Lin Zhexia knew that he was no good at being a decent human being, but she didn’t expect him to go to this extent.

For the instant, she didn’t know how to fight back.

She could only force out some polite regards, “When did you come back?”

Chi Yao spoke with a bit of laziness since he had just showered.

However, it was still unable to hide his youthful voice:

“Half an hour ago.”

“Then don’t you think that, it’s inappropriate to talk to me like this as soon as you’ve come back? Since we haven’t seen each other for so long.”

“What’s inappropriate with it?”

Lin Zhexia accused, “Are you speaking human language1?”

“I’m not speaking human language,” Chi Yao raised his eyelids and casually expressed some surprise.
“yet you can still understand.”


“It seems that you have a great talent for language.
Next time the golden retriever downstairs barks again, come and help me hear what it’s trying to say.”


Since it came to this point, she really couldn’t continue conversing with him any longer.

If she continues, it’ll turn on her and she’ll become the nonhuman one.

Fortunately, Lin Zhexia had very strong adaptability.
After all, it’s not only a day or two since she had gotten to know this person.

She said slowly, “I will ask you a question, and you must answer me truthfully.”

While she was talking, Chi Yao had already passed her, opened the refrigerator, and took out a can of soda.

Cold air rose from the soda unceasingly.

He held the can with one hand, with three fingers of well-defined joints.
Then he bent his index finger and buckled into the gap of the pull ring.
At the same time as the “pop” that came from the can being pulled open by one hand, he spat out a single word, “Ask.”

“If I beat you up right now, what are my chances of winning?”

“Ten percent.”

“Let’s hear it,” Lin Zhexia pricked up her ears, “tell me more.”

Chi Yao held the can in one hand and put his other hand around her shoulders.
It looked as if he was holding her, but in fact, he was pushing her all the way out the door.
Lin Zhexia was soon shoved outside by him.
Then she watched this dog bastard block her at the door, looked down at her, and said, “Now immediately turn around and go home, turn off the lights and go to bed, and then try your best to dream about me at night.”

In the end, he even raised the corner of his mouth and added, “Good night.”

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Lin Zhexia came home, showered, then lay in bed tossing and turning for quite some time.

She was still so angry, so she opened the chat between her and “Chi Dog”.

Then sent a set of violent emotes to vent his anger.

-[hit you]
-[hammer your skull]
-[carrying a 10m dagger and slashing the entire way]

In the end, she also copied Chi Yao and sent what she considered icy cold: Good night.

After sending these, she quickly fell asleep.

She is a person who rarely carries her emotions overnight.
Otherwise, she would not have maintained so many years of friendship with a person like Chi Yao.

When she woke up, she felt as if nothing was wrong again.

When a message came from the group chat “Nanxiang subunit” in the morning asking everyone whether they wanted to go over to Chi Yao’s house to watch a movie, she replied with an “okay” while biting onto a dough-stick3.

She lived in a place called “Nanxiang”.

Nanxiang is the name of the street at the entrance of the community.

There aren’t many people in this group chat.

The main reason why it is called “Nanxiang subunit” is because Lin Zhexia said that using the name of the community sounded too similar to ordinary residents and that it doesn’t show momentum.
She proposed that, using the street name however, gave them the feeling of street fighters.

—This childish proposal made by Lin Zhexia in primary school passed at that time.
The name has not been changed since and was continued to be used till now.

“Mom, I’m going to Chi Yao’s house later,” Lin Zhexia said.
“our group has an activity today.”

Lin He and Uncle Wei were sitting opposite her, currently having breakfast.

Lin He knew that this group of children was close, so she didn’t say anything more.
Instead, she asked, “Is Chi Yao back?”

The three sat together.

Lin Zhexia seemed to speak more calmly than usual, “Mn, he came back last night.”

Wei Ping was also being very polite, “Perfect, I just bought a watermelon yesterday.
You can bring it over later and share it with everyone.”

Lin Zhexia drank a mouthful of soy milk and was pretty much done eating, then she prepared to go tidy up.
“Thank you, Uncle Wei.”

Unexpectedly, before leaving, Lin He did not forget to give her something heavier than a watermelon.

“Your holiday homework,” Lin He hurriedly sorted out the homework in Lin Zhexia’s room, “Bring it over to do, in case you end up playing so late that you forget about today’s homework.”

Lin Zhexia looked at the stack of homework that had tortured her for several days.

“This doesn’t seem to be a good idea.” She said hesitantly.

“Why not?”

“If I go over with my homework,” Lin Zhexia could already imagine Chi Yao laughing at her, “it would be very humiliating.”

Lin Zhexia tried to persuade Lin He, “Think about it, it’s like going out to play, and bringing your parents.
It’s just not very appropriate.”

What responded to her…

Was Lin He’s bam, she slammed the door without a hitch.

Lin Zhexia was the first to arrive at this last minute get together.

She lives the closest to Chi Yao.

A few minutes later.

Chi Yao opened the door for her.
He looked as if he had just woken up.

His hair was a little messy, but it was messy like it was done intentionally.

The air conditioner was turned down very low, the cool air flew out alongside him.

He lowered his eyes and glanced at the things she was holding.
After taking the watermelon from her hand, before he opened his mouth, Lin Zhexia struck first, “See my stack of homework? Yep, I’m a person who just loves learning that much.”

“Even if I come out to play, I won’t forget to study.”

Chi Yao responded, “Oh.”

“Today, I’m going to play and do 20 pages at the same time,” said Lin Zhexia, holding the stack of homework and trying to look as cool and collected as possible.
“This is my learning attitude.”

“That’s great.”

When Lin Zhexia heard this, she only felt that it wasn’t going to be so simple.

Sure enough, Chi Yao’s next sentence was, “After all, you do need to show some attitude since you barely made the cutoff.”

Do you think that.

Since you’re 90 points above the cutoff.

You’re so great?

Lin Zhexia thought as she gritted her teeth.

Of course, she could not say these words out loud.


Because 90 points above the cutoff, it’s indeed quite great.

“You’re great, if you’re so great,” Lin Zhexia followed him into the room, muttering in a low voice, she complained, “…why did you apply for No.
2 High?”

Everyone soon arrived.

A total of five people came to the get together this time, which instantly filled the big sofa in the center.

Big Buff was the first to come in.
In fact, he wasn’t actually very buff, on the contrary, he was quite thin.
He had single eyelids and the appearance of a very healthy youth.

Everyone usually referred to each other as brothers.
When the Big Buff came in, he first called out “Yao-ge” then turned his head around and called out “Xia-ge”.

“Doing homework, Xia-ge? This isn’t really your style.”

“I think this pile of snacks is more like your style.”

What do you mean like.

She was the one who left this pile of snacks here.

Lin Zhexia didn’t crowd around with them.
She huddled alone in the big bean bag on the side.
Her homework was spread out on her legs.
She raised her eyelids, “Since you’re talking so much, do you want to help your majesty share her worries?”

With this remark, everyone collectively kept themselves quiet and didn’t dare to make fun of her homework anymore.

Several people gathered together and began to choose a movie.

After going over several choices, they finally chose a gunfight movie, “This is good, it’s hot-blooded, let’s just settle with this.
My Xia-ge probably has no objections either, she’s most definitely a hot-blooded person.”

Then someone got up and turned off the lights.

The prelude of the movie began.

Lin Zhexia hurriedly finished the problem at hand.
She looked up and saw Chi Yao walking over with several cans of iced soda.

When he arrived in the living room, the blue fluorescent light from the projection just happened to hit upon him.

The man already had eyebrows and eyes that looked overly aggressive, and at this moment, the cool colored light inadvertently shone over him, which gave him a sense of arrogance that was unparalleled.

After Chi Yao threw some soda cans to the others, he came to Lin Zhexia’s side.

Then, the side of the bean bag sank.

Lin Zhexia didn’t want to be squeezed with him, even if this bean bag was actually very spacious, “Can’t you sit anywhere else.”

Chi Yao asked coldly, “Is this your house?”

In the end, he held up the soda in his hand and asked, “Want?”


Lin Zhexia was about to say “Thank you” subconsciously, but before the word “Thank” came out, the hand holding the soda suddenly turned and took it back.
Next, that clear yet tired voice sounded again, “…so where should I sit?”

Lin Zhexia bit her teeth. This man is still as stingy as before, she said in her mind.

She surrendered directly and said, “You can sit anywhere you want to sit.
The place you’re sitting right now, is already quite suitable.”

When he got the answer he wanted, Chi Yao let go and gave her the soda.

Lin Zhexia didn’t plan to drink it for the time being.

The problem she was working on was still one step away from finishing, and she had already gotten down the conditions.
She felt around in the dark and bowed her head to continue to calculate in her booklet.

After the opening of the movie, the first scene showed the protagonist being trapped in a cave, and the lighting became much darker.

The sound effects were startling, sounding very exciting.

Not wanting to miss the beginning, she calculated hastily and then circled the option “C”.

She doesn’t have too many requirements in regards to movies, she has broad taste and also quite enjoyed watching gunfight movies.
She even started playing the role of a humanized bullet comments at Chi Yao’s side and randomly guessed the plot, “This man had set up a flag4, he will die in ten minutes.”

“As I thought, he died.
I, Miss Lin, am a prophet.”

“I think this mister is quite unlucky, he may also be not far from death.”

More than ten minutes later.

Lin Zhexia continued:

“…I waited for so long, why is he still alive?”

Chi Yao didn’t talk much when watching movies, giving people the impression that he is cold and focused.

He wasn’t a talkative person in general.
Even if he teased her at ordinary times, he did it while looking down on her.

At the moment, his whole body was half hidden in darkness, only a little outline of his body could be vaguely seen.
It was the same black T-shirt from last night, he had to bend his legs, which were so long that there was no place to put them.
He wore a pair of black jeans that had rips in them.
After bending his legs, he put his arms on them.

However, Lin Zhexia didn’t need him to respond.
After all, it does not matter whether or not there was a response from the bullet comments.

She can comment one-sidedly.

So she acquiesced that Chi Yao was concentrating on the movie and didn’t want to give her any attention.

Midway, she finally felt thirsty.

It just so happened that the can of soda was left out for some time, and it wasn’t so cold anymore.

The moment she picked up the soda, somehow, she suddenly thought of the scene where Chi Yao opened the can last night.

Opening the can with one hand.

It was sort of.

Quite cool.

Maybe she can do it too?

Lin Zhexia imitated Chi Yao’s action last night and tried to open the can with one hand.
However, she was too weak and did not know the specific action, so she simply couldn’t get it right.

She…seems to…be unable to do it.

After a while, she felt that this behavior was a little shameful.

Fortunately, everyone was watching the movie, and no one paid attention to her side.

Just as she was about to give up and quietly pretend that nothing had happened, a hand suddenly stretched out from the side.
When she was about to release her hand, that hand pressed on top.
Three fingers clasped the can as the index finger pressed against hers and guided it to the correct position.

That bony finger, which was obviously much more protruding than hers, pressed down and lent her some force.


The ring was caught on the knuckle of her index finger.

She succeeded in pulling open the ring of the can.

The sofa emitted a slight “zzz” bubbling sound.

A very faint lemony scent followed.

“With your IQ,” Chi Yao said when he retracted his hand, “Three homework books may not be enough.”

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