When Shen Zhinan woke up, he found himself back in the General’s Mansion.
There was only one steward in the room besides him.

As expected, he was not surprised that his husband, Feng Nian, was not by his side.

It would be a surprising thing if one day Feng Nian broke the tradition and stayed by his side.

“You’re awake.
Is there any discomfort? I’ll go and inform the general.” The steward said, bringing a cup of warm water.

Shen Zhinan shook his head, took the cup and had a sip of warm water.
His dry throat felt much better after being moisturised.

Shen Zhinan asked, “Where is Feng Nian?”

There was some hesitation on the steward’s face.
Instantly, Shen Zhinan had a bad guess.
He put the cup down and asked, “At Miss Jiang’s place?”

“Yes, the General ordered me to inform him immediately after you wake up.
Madam, please rest for now.” The steward said and was about to leave.

Shen Zhinan lifted his eyelids and asked: “Miss Jiang… is at home?”

Seemingly surprised by Shen Zhinan’s direct guess, the steward nodded silently.

Shen Zhinan laughed at himself.
Sometimes being too smart is not a good thing.
If the steward wanted to contact Feng Nian, he could have done so on the spot using a communication device.

The reason why he didn’t use the communicator but had to leave the room was because Feng Nian was in the General’s Mansion.

Feng Nian not only personally took care of Jiang Yueying, but also brought her to the General’s Mansion.

When he heard the news of Jiang Yueying’s return, Shen Zhinan had expected this day, but he didn’t expect Feng Nian to be so unable to control himself.

“The general brought you back in person, he…” The steward seemed to be still trying to comfort Shen Zhinan, but he was quickly interrupted by Shen Zhinan.

The steward wanted to say that the General looked anxious when he carried Shen Zhinan back and immediately instructed the family doctor to come over, staring at him the whole time.

The general clearly cared about Shen Zhinan, but he left to accompany Jiang Yueying before Shen Zhinan woke up.
He even took Jiang Yueying back.
The steward couldn’t understand the general’s intentions, so he didn’t say any more.

Shen Zhinan’s expression was cold: “Go find the General, just say I want to see him.”

The steward’s attempts to comfort Shen Zhinan seemed useless in his eyes.

In the two years since returning from the front line, Feng Nian had rarely come home, often using work as an excuse to stay at military headquarters.

Even if Feng Nian came back, he would sleep in the study.

Their marital home, where they got married, had only been entered by Feng Nian on their wedding day.

Counting today, it was the second time.

One for the beginning and one for the end.

Shen Zhinan slowly closed his eyes; he didn’t want to care about it anymore.

He didn’t want to care about Feng Nian’s purpose in bringing Jiang Yueying home.

I didn’t want to care about how pitiful the General’s Mansion people felt about him.

I didn’t want to care about how other people viewed this situation.

It should be over.
Since the person Feng Nian truly loved had returned, he should also leave.

Their marriage, filled with mutual torment, had no love at all, and was filled with hatred and disgust, should come to an end.

He didn’t want to love Feng Nian anymore.

Not long after the butler left, Feng Nian appeared, and his speed was beyond Shen Zhinan’s expectations.

However, he didn’t think much about it.
Perhaps it was because Feng Nian’s dream lover had returned, and that’s why Feng Nian was in a good mood.

Considering how much Feng Nian disliked him, Shen Zhinan cut straight to the point the moment Feng Nian walked in: “My father is seriously ill.
As long as you can help me get my father admitted to the military hospital for treatment, I can immediately divorce you and promise not to disturb you and Miss Jiang again.”

Shen Zhinan suppressed the pain in his heart, maintaining a calm face, and continued: “If you don’t believe me, we can sign an agreement.”

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