All Hail Queen Larisa

Chapter 3. The Ring.

”I was so afraid to be honest, ” said a tall herculean man, Bernardo.

”Im sorry for the misunderstanding. ” Larisa apologized.

When Bernardo had reached the back of the truck to find the strange sound hed been hearing, he saw a young brunette with a frightened glare on her face. He queried her and asked what she was doing, and Larisa had explained carefully what exactly had happened. Bernardo was a studious driver and luckily for Larisa, he was a nice man.

”So do you have anyone in Ettavile to go visit? ” He asked as the van swayed left, moving at a perfect speed.

Larisa frowned, her full lips pouting out. Her brown eyes squinted as she thought for a while. Bernardo was right. She had no one in the city.

”I actually don know, Bernardo. ” She said at last. ”But Ill figure it out. I know it. ”

”Alright, lets hope so. The city isn an easy place to be, you know. ”


The citys drive was a long one, but Larisa didn mind. Night time came, and Bernardo suggested they found a place to stay for the night. They stopped in a small town and decided to branch at a restaurant for dinner. Larisa told Bernardo she could take care of herself—since she had some spare change with her.

The door opened into a small bright room with a few tables arranged in a fancy order. People were scanty around there, but the few faces that dwelled there all turned to stare at the unfamiliar duo.

”Sit, Ill go get us something to eat. ” Bernardo said to her, but Larisa declined.

”I want to see whats on the menu myself. Bernardo, I promise, I can take care of myself. ” She forced on her face a smile, hoping Bernardo would buy it. ”Hmmm? ”

The look on his face was not something Larisa could comprehend. Was he thinking? Was he happy? Or sad?

Was he furious for some reason?

”Bernardo, what do you say, huh? ” She called again, trying to feed her doubts a suitable reply.

Bernardo grunted in disgust. Or in anger, Larissa could never tell. ”Meet me back here in three hours. Then I take you to your room. ” And with that, he walked down towards the entrance and exited.

”Okay. ” Larisa muttered under her breath.

She was indeed starving, but she was also craving for something else. Something much stronger and dangerous, and she was going to have it.


After a few bites of her hamburger, Larisa paid and left the restaurant. Her eyes scanned the area for a bar, and she didn even have to stare for long.

The road was dark with only little light emitting from the street light, and not much from the sky too. It seemed pretty too dark for 6 pm. To her right was another restaurant, closely related to the one shed just been in, and to her left was a motel—it had a bold sign written on it for advert. Then, just a few more buildings to the left was the bar; Madam Tracys.

She strode in and visited the vicinity behind Madam Tracys bar.

When she arrived at the entrance, two hefty dark skinned men threw down their gaze at her in a menacing manner. Larisa wondered what shed done wrong, but she didn speak. A blondie about the same age as her, but much taller and skinnier walked past her, greeted them and ambled in. She was exactly the same as nude, say she took off the black net fabric that covered her bare skin from exposure. When Larisa was about to enter, one of the bulky men bounced her off with a huge chest.

”Where are you going, child? ”

Larisa didn hear him well. ”Child! ” Her head was about to explode. Yes, she had a dainty figure approached with minimum curves. And yes! Her eyes were full of innocence and chastity, with beautiful other features of a small child; cute small face, pointed nose and sonorous talking voice. But, Larisa was a 24-year-old lady with huge ambition. For this same reason, shed had to go through so much humiliation as people only saw her as a little novice girl who has no future. ”How dare you say that– ”

e not allowed in. ” Barked one of the bouncers.

Larisa scoffed, staring with disdain at the two huge men. If looks could kill, these men would have been dead minutes ago.

There was a man just behind, named Suyo, and he was watching. He was a regular at that bar, as well as several other bars. Suyo was thirty seven, and he was a man full of life. He sent one of his followers of guards to the young lady in front, Larisa.

The man rushed forward and leaned in to whisper to her ears. Larisa tilted her head just a little to the side, weighing the message of the stranger. He wanted to see her. After a two-five second thought, she turned to meet the man interested in meeting her.

Standing behind her was a young man in rather expensive clothing, and he was handsome. Handsomely rich!

e gonna regret this– ” she squinted hard, tip toeing to get a glimpse of the name on his tag– ”Michael. ” Then she turned back, and made her way towards the dashing stranger. ”Hello there, ” she wanted to smile, but she failed.

That was due to just one reason. Larisa was terrible at flirting. She hated men, women, romance and every else related to the Love field. But this man before her was her ticket in. There it was, a seductive wild grin that gave light to the feminine side of her.

”I can help you in, and buy you a couple of uh, soft drinks? ” Said Suyo, with a charming smile.

Larisa liked the tone of his voice, because it was engaging. ”Make that a couple of hard drinks. ”


Larisa and Suyo enjoyed their night at the bar, and it was all thanks to Larisa who smiled and agreed to all the words that came out of his mouth. She didn really enjoy his words, and felt absolutely no spark, but he did save her and got her nice shots of hard tequila!


”Mi Madre, hes here. Again. ” Grunted Frank, Esthers son.

Esther was the aunt of Larisa who always treated her poorly, and Frank was her only son. He too detested Larisa because hed wanted her to marry the rich man of the village and free them of their wretched lives, but Larisa had declined.

Esther made her way towards the door, saw her blonde haired son staring at her with vicious eyes, but ignored and opened up. Standing before her was none other than Lincoln. He was on a long red robe, his long hair styled into a ponytail.

”Larisa has escaped. Again! ” He glared menacingly at them both, then brought his gaze back at Esther. ”And you
e gonna help me find her. ”

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