators eventually calmed down and felt jubilant. Many of them rushed towards the location where the light disappeared.

In just one night, it became a competition to see who could get there first. No one wanted to lag behind since they believed that a treasure had just come out.

Sure enough, on the second day, a heaven-shattering news came about: “The legendary medicine for immortality has been found right at Reincarnation Valley!”

Of course, this valley was previously nameless; the cultivators who rushed there named it Reincarnation.

Next, another news came with lightning speed. Zhentian, the prince, the overlord, and the Terra King have all entered Reincarnation Valley.

Many cultivators turned crazy after hearing this and frantically rushed in regardless of how dangerous this place was. This was especially true for the older generation. God-Monarchs and Godkings came in droves.

There was nothing more tempting than eternal life for these powerful beings with withering lifespans. They were on the verge of death and had nothing left to lose. Even before death, they would try to seize it with more effort than anyone else.

The appearance of this medicine of immortality inside the Divine Tree Ridge also spread across Heaven Spirit in the shortest time possible.

The same question emerged again, even more resoundingly than before: “Is there really a medicine of immortality in this world?” Even the sealed old monsters had to climb out of their hibernation.

In a short period of time, Heaven Spirit was in a furor. The world shook because countless great characters were rushing towards the Divine Tree Ridge at Godhalt.

On this day, numerous portals were opened and their lights lit up the sky. As for the ridge, many powerful auras swept through the region as these experts arrived. There were rumors about Emperor Assailants coming out as well to vie for this item.

Li Qiye was alarmed as well by the immortal light shooting towards the night sky. While staying at the True Martial Island, he looked at the nine disappearing lights and smiled: “After so many years of waiting, the time is finally ripe. What a shame that so many emperors couldnt wait until this day.”

Su Yonghuang was alerted as well. She immediately went to find him and said: “This aura, it is just like that great momentum I felt in that place.”

She was referring to the place where her ancestor died. She had entered that area, but only the outskirts by the corpse.

“Thats the place, Zhentians group has found it. With the Prince of Darkness there, it isnt strange that theyre able to find it. After all, he is the local snake who is very familiar with the ridge.”

Yonghuang spoke in awe: “So they came for this legendary medicine.” In fact, not long after she got here, she had heard people talking about this medicine growing at the ridge before.

Li Qiye smiled and said: “Theres nothing surprising about this. Meng Zhentian didnt only come for the convention. If that cowardly turtle, the Conch Overlord, came as well, they naturally had a plot going on.”

Li Qiye paused before flatly adding: “But there is definitely no medicine of immortality in the world, at least, not at the Divine Tree Ridge.”

“If its not for immortality, what is it for then?” Yonghuang was surprised after hearing this since everyone else said otherwise.

Li Qiye slowly uttered: “Reincarnation Nine-Leaves.”

“Reincarnation Nine-Leaves?” She had never heard of this item before and asked: “What kind of immortal vegetation is it?”

Li Qiye only smiled before turning to leave.

Under the moonlight, Ruonan also stared at the wheels rotating in the sky and said: “The Reincarnation Nine-Leaves have finally matured.”

“Yes, it has indeed after so many years.” Li Qiye loudly laughed.

She withdrew her gaze and looked at him to say: “I heard that Father went to the ridge to find it, and not just once either. After several fruitless trips, he finally found the place with the final leaves. Im sure he must have consulted you about this.”

“Unfortunately, he still returned empty-handed even after going there.” Li Qiye smiled without answering her: “The nine leaves have always been a myth. Not only sea gods, even emperors have searched for it. Some emperors were successful, but since it wasnt ripe, it would have been meaningless to take it.”

She had to ask: “Can it really make people reincarnate and live again?”

“I dont know.” Li Qiye shook his head: “According to the records, this is possible. However, I have never obtained mature leaves before or I wouldnt have been waiting for so long. From one of the tattered records, one leaf can indeed allow someone to reincarnate once. However, the chance is only around twenty percent — one in five. Failure would mean turning into ashes.”

She curiously asked: “Can one person can use several leaves?”

“Its possible.” He replied: “The more you use, the less potent it will be. For example, the first one is twenty percent, the next one will be reduced by half, and so on and so forth. Of course, you can also test your luck and eat all nine at the same time. Maybe youll get lucky and be successful.”

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