When Shen Zhinan got off the aircraft, everyone in the hall of military headquarters immediately focused their attention on this omega.
Silver-white hair left fleeting traces in the wind as the omega ran rapidly.

There was a thin layer of light pink covering the flawless skin, and the emerald-like pupils glowed with anxiety.

Everyone who saw Shen Zhinan, no matter what Shen Zhinan’s personality was, would inevitably be attracted to this man.
He had been hailed as the most beautiful Omega in the empire since he was eighteen.

The white rose of the empire, the jewel of the empire—

These praises showed how stunning Shen Zhinan was.

But almost the entire Galactic Empire knew that this beautiful omega, who was supposed to be held and cared for by an alpha, was not loved by his husband.

“I want to see Feng Nian.”

Not surprisingly, Shen Zhinan was stopped at military headquarters.

With the eyes of those around him and the whispered conversation in private, Shen Zhinan felt very uncomfortable.
If the situation wasn’t critical and he really couldn’t contact Feng Nian, he wouldn’t have come to military headquarters to find someone in person.

“Sorry, Madam, you need to make an appointment in advance to meet with the major general.” The secretary rejected Shen Zhinan’s request indifferently.

They all followed Feng Nian very early, watching with their own eyes as Feng Nian was forced to separate from his childhood sweetheart.
Instead, he married the Omega in front of him.

Although sometimes they felt pitiful for Shen Zhinan that such a gorgeous omega had stayed alone for five years, but who made Feng Nian be forced to marry Shen Zhinan?

What’s more, they were still the closest people to Feng Nian.
Even if they felt sorry for Shen Zhinan in their hearts, they must keep the same attitude as Feng Nian on the surface.

Besides, Shen Zhinan’s current situation was also like “reaping what one had sown”.
Isn’t Feng Nian who was forced to separate from his beloved back then even more pitiful?

The embarrassment on Shen Zhinan’s face disappeared in a flash.
He was obviously Feng Nian’s official wife.
However, when he came to military headquarters to ask to see his husband, he was asked to make an appointment in advance.

He knew that Feng Nian disliked him, or even hated him.

After being married for almost five years, Feng Nian didn’t mark him, and he never even touched him with a single finger.

In the first year of their marriage, Feng Nian abandoned his new wife, and volunteered to fight on the front line, serving for three full years before returning.

During those three years, Shen Zhinan transformed from being a proud imperial rose to an imperial joke despised by his husband.

Eighteen-year-old Shen Zhinan was proud.

He amazed everyone at the Empire’s bar Mitzvah banquet, and he was the most beautiful omega in the empire, who was adored by all alphas.

His father was one of the richest men in the imperial city.
His elder brother and sister were both excellent Alphas, and he grew up surrounded by the extreme love of his family.

He got whatever he wanted, his father, his brother, and his sister would give to him.

So, when he was eighteen, he cried and told his father that he would like to marry Feng Nian.

Feng Nian really had married him.

On wedding night, his husband told him with disgusted eyes that he would never touch him for the rest of his life.

Feng Nian disgusted by him.
Feng Nian hated him.

It wasn’t until that night that Shen Zhinan, who was left alone in the wedding room, knew that Feng Nian did not marry him voluntarily.
Instead, he was forced by his family to marry him.

In the third year of the marriage, the Shen family, once rich and powerful, went bankrupt.

Feng Nian returned from the front line with a lot of military exploits.
He turned into a rook

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